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Found 12 results

  1. Hi friends, this is my first post here . I am relatively new to Autocad MEP . I recently got a job as Mechanical Engineer in an HVAC design and installation firm in a junior level, and I need to practice before joining. I tried learning the software by my own through youtube and several of my doubts have cleared through google. But some things cannot be solved by google search and hence I have arrived here. I have taken the autocad 2d plan of my own house from my Dad , and started practicing drawing and sizing the ducts . I have attached the dwg file here : Final file - http
  2. tzframpton

    Pipe and the Display Manager

    Posted this at the Swamp too, hopefully something comes up. I'm having a bit of an issue trying to dig through the Display Manager to get the proper visual outcome for my Plan View mechanical piping. I simply started a QNEW drawing template defaulted from ACAD MEP. Using the MEP Design Display Configuration, any pipe that is 10" and larger shows up double line. When pipe is crossing over other pipe, it shows the hidden lines like you would expect, gives proper visual look of flanges, valves, etcetera. But in this Display Configuration any pipe 8" and smaller it shows single line, i
  3. First I'll say that currently this is stemming from an HVAC drafter/ designer that just wants to put out some quality drawings in an efficient amount of time with not a lot of hassle - kind of like in AutoCAD. This is also coming from 20+ years CAD experience here so I am not talking out of my arse. From AutoLISP programming to Revit I am a drafter/ designer. Thus far my findings are that Revit is a horrible drafting tool (or plotting tool) IMO. From poor representation of symbology to the far too involved annotation tools it is not worth a penny in the long run. It may have some nice feat
  4. hello everybody, im making this question because in my company we are thinking about really step forward from regular Autocad to MEP, until now we have been only creating some 3d models of some specific parts of some projects to explain better how the installation should be done. However now, my boss is pretty excited with MEP and he things that we should start a project on MEP and design everything on it, even the duct size should be calculated on MEP and the Air flow should be taken from the spaces requirements available when we import from GBXML files. My question is, is it anyone really us
  5. Andrew Michaelson

    Rolling a 45 bend in Autocad MEP 2013

    G'day Everyone, I'm trying to roll a 45 degree circular elbow to pick up a 45 degree takeoff from a main vertical duct so as to save on using an extra bend and cannot work out how to do this. I have noticed when you select an elbow in your drawing there are grips which you can select to rotate it. I've tried clicking these then selecting the centreline, an edge, etc but cannot seem to line up the two objects. This is probably a simple thing to achieve however I cannot seem to get my head around it, any help would be greatly appreciated. The image below shows both plan view and front view, apo
  6. jojit

    MEP Beginners

    ..How can I put dimension in a 3D drawing specially the height...and regarding the pipe support, I think only a channel hanger is existing in MEP 2011.How about support for the PPR and BS pipe?
  7. Hi all. My company is fairly large for an electrical contractor, and we're all over the board in CAD experience. We have people that started as hand drafters back before computers (and STILL prefer hand Drafting over CAD or 3D CAD or even BIM), and we also have a couple proficient in BIM, and everyone else in between. We have been using AMEP for about 4 years now, but I can say that the only functions we've used on a regular basis were Conduit & Cable Tray, and NOTHING else. We've coordinated with other trades using Navisworks Manage for Collision Detection Analysis, but that's a
  8. I am running AutoCAD MEP 2012. Does anyone have a basic routine for a conduit leader?
  9. I guess my question is clear, can I use revit parts made by manufacturers in AutoCAD MEP? example, grilles and diffuses (revit format) supplied by Titus: http://www.titus-hvac.com/software/Revit.asp Thank you very much!
  10. Couldn't find a solution to this anywhere so hoping you guys can help... We are working with a client who is drawing there files in Autocad MEP. The issue is when XREF these drawing into ours they either show up like line diagrams (see image below) or not at all. We solved the not at all portion of the problem by starting with clean Autocad drawings and then xrefing other files after we reference in the MEP file. But I still can't find a way to get the pipe to show up correctly. On a side not if we open the piping file itself, we can see the pipes just fine. It just doesn't show up a
  11. How do i run Vanilla AutoCAD from AutoCAD MEP 2011? The "Right click on the AutoCAD MEP shortcut icon on your desktop and look for the 'Open File Location" does not work Thanks
  12. Siberian

    To pass one pipe with another

    Haven't used MEP since the 09 version, looking at the 2011 now. What I want to do is simply to pass a pipe with another pipe so that the bottom of one passes the top of the other. The closest I get is aligning the center of one with the bottom of the other. Anyone?
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