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Found 14 results

  1. Our company uses "hand" as the style for all our projects. I need to import a table from excel with excel formatting. After I change all the text to "hand" style I can't figure out how to change the font. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. In my lisps, when I have to do a (command "Text"... I have always used a font with height 0. If I running my lisp, on drawings that have fonts with defined height ... my "commands" no longer work correctly. Is there a flag or a dxf code to understand if the font I should use has height 0 or defined height? Practically I would need a value that makes the lisp understand whether to use: (command "_text" "_mc" pos htxt rot "MY TEXT") or: (command "_text" "_mc" pos rot "MY TEXT")
  3. CADMAN57

    New line type and font

    Good morning... I'm creating a set of new utility line types for our surveying department. Water lines, sewer, and so forth. They will all have a "W" or "SS" in them, depicting the type of line. I want them to look differently from our civil department's lines, so I am trying to make them with an oblique text style. I created a new text style called Simplex, and used the simplex.shx font type with it. However, the line styles I created don't recognize that I put an obliquing angle on the text style. And, of course, the simplex.shx doesn't allow you to put an obliquing font style on. My problem is that these drawings might be sent to clients who don't have civil 3D, but are using other software, so I don't want to stray from the simplex.shx too far. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Hi fellow designers! Basically i want to 3D print a series of stamps (fysical stamps with ink). Most steps on how to to this, i've already managed to figure out. However i need to work with OCR B font style characters on the stamp (required by legislation). I Don't see this font inside the list of possible fonts when i define or change a textstyle... On the internet i have already found the font (alas never for free, does anyone know where to get it for free?) In what format does the font have to be? How can i make it appear in the list at "font style" checkbox? Do i need to put it in a certain subfolder or searchpath? Thanx for your attention 'n input! Tekkieflippo
  5. I am looking for the following support file, hcadr.shx. It was used on drawing by a company called McDaniel Fire Systems (www.mcdanielfire.com ) in Illinois which is no longer in business. Can anyone point me to a resource for this file? Thank you.
  6. Hi fellow drafters, I've been using Tables referencing Excel tables I've written up for a long while, but usually stick with Calibri font and everyone is happy. But it is required for these new tables that I use RomanS in the tables to match our lead contractor's format. The problem I have is my font comes out illegibly thin, and I cannot seem to control it outside of using bold font in the table. Does anyone know how to increase/control the lineweight of the text inside an external reference table? Even if through excel, I just need to know how to make this table legible. Thanks,
  7. My department often prints full sets from dwf. When we make our dwfs, the sheet title font looks correct in each and every file. When we print them to our Oce PlotWave 300, the Oce randomly picks and chooses which sheet it will recognize the font, and which it wont, but is consistant in the various number of copies of said sets. Like if it doesnt recognize the font in sheets "C-3, C-3.1, C-6, C-8.1, C-11" in a 30 sheet set and recognizes the font in the rest of the set, and I need 10 sets, those same sheets all print out the same way in all sets. I don't understand what the issue could be other then a driver issue or something with the Oce, as the font appears in dwf's, pdf's, plt's, or even directly from CAD. Also I do not have this issue printing to a smaller printer in our office that prints 11x17 max. Any direction or troubleshooting assisstance would be awesome! Thanks!
  8. Is there a way to change multiple MTexts at once to a certain font? I don't have the full version, only AutoCAD LT 2013 so unfortunately I don't have the fancy express tools or lisps. I have at least 1000 MTexts that need to be changed. This will take a long time if I have to activate each one and change them individually. Please help! Thanks
  9. My question: How do I change the font styles of multiple mtext's. My solution: Select all the boxes, type mo for properties, then change the style in the properties window. To make this simpler in the future I put all the text boxes in their own layer so I can use qselect to select them all quickly.
  10. I click to edit the text on screen it will change it to another font. It's not doing this every time but pretty often. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Hi All, as many of you know, there are ways to get hatch patterns via VLisp and without needing to open *.pat files. Is there any same way to get information about font files? If so, how? Any help, or clue is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi there all, Sorry if I haven't been on here for a while, so I won't be offended if no one answers! I recently upgraded to 2009 and was very relieved when I noticed an in-built PDF feature. However, the quality is quite poor. I 'saved as' the cad file to 2004 version, then transferred it to my AutoCAD 2004 install (with Acrobat Pro 7 installed) and it converts perfectly (as it always has!). You'll see below that the text looks bubbly and is now in bold for some reason (I use basic Aerial). Any advice welcome, sorry if this is an old question, I have done some googling and searched on here, but didn't find anything with searchable description. Thanks in advance! PS Here's the effect difference (same file, just setup1 with: 2009 only. Setup2: 2004 with Acrobat Writer). Really sorry for the large image, I know it's annoying but it's kind of necessary this time. If the image does not display at the right size, the direct link is this: http://www.cpaplanningdesign.com/autocad/CAD-Issue-font-dwg-to-pdf-bubbly-poor-quality.png
  13. Coosbaylumber


    I had asked such in another location here w/o luck. But how do I convert a font of *.shx in to a font of *.shp format? Used to be a simple command, but forgot it now. Wm.
  14. Sorry for the new thread if this has been discussed before, but finding the solution to this issue anywhere has been...frustrating and I just need the answer so I can be done with it. So...I have a block with attributes. Double clicking brings up EATTEDIT dialog window per usual. Now up until about an hour and a half ago typing a quotation mark(") was simple. It was the right font and displayed properly on the drawing. Well after changing a lot of these attributes one after another in rapid succession, I tripped over my own fingers and now the same quotation marks show up differently in the input box(" is now ”)and display as a question mark on the drawing itself. It almost looks as if the font has been changed but when I check, it still says romans. So does anyone know if they're is a keyboard shortcut I accidentally used to have achieved this blunder? What else could have cause this that suddenly? It seems the problem is isolated to editing the attribute through the eattedit and attedit commands as it works just fine altering it through the properties palette. This problem also seems to be isolated to only the ' and " symbols. Direct help would be appreciated. Thanks
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