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  1. I am attempting to update a numerous amount of blocks in an older drawing. Doing this one at a time is time consuming. I have done some research and found a few LSP that do insert multiple blocks, BUT they seem to not redefine the block definition. Here is the code that I have that I think works well except for the redefining: (defun c:BlkImport (/ path LastDist gap space err newblk bname obj ll lr ur InsPt dist GetFolder) (vl-load-com) (defun GetFolder ( / DirPat msg) (setq msg "Open a folder and click on SAVE") (and (setq DirPat (getfiled "Browse for folder" msg " " 1)) (setq DirPat (substr DirPat 1 (- (strlen DirPat) (strlen msg)))) ) DirPat ) (defun activespace (doc) (if (or (= acmodelspace (vla-get-activespace doc)) (= :vlax-true (vla-get-mspace doc))) (vla-get-modelspace doc) (vla-get-paperspace doc) ) ) (setq gap 20) ; this is the gap between blocks (setq LastDist 0.0) ; this is the cumulative distance (if (setq Path (GetFolder)) (progn (setq space (activespace (vla-get-activeDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))) (prompt "\n*** Working, Please wait ......\n") (foreach bname (vl-directory-files Path "*.dwg" 1) ;; OK, try & insert the Block (if (vl-catch-all-error-p (setq err (vl-catch-all-apply '(lambda () (setq newblk (vla-insertBlock space (vlax-3d-point '(0.0 0.0 0.0)) (strcat path bname) 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.0)) )))) ;; Display the error message and block/file name (prompt (strcat "\n" bname " " (vl-catch-all-error-message err))) ;; ELSE (progn ; INSERT was sucessful, move the block ;; get bounding box (if (vl-catch-all-error-p (setq err (vl-catch-all-apply 'vla-getboundingbox (list newblk 'll 'ur)))) (prompt (strcat "\nBB Error - could not move " bname "\n " (vl-catch-all-error-message err))) (progn (setq ll (vlax-safearray->list ll) ur (vlax-safearray->list ur) lr (list (car ur) (cadr ll)) dist (distance ll lr) ) ;; MOVE the block (setq ;InsPt (vla-get-insertionpoint Newblk) NewPt (polar '(0. 0. 0.) 0.0 (+ LastDist Gap (* dist 0.5))) LastDist (+ LastDist Gap dist) ) (vlax-put Newblk 'insertionpoint NewPt) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) (princ) ) (princ) (prompt "\nBlock Import Loadd, Enter BlkImport to run.") Anybody know how to change the code to redefine? Thanks!
  2. Good Day Have a Drawing that has symbol blocks in it. Blocks are not inserted into drawing - so no instances. How does one view the list of blocks in the current drawing. Any assistance welcome "This is probably a basic routine" Thanks in Advance
  3. I was just notified I am supposed to show a small class how to make our company title blocks using attributes and what annotative scaling is and how to use it. Can anyone direct me to videos or related forums so I can set up something to show tomorrow morning. We are going to be setting up our block library and setting up our title blocks. Should this be done using templates for each paper size? Please help ASAP. Thank you in advance!!!
  4. how to get same block in a drawing with different names????. i tried if i rename it all blocks are changing???
  5. Hi all, I am trying to extract data from a block for eg. area of a polyline (that had been made as a block) so that I can export it as an excel schedule. I have been unsuccessful so far. Whenever the data extraction window asked for what kind of information to be extracted, area is not one of them. Another question is, I have information that had been worked out in excel and I want to attach this to the blocks that i have made in CAD. I have import the schedule into CAD and this comes in as a table. How do I then link the cells in the table to the block annotation so that when the excel schedule changes, the block annotation changes too? Thank you!!! Would really appreciate some help! Elfie:)
  6. I have inserted a block from my website and it always adds brackets at the end like this: block_name[2] It is not possible to rename it because the name seems not to be valid. The block exists with the name though. It doesn't depend on the browser I am using because I have changed to different ones. Any clue? Thanks in advance
  7. 1. How does the stretch command work? I'm trying to scale an object solely in the Y-direction. Is making a block out of all the objects I want to scale the only way to do this? 2. I have a few blocks that I want to make icons for so that I can just click them from the ribbon. Is this possible? 3. How can I set text defaults? i.e. I'm inserting a lot of multi-line text and I always want to justify it MC (middle center) but the default is TL I believe, is there anyway to change this? Thanks
  8. Okay so I am working in paperspace with a viewport and when I created it I noticed what apeared to be a very large yellow hatch. When I selected the yellow object it turned out to be a Block created to display gas wells on my map. I then went to model space to investigate only to find that the blocks are all to the appropriate size. I checked to see if there was an annotative scale associated with the blocks and there is not. Also the scale set to the blocks are 100 in model space but for some reason in paper space, they are set to 1.00. If i try to change this scale to 100 it automaticaly corrects it to .004. What could possibly be causing this? (for whom it may concern the gas well blocks look like a circle with lines portruding from it like an abstract sun with an id number below them)
  9. Hi I'm trying to write a script which would enable me to redefine a block, save and close the drawing. I would like to run it on multiple drawings. I have managed to write a script which does redefine the block but it stops and either I get "Unit-scaling inserted database..." message or it starts a new command..... ("Command: 1.000000") I did not get the script to save the changes or close the drawings. Any help would me very much appreciated. Below you will find the script file (command "._insert" "Drawing Sheet A1=U:/27979/Config/DWGSheets/test/Drawing Sheet A1.dwg" 0.0 _units 1.00 _basepoint 0,0 _scale 1.0 _rotate 0.0 ) qsave (princ) close
  10. Hello, I'm using AutoCAD LT 2010 and I'm trying to create attributes for a title block (sheet title, project #, etc.) and I can't get the attribute to show up. I do not have "invisible" checked, and I can't think of what else the problem might be. When I create a block with the attribute inside a box, the box shows up but the text does not. I'd really appreciate any help on this. Thanks!
  11. I’m looking for a LSP or program that will do the following… Open a .dwg from a section set. QSELECT all Block References EXPLODE QSELECT all Block References EXPLODE QSELECT all Block References EXPLODE SAVE CLOSE Repeat through Selection set. Close Program If anyone can help me with this or point me in the rightdirection it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for sharing your talents. Brian
  12. I'm trying to create blocks which will be used in multiple drawings for Gridlines and detail marks. These blocks are basically a circle with an attribute in the centre, and once created as a block are annotive as they will be displayed in multiple viewports. I can create the block with attribute fine using the "block" command which then allows me to make the block annotive ( The "wblock" command dose not allow this ) However when I insert the block into a drawing I need to explode the block before I can edit the attribute ( even though I explode the block it's still actually blocked ) It's as if the block has been blocked twice, Any ideas?
  13. Traffic Management.dwg Hi all, Attached is a dwg file with a layers, WALL_RIGHT and KERB_TOP (at least I hope the file is attached) Can you delete layer WALL_RIGHT? Via the Purge command. I have used the Laydel comman previously but this doesnt seem to delete the object. The object is a square with two lines predruding it. The data is being put into a GIS System and it picks up the 'invisible' object (Even after Laydel has been used in the .dwg file) But I cant find the object anywhere! There are no blocks in the drawing... Can anyone figure out where the object is? If so please detail how you found it! Thanks muchly
  14. I am facing the following problem: I’ve got a 3D model with some blocks inserted. These blocks won’t show up in 2D or 3D sections or elevations. When I leave only the blocks on and freeze the rest of the drawing, no section is created at all (“There are no solids or surfaces that can be projected”). None of the geometry is on the Defpoint layer. The objects are printed and DO show up in the live section preview. I am newbie to Autocad, so please, anybody who could help me out here? Thanks a lot!
  15. Gday All we have recently changed our standard text style from ISOCP to ARIAL NARROW. i have a drawing with text in the blocks that is still ISOCP, i would like to know how to change all the block attributes text style in one go. I used to know this, but have forgotten, i cant find it in help or in net searches. perhaps someone here knows..
  16. Hi, the place I work at has (over the years) produced a number of standard structural details, made up of an number of blocks & dynamic blocks. Some of these blocks have been rotated, stretched, etc. When I copy, highlight and drag or "CO" the image in to an other drawing the blocks revert back to the original length or un-rotate, etc. I have to: re-rotate/re-stretch/etc the altered blocks, how can I solve this problem. Cheers Billy Bob
  17. I have a lisp routine that we have used for several years. The routine takes a pline, offsets it on either side based on user defined spacing then inserts a premade block to symbolize a road. The block is spaced according to user defined spacing. For instance, a block can be inserted at 2 times the width of the "road" as many times as needed to symbolize the entire length of the offset pline. Hopefully this makes sense! This lisp routine works great on it's own. However, once inserted into a macro, it starts the block insertion at the end of the pline, only inserting one block. This is happening in all versions of AutoCAD we are using from 2004 through 2011. Is there a setvar that should be reset or cleared within the lisp routine? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  18. I have just upgraded to 2012 and I am having a few issues with the title blocks I am creating. For some reason everytime I add attributes to the block they never come out in order. For example I create the title page, add the attributes using ATTDEF (job name etc) then I create the block and check my attributes using BATTORDER, I can arrange them using the up/down buttons which is fine. But as soon as I try to edit the attributes outside the block editor they are all out of order again! I have tried making the attributes in and outside of the block editor with no avail! And to make matters worse I have a jumpy mouse AAhh! Any help please!!!!
  19. I have a block that has MText in it. I need it to refrence the sheet set manager "CurrentSheetTitle" sometimes the title can be long, so i am using mtext so it will wrap correctly. when i insert the block other attribut fields display properly, but the mtext for this field does not. after i explode the block, then the MText field displays properly. i have another MText field that reads plot time and user name. that is contained in the same block and updated perfectly. any ideas on this or any way to make it better.
  20. I have found following site as block library. http://www.draftsperson.net/index.php?title=Category:Free_AutoCAD_Blocks I liked it and I post here and maybe it is useful for somebody. Also if you know similar sites as block library, let us know.
  21. Strange problem here in AutoCAD 2009: Inserting a block mainly made up of attributes (some text, no geometry) picking a point on screen (free point: no snap, no coordinate entry) attdia is set to 0 when entering through default values at the command line the block on screen seems to be offset from my pick point (offset seems to be relative to 0,0 also) if I go all the way through the block, no problems except it is kind of annoying to have the block not show up in the right place while going through the atts the first time bigger problem is if I escape during the att editing and then draw any geometry that same offset referred to earlier is apparent when drawing and my grips are now detached from my geometry!!!! a regen will fix the new geometry and line it back up with the grips but it shifts any existing geometry too!!! Pretty hard to explain actually, Been looking for a solution for a couple days now, best I can tell it is some kind of coordinate problem with my blocks? UCS, ECS? Sysvar? I've run an audit on my template and the block with no errors, tried making a fresh block with same characteristics, same problem. Help please! Thank you!
  22. The Question: Can Visibility States be changed by an Attribute Value instead of the drop down arrow? The Situation: I am building an annotative block that the user wants to change appearance (ie different hatches inside a circle) based on an attribute value (1,2 or 3). The attribute is invisible and is one of +/-40 other attributes. I can change the appearance with visibility states and the little pull-down arrow on the block or the properties menu, but the user wants to be able to change it with attribute value. Is this even possible?
  23. I'm using imported blocks in my layers. I use the same layer with two maps but they do not print the same. Any idea why this could be?
  24. Alistair

    Multiple block editing help

    Hello, I have a drawing of 300+ blocks which are point data with individual attributes, such as x & y coords, id number, etc. Due to the number and spread of the points, they don't display clearly at any scale. Is it possible to change all the points to, say, a circle or donut, without having to individually edit each block? Many thanks for any help. Alistair:)
  25. I have a LISP file that inserts a block. While inserting the block the user must pick the insertion point, and a rotation point, which gets stored as a local variable so that another block can be inserted in exactly the same place, at the same angle. Does anyone know if there is a way to allow the first block to be visible while inserting so the user can see the rotation angle? Also, is there a way to make the lisp follow whether Ortho is enabled? Thanks for your help!
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