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  1. Hello everyone. I have trouble to split up one dwg into other dwg which object is only inside the boundary. I have done with this method: create boundary (by closed polygon) to which object I want to save-trim outside boundary-save as the modified dwg-undo to previous dwg (so i get back my original dwg objects) and repeat to the first step. Is there any lisp to solve my problem? It takes too much time with my traditional method. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I have recently come up with an idea for a project. And to execute that idea i need to be able to read trough a DWG and perform calculations based on the dimensions of walls, windows, doors and stuff like that. Is there anyway i can save a dwg of a floor plan in some kind of text format so i can write a program that is able to read trough it and identify those elements and perform calculations based on those dimensions? Thank You.
  3. I am a complete newbie with cad. I have received 2d dwg of a factory floor that i will use as a background drawing in another program. The problem is that the dwg is very big/heavy and therefor my other program gets slow. There is a lot of machines drawn as 2d shapes with a lot of lines that layer seems to be the biggest by far. I have tried some pointers that i found online. Purge,overkill and so on it helped a bit but the drawing is still slow/big. I was wondering if there was a way to make the machines into one giant object like a picture or similar to make the drawing smaller and therefor faster to load? There is no need for me to keep the original cad objects i only need a smaller dwg for my other program and use the drawing as a dead background.
  4. ElCidCampeador

    Recognize multi-object shape

    Hi, I converted a pdf file into dwg. In this new file a point has become a group of 2D polyline and not a sigle entity. This conversion is necessary because I have to work in autocad. My problem is that I have to search in this dwg all of this "points" and write a text next to. Is possible to write a VBA program for autocad able to do this? If the point was a single point, it wouldn't be a problem, but in this case...I dont' know!
  5. I used to use Nanocad and just recently started using Autocad again. I sent a .dwg file to an engineer which is a drawing I had started in Nanocad and then imported and finished in Autocad 18 and he says he can't upload it. He says he gets a fatal error. Even though I saved the file as an AutocadLT 2013 format from the file save menu. I really would like to know if there is any Autocad or AutocadLT user with Architectural experience I could send a sample drawing to or can try the attached file so I can determine if the problem is really with my files or with the program or method the engineer is using to try to upload my drawing when I email it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, PCS electrical FINAL ACADlite2013.dwg
  6. I use Autocad 2016. My computer has an issue with a driver for the video card or rather video card itself. While I was working on a .dwg, the screen went black. I tried to save it with ctrl+s (wish I didn’t) and had to turn off the computer. When I started the Autocad again, I couldn’t open the drawing. It is corrupted, damaged, whatever word you want to use. I have a .bak file but it is in the same condition, useless. I couldn’t find any solution online. Tried renaming .bak, recovery manager. Tried repair tools. Nothing. Is there anyone who knows if there’s any way to recover the drawing? Based on everything I read online, I am not very optimistic, but I have to ask, it is very important. Thank you. P.S. The .dwg is too large to be uploaded to forum.
  7. Good day! At work last week damaged the server. Today it was restored, but when you open an AutoCad file that lay on the network, gives the message «Drawing file is not valid». Before it is said that this file or is used, or only for reading. The file is not zero. Has the same size, as before crash of the server. I tried the command recover, drawingrecovery, insert. AutoCad 2008 version. Very much I ask to help! it is a pity for the whole month of work! Thanks in advance!
  8. I tried to restore it AutoCAD, but nothing happened. I am using AutoCAD 2014. The file was created in a similar version of the program. I created it is not very long, but a couple of times a clean computer from unnecessary files including the location of temporary files. And in the end when I need them, I do not have backups. I know that a little too far with cleaning my computer, but I need a drawing which is in this file. Please tell me how to recover it. No special computer problems were not in the last couple months. No viruses, breakdowns system failures. But the file is broken.
  9. lamensterms

    Batch Convert .IPT to .DWG?

    Hey guys, I am in the process of updating our CAD Block Library and I have a collection of .IPT files which I would like to convert to .DWG. I am aware of the IMPORT command, and I am also aware that I can open the .IPT files in Inventor Fusion and save them to DWG from there... but I am going to be performing this conversion a few hundred times and I am just wondering if anyone knows of a good way to batch-convert. Thanks a lot for any help, looking forward to hearing back.
  10. I am new to Autocad. I have a DWG drawing which include information related to a plan of an area. I am developing a small Windows Application where the user can input a desired city and the application will open the DWG file in a Autocad.exe zooming the area of the given city. I would like to know whether it is possible to open the DWG drawing zooming the area of user provided city of the plan, using C#. If so guiding or providing a sample code segment will be a great help.
  11. I am new to Autocad. I have a DWG drawing which include information related to a plan of an area. I am developing a small Windows Application where the user can input a desired city and the application will open the DWG file in a Autocad.exe zooming the area of the given city. I would like to know whether it is possible to open the DWG drawing zooming the area of user provided city of the plan, using C#. If so guiding or providing a sample code segment will be a great help.
  12. Hi all. I'm sure that this question has probably been raised countless times over; I can't find any solution, so please accept my apologies in advance. I have AutoCAD at work and on my desktop at home, but only True View and Design Review on my laptop. I need to work from my laptop and need to view acad dwgs; that's it, but I need the external references (xrefs) loaded within dwgs too. Other than etransmitting etc is there a way/program to simply open an acad dwg and be able to see it? Even as an uneditable entity/image or something? I just need to see it - from the .dwg file itself; no PDF or anything like that. Thanks! Michael
  13. Is there any possible way to do that? I had a .dwg with a layer with contours and i deleted it (my fault) .. I have this layer in another .dwg . Is there any way to transfer it in the other drawing file? Thanks in advance!
  14. I didn't know which of all the forums was best suited for this question but I trust the knowledge base that I know hangs out in this particular forum. I did a search and found no results. If this topic has been discusses eleswhere please provide a link. I'm looking for an application (retail) that does a good (accurate) job of converting PDF files to DWG or DXFs. I realize that it is not an exact science and each program has its strong and weak points. Just wondering what some of you recommend (and DON'T recommend ) Thanks!!
  15. hi all, bumped into an issue that i couldn't find a solution to, thought i'd pick some of your brains. I recently reformated my workstation and upgraded to autocad 2013. after such, i have noticed my drawing folders are prioritizing cad files to a not-so-efficient way, unlike before. please help or shed any light on how i could fix this issue. current: .bak .dwg prefered organization: .dwg .bak (both sorted by type:acending) before my dwg files are always above my bak files. it is very tidious and annoying to scroll all the way to the bottom of a folder to select my dwg files when there are multiple versions of bak files in the folder.
  16. davidjb82

    Revit to DWG

    Hey there. I have a question regarding Revit Architecture 2012. (I'm a noob using it). I'm working on a job that requires me to model buildings in Revit, but then export them back into a standard DWG. The problem is, I need these newly converted files to be editable as if they were drawn in AutoCAD Architecture 2010 (ADT). I've had a go, but it only converts to lines and blocks, which aren't much use to me in ADT Anyone that has read a previous thread by me will know that the client I have is very awkward, and want to do things the hard way! Thank you for your help!
  17. Hi, I'm fairly new to AutoCad and I am trying to export a plan from Corel Draw X4 into AutoCad 2007. I export the Corel as a DWG which successfully opens in AutoCad. The only problem is that all the line weights and line styles from Corel have gone. Is there a way to do this which keeps the line styles or would I be better off exporting the various parts of the drawing as individual DWG files for reassembly in AutoCad? Thanks in advance! Amir
  18. I know I've seen many similar posts on this subject, but all the suggestions still haven't fixed my problem? I'm trying to import a Cad 3d drawing into Sketchup 8 Pro. The cad drawing is saved as 2007. Sketchup shows an import in progress and goes all the way 99% and then waits. I've waited and waited (over an hour), and I realize that it will never import. Any ideas why it doesn't complete? I've purged and deleted all blocks. It is a large file, but below the 15MB that Sketchup's help site recommends.
  19. Hello, I'm a mechanical engineer with a lot of experience working with SolidWorks, but no experience with AutoCAD. My boss has asked me to take a 44MB .DWG and compress it to under 15MB so that it can be viewed on his iPad to show to clients (using the AutoCAD WS which is limited to opening files smaller than 15MB). I spent hours doing this several weeks ago and was just barely able to get it down to the required size. However, I was never able to repeat the process and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure how I did it. Now I have to do it again for a different file and am struggling to do so. Since the file is just going to be quickly shown to clients it does not need to have all 400 layers or any other kind of accompanying details. Hell I could merge all the layers together if that would reduce the file size and I knew how to do that. I'm not at my work computer right now, but I think by clicking options under save and removing all proxy images (or something like that) I was able to reduce the file size to around17MB. I've purged the file as well but that only removed a few KB. Can anyone help me out with a suggestion on further compressing the file? Thank you!
  20. Hi All, I have about 200 TIFF images (all Geo-refferenced) I need to make a separate DWG file for each one which simply has the associated image attached. Essentially my final outcome needs to be: 001.TIF 001.DWG So I need the DWG file to be named the same as the TIFF. I can import and save them one by one but this is pretty time consuming. Any suggestions on how to do this automatically? I have 3 sets of images to do this for and each is a different pixel size. I have completed one set and I was wondering if i could take the set that I have completed and somehow manipulate them to find the other group of images without having to open each DWG and attach the new image. Any ideas would be appreciated! Cheers
  21. Hi. I've bought lidar height and surface info from a mapping company. This is in DWG format which along with (DXF and GIS where the only options). I have since downloaded trial copies of Civil 3d & Map 3d to go with my copy of Vanilla 3d. All of my programmes are Release 2012. I am finding it impossible to make a surface in any of the programmes, because they also seem to want the point (which I can see and rotate around, but not make into a surface) in a file format that is not DWG. Even though they are available as editable points in the file. just not editable enough to make into a surface - get it? now i know from other threads that each programme manages points differently, but all i want to do is make it into a surface with contours in any of the programmes. although the categories function and density function of M3d would be use full. As it stands I'm being really inefficient using this Lidar info in these programmes as what I really need is heights of surrounding buildings and trees. I had hoped that using these auto desk programmes would improve my workflow. Any help is most welcome. I attach the original survey file for reference.
  22. We would like to print a batch of files (up to 150-200) and be able to print over all DWG some information (Work Order number) that will be filled, or supplied by a text file (or somthing) else! I've check for a couples of hours now and did not find anything solid!! Any ideas anyone? I am not a CAD user, I am IT Staff!! Thank you!!
  23. I don't have AutoCad, but I was given a DWG that was created in 2007. It is a map of a lake's water depth vs distance in the east and north directions. Is it possible extract the actual value of water depth from the DWG file? For example the file would contain columns of x-location, y-location, and water depth.
  24. I got an object file and wanted to import it into Autocad. Don´t know how to convert it into dwg.
  25. I have drawn a drawing with AutoCAD and made a jpeg photo by print screen. Now I have lost the original AutoCAD file but have the jpeg file. Is it possible to recover the file through the jpeg print screen file?
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