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  1. Apologies in advance if this isn't in the most appropriate category. I recently started work at a marketing firm that was seeking people experienced in Revit. I used it a lot in school so I thought, awesome. When they told me more about the position, they told me I'd be using the software to create furniture pieces that'll go into rendered floorplans and their goal is for the pieces to look as real as possible in the rendering. Creating pieces wasn't something I did a lot of in my classes but I thought a challenge would be welcome. The problem is that I have one coworker who did very basic training in the software and that's it. No one else knows anything about Revit so I figured this is a good place to ask. I've found that tables are easy. Anything with edges, I'm fine with. But when pieces are supposed to have softer edges (like pillows, beds, chairs, etc) I'm having more trouble with making them. I've tried using the Model In Place option and the start from scratch option where I just go right into making a new component. It's a bit time consuming, but I'm hoping it's just because I'm new at it. I've even used the 3D Modeling part of AutoCAD 2013. It does make cushions easier but there's still some things I'm just not able to figure out. My main question is this: is it possible to make detailed/realistic furniture pieces for Revit (like things I would find on RevitCity) in Revit itself or should I use other AutoCAD software. The other two I've been looking at were Inventor or 3DS Max. I used Inventor a bit in classes for designing mechanical pieces and loved it. I've never used 3DS but I checked into it on YouTube and the videos show plenty of things I could use at work. Any helpful opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind if I end up having to learn another program, as long as it makes things smoother and quicker in the long run.
  2. BKGator3

    Help with CAD Topo!

    So I'm trying to import this CAD Topo into Revit, and I want to do a layered topo model. It would be much easier and less time consuming if the topo lines were SINGLE lines that I could click once for the outline in Revit, but unfortunately they are a bunch of polylines linked to one another....any way to resolve this, or convert them to become single lines? I've provided an image to show what the condition is, thanks everyone!
  3. Pyro

    Autodesk Software Marketing

    I have been using autodesk architecture for some years now and recently have been hearing and seeing a lot about revit architecture. what intrigues me is why does autodesk promote revit above autocad or why the shift from cad base to revit? would appreciate some sort of feed, thanks for any clarification.
  4. My company (IT, Head of Architecture, and Corporate) are tying to determine if we need 3dsMax and Photoshop or if 3dsMax does everything that Photoshop can do and therefore we do not need Photoshop. I wanted to see what other firms were utilizing and what their recommendations are. We use Revit frequently and are staring to really ramp up with the presentation renderings. We already own 3dsMax and Photoshop Elements, but we are trying to decide whether we should continue and buy a full version of Photoshop or work exclusively in 3dsMax. I am leaning towards we need both as one is a 2D program and the other a 3D but again wanted some advice from others that have been doing this a bit longer. Thanks so much.
  5. tcarasas86

    Revit MEP 2012 and Spool Sheets?

    Is it possible to create plumbing spool sheets from Revit MEP 2012? I've tried a few different methods but nothing seems to pan out. I tried creating a 3D section view of piping but I can't seem to get that to work out correctly. Also, is there a way to create schedules for only the sections of piping? I know that I can make a schedule for all of the piping in the building but I need something that will only schedule the section of piping.
  6. The Santo

    Duct lengths

    Can anyone tell me if I can split a run of duct into standard lengths automatically. The same as ACAD MEP, below: I've already looked online but only see comments like split it manually which would be a bit of a pain with a complex building. (I'm issuing full schedules to a fabrication company, I can't just send them GA type dwgs to take-off). Ta' much.
  7. In Revit 2013, set to Mechanical Discipline + Hidden visual style it's partially showing certain parts and looks half finished: When I change to Coordination you can see that it looks correct. No lines are missing etc: I need it on Mechanical to show the Duct centrelines (at Hidden visual style). Does anyone know 1) what's causing this and 2) if there's an easy way to fix it? (I thought I'd be able to review each discipline settings but I don't believe you can do that, unless someone tells me otherwise.) Thanks a bunch!
  8. A bit out there maybe: I'm based in my company's Perth office until Dec. 18th (when I will return to Glasgow Scotland) and we're moving to Revit for MEP drafting (with basic structure modelling). Due to time constraints, we are looking for an expert user to come into the office and teach one user the basics over a period of one week. We also want this to happen asap. If anyone is in WA, we're in Belmont (Perth City). Please reply or contact me privately if you're interested, with your rates. Thanks.
  9. The Santo

    How do you 'model' your project?

    I'm evaluating Revit MEP at the moment. Unless I'm missing something, I'm not too impressed with the basic structure presets and manipulation so I've been using Inventor to quickly throw a structural frame together then importing into Revit. My question is how do you go about designing a building? Do you use multiple programs? See the image below for reference, I have to create all shown from scratch (our building drawings are being supplied in pdf only): To complete this I'm using: 1) Inventor - the structural frame (basic as possible, mainly standard PFC and Beams mitred to suit); the floor slabs; custom components not to be repeated. 2) Revit MEP - walls, doors, stairs, railings, duct, cable tray etc Is this common? My boss would ideally prefer we had an all in one solution. I've made an extreme sideways step in my career from manufacturing design (using Inventor) to these building services type drawings recently so, without meaning to sound daft, I'm asking myself "maybe I am making an arse of this?" . Thanks a bunch.
  10. My current place of work does not seem to be looking to upgrade to anything beyond basic 2d AutoCAD in the foreseeable future. But, while we sit stagnant, progress continues around me. It seems that a good 80% or more jobs out there are looking people to have Revit experience (or something similar). For that reason I am looking to purchase Revit program, and a new computer to go along with it. I would be using this to do work on the side, as well as just to use in order to know the program. I do understand that the program is about 5 grand or so, but will have help paying for it and the computer. Any thoughts on systems to run the program would be greatly appreciated. (computer specs, etc.) This is kind of a big deal to me, and I want to do it right as it may be the base for my own business. (In th field for almost 20 years and would like to eventually go on my own) Also, If this thread is in the wrong location, could a mod please move it?
  11. Name: Milestone Plm Solutions Pvt Ltd Type: CAD | CAM | CAE Training Description: CAD Training Institute Milestone is Authorised Training Partner for SIEMENS Software Products such as NX, SolidEdge, Ideas, Teamcenter Address: Milestone Plm Solutions Pvt Ltd 1st Floor, Shamsher Palace, Opp.SBI Bank, Near Bus depot, Navghar, City: Vasai(west) PinCode: 401202 Phone: 0250-6292555 9022555840 Fax: EMail: macrocadd@gmail.com WebSite: http://www.milestonetech.net Other: 3DMAX,UNIGRAPHICS, DRAUGHTSMAN COURSE,REVIT,AUTOCAD
  12. Last week I downloaded Revit Architecture 2012 from the Autodesk webpage into my computer. The file I downloaded is a 32/64 bit .rar. I started to run the installer and an error (Error 1722) appeared. After some research and investigation in the web I founded out that I can't run the 64bit version in my Notebook because it requires an i5 2300 quad-core and my computer has an i5 2430 dual core. Moreover I have 4GB in my RAM memory and the program requires 8GB. So, when I tried to install once more the Revit 2012, the installer tells me I have installed the Revit but not the Desgin Review and the Material Library. When I tried to run the Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 it won't work and when I tried to uninstall the file from my control panel I just couldn't. I followed the steps in this link: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=16828836&linkID=9243099 but the problem is I can do everything except the uninstall. Anyway, I wanted to know if it is possible to run just the 32bit version installer and therefore be able to use Revit Architecture 2012. Does anyone know how to do that? And on the other hand, does anyone know how can I uninstall the 64bits version I have in my Pc? I hope I could make myself clear.
  13. Hi All, We're a consulting engineering design firm specializing in Mining. Currently we use AutoCAD 2011 but are reviewing parametric 3D design software. We have a few seats of Prosteel, Inventor and SolidWorks too. Autodesk made a presentation of Revit Structural, MEP to us last week. It was truly impressive but I was wondering what users out there have made the switch and if so, what should we look out for? We've also looked at Bentley, SolidWorks (with Structural and Plant add-ins) and are looking at Intergraph Smartplant. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thx!
  14. I guess my question is clear, can I use revit parts made by manufacturers in AutoCAD MEP? example, grilles and diffuses (revit format) supplied by Titus: http://www.titus-hvac.com/software/Revit.asp Thank you very much!
  15. Hi I wonder whether it is possible to use Revit Architecture for Shop Drawing i.e Doors and Windows. I have a library of metallic sections in 1:1 and construction details. I want to use those to automatically generate elevation and sectional views of windows, doors, fanlights, fixed partition and so on using a CAD Software. I will like to know if Revit Architecture is appropriate for such a job and if this is not the case what type of application is most suited for such tasks. The shop drawing are on 2D level. Regards, Nicolas.
  16. asdfghjkl

    JPEGs in Revit? please help...

    I need to take a jpeg and make it usable in revit. is there some way to convert the file? my understanding is that my boss has jpegs of fabrics that she wants to put into a revit file? any suggestions?
  17. I am currently modelling in two packages, a piping package called PDS which is an Intergraph package. i import these files into Navisworks via an nwc file, no poblem there. it interact correctly with this model. form this i can read the pipe sizes specs etc. in otherowrds it is not a dumb model. When i import the Revit model via the same method. and when i run a clash report beetween the tw, the revit model will trow up two clashes per actual clash. in other words when say a pipe penetrates a wall (a hard clash) it should only really detect it as a single clash (pipe v wall). However, it detects the front face of the wall and the back face of the wall?! Has this happend to anyone out there, and if so have you solved the issue or is it a software glich? Any input on this would be greatlly appreciated Regards Diarmuid
  18. archdarren54

    Revit and IFC

    Hi, I am exporting a revit file to IFC and all my walls modified in sketch mode are not exporting. All the other walls are. I have some rafters (walls) that I trimed the endo of at a angle and these do not export. Any help would be great.
  19. My daughter is a college student in an interior design program and is trying to learn the Revit software package. I'm not familiar with it at all but would like to point her in the right direction. She needs to create a "Reflected ceiling plan" for a geodesic building she is working on. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can point her for help? Does Revit have a module for creating RCP?
  20. NorCalJess

    MEP Startup

    Hey all, I'm new here so forgive me for not knowing proper protocol, etc. Does anyone know if there is a step-by-step instruction document of how to setup a new MEP Revit job, using an architect's model? There used to be a few resources with older versions of Revit but now 2011 looks completely different and it's like I'm starting over. Can we still copy/monitor or is that called something else now? Thanks!! Jess
  21. My desktop PC recently fried so now I need to buy a new tower to do my AutoCAD 2010 and Revit Architecture 2010. I'm a student just finishing up my associates degree in computer drafting and I will be starting a cad drafting business shortly. I need a computer that is reasonably priced and upgradeable, has enough memory, RAM, and VRAM to do all my cad work, some 3D modeling and rendering and run my Microsoft Office software. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. James
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