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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I am interested in a LISP able to make overlapping sheets as layouts following a road alignment and overlap a fraction. Each sheet will have its own UCS or view orientation. You can see it from these videos: anyone knows one? Best regards, Daniel
  2. Hello everyone, I work with a glazing company and am trying to write an AutoLISP command that will automate a large part of our job by dimensioning glass panels with holes and cutout in the format that our supplier prefers. I will attach a photo here to show what I have done so far. The rectangle on the left shows what I would like the dimensions to look like. The rectangle on the right shows what my LISP routine currently does. I am having trouble writing the logic to dimension it in the way that I want. Rules it should follow are: 1) dimensions strings should be made to the corner nearest to the hole 2) if two holes are in-line, the dimension should pass through the closer hole 3) if two dimensions go to the same corner, they should stack at 3" intervals (TYP. offset set for DIMBASELINE) 4) Dimension strings should always be 3" behind the larger dimension above them (See the 5" measure at the top left) However, these rules only hold true for the "rectangle" shape option. In the final version of the routine, I am looking to have an easily expandable list of rules that I can modify and tweak per-shape. I have attached a test drawing and the current version of my LISP routine below. The code for dimensioning rules on the rectangle is found on lines 436-494. Any help figuring this out would be much appreciated. Thank you! Drawing File: autodimtest.dwg Current LISP: autoDim.lsp
  3. Hello, Could anyone help me let this LISP work. The lisp should go to the layer you choose (by pressing 1 or 2) when in a *DIM* command. After placing the dimension the layer should go back to the layer it was before selecting a *DIM* command. This is the code now. ; AFKORTINGEN VAN DE VARIABELEN ; ADDL Automatic dimension layer ;**************************************************************************** (defun CommandReactor:Start () (or *CommandReactor* (setq *CommandReactor* (vlr-command-reactor nil '( (:vlr-commandcancelled . CommandReactor:CommandEnded) (:vlr-commandended . CommandReactor:CommandEnded) (:vlr-commandfailed . CommandReactor:CommandEnded) (:vlr-commandwillstart . CommandReactor:CommandWillStart) ) ) ) ) (prompt "\nCommand reactor loaded. ") (princ) ) ;**************************************************************************** (defun CommandReactor:CommandEnded (rea cmd) (if (and *OldClayer* (wcmatch (strcase (car cmd)) "*DIM*") ) (progn (setvar 'clayer *OldClayer*) (setq *OldClayer* nil) ) ) ) ;**************************************************************************** (defun CommandReactor:CommandWillStart (rea cmd) (if (wcmatch (strcase (car cmd)) "*DIM*") (progn (setq *OldClayer* (getvar 'clayer)) (vla-add (vla-get-layers (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))) ; Kiezen van de DIM layer (setq ADDL 0) (while (or (< ADDL 1) (> ADDL 2)) (setq ADDL (getint "\nInput the DIM layer: Dim. (1), Dim. front (2): "))) ) ; end while ;ADDL = 1, Dimension layer (if (= ADDL 1) (progn (command "_layer" "_m" "S-DIMENSIONS" "_c" "3" "" "") ); progn ); if (=ADDL 1) ;ADDL = 2, Dimension front layer (if (= ADDL 2) (progn (command "_layer" "_m" "S-DIMENSIONS front" "_c" "3" "" "") ); progn ); if (=ADDL 2) (setvar 'clayer *OldClayer*) ) ) ) ;**************************************************************************** (CommandReactor:Start) (princ) ;**************************************************************************** ;**************************************************************************** ;**************************************************************************** ;**************************************************************************** Please help! Thanks!
  4. As posted over at theSwamp, I thought I'd share it with you nice folks too I've seen quite a few of these kind of programs knocking around, so I thought I'd give it a go at writing my own - using a slightly different approach. Give it a go and let me know what you think Full Description of the program & Latest Version can be found here. Enjoy! Lee AutoBlockBreakV1-7.lsp
  5. Hi everybody, this is my first post. I need a Lisp to generate a polyline from existing points. The polyline should be created from all the points at the edge of the cloud of points generated by a 3d scanner. The points are in 3 dimensions, but they could be flatted to zero. The polyline can be close or open: it does not matter. Any idea? Thank you folks in advance. dave:acad:
  6. Hello All, I work with projects that require several layers. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to automatically create x number of layers with names like "name_1," "name_2," "name_..." "name_n-1," "name_n" without having to manually input each layer's name. Furthermore, I need each layer to have a different color. Again, is there a way to assign different colors automatically without having to go in and do it manually layer by layer? You all have been very helpful so far and I appreciate the time you take to help me become a better CADer. Best Regards, Beef
  7. Hey All, If you are familiar with the "Fields" associated with text attributes, you may be able to answer my question.. If you set up a date to fill-in automatically when you open a drawing, will it update from day to day? Or once its set up, will it remain on that date..? Please let me know if i am unclear..
  8. Hi, I want to find a shortcut to be able to slice off the corner of an object (see picture below). Is there some sort of build in function to do so? I have been manually doing this by (1) creating a square surface (2) re-positioning it over the corner and (3) using the slice command to ultimately slice off the piece and delete the excess. As you can surmise, step (2) [re-positioning that damn surface over the corner], takes FOREVER. So, just to repeat, is there some sort of easier command or work-around anyone can think of to do this?! Thank you, Alex
  9. Tad_Thurston

    Automatic pagination in sheet set

    I beleive this qualifies as a general acad question, I am using Civil 3D. We have a sheet set that is 237 sheets, all in one discipline. The individual sheet numbers are in a field in the title block. These numbers are pulled in from the page number in the sheet properties which is manually entered. However when a sheet is added or removed, this requires a large amount of work renumbering all the sheet properties so that the sheet numbers are up-to-date. Isn't there a way that acad will automatically revise the sheet numbers so they are up-to-date without having to renumber all the sheets?
  10. Hi. I use wipeouts a lot. Is there any way to automatically create an outline around a block that can be converted to a wipeout? Some of our blocks are complex, and it takes a fair amount of time to create. Thanks in advance!
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