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  1. need help, can any one tell me, how can i import the points (coordinates) from the excel to the autocad along the alignment. Excel contains the spacing of the points along the alignment. Is there any lisp for an ARRAY command with varrying spacing? thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, my knowalge of scripts is 0 is it posiable to have script always running when the user do a save as and check in a excel if the file name exist. Thanks
  3. Hi there, I´m working with attribute blocks, and someone made an excel file with some data that has more than 1 line (That could be achieved pressing ALT+ENTER in excel) however when inserting the data with a coordinates MACRO, that attribute I can't edit those other lines of data, and when adding any information the other lines of data will be erased. Hope my hard english doesn't confuse you guys. Attached you can find both the excel and the .dwg the data is not the same, but the block has the same attributes EXAMPLE.xls example.dwg
  4. Hi I have an excel file with a column containing polygon vertices like follows: Row 1 x-Cord1|y-Cord1 x-Cord2|y-Cord2 x-Cord3|y-Cord3.... Row 2 x-Cord1|y-Cord1 x-Cord2|y-Cord2 x-Cord3|y-Cord3.... Row 3 x-Cord1|y-Cord1 x-Cord2|y-Cord2 x-Cord3|y-Cord3.... ......... I am looking for a .Net code that can read each row cell and draw the polygons automatically in AutoCAD window. I am having a bout 100 rows (polygons) and hence I prefer that the code will display all polygons at once in AutoCAD window and not draw them one by one. I am already having Autolisp code to draw them one by one but I wish to have a .Net code to allow batch polygons drawing instead. Thanks a lot for any assistance
  5. So I just started at a new firm and they are using datalinks for the attic vent calculations. The table is in Excel and once filled out it should populate in the drawing. My CPU was an old employee's so it isn't new installed software but my datalink button says that Excel is not installed properly and will not let me edit the datalink in Autocad. I can however open the Excel file from the reference manager just fine and it opens. I have tried hard pathing and softpathing with no luck. Other people can insert it for me which they did in one file but I want to be operating at 100% like they are. Any ideas?
  6. I'm currently using AutoCAD Electrical 2013, but I think that this may fall under a general AutoCAD question. The company I'm working for does panel layout drawing that require upwards of several hundred holes to be punched into it. Right now, we use ordinate dimensions to show center points of all the holes for our hole punch machine. Recently, we decided to start putting the X,Y dimensions on an Excel spreadsheet for easier reading for our punch operator. What I'm looking for is a way to either A) extract the ordinate dimensions from AutoCAD and into an excel file or B) Extract the hole center locations from a specified base point to an Excel spreadsheet. Is there an easy way to do this or do I have to go one by one and type it out? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Hi, I am simply trying to insert an excel datalink into my drawing. However once i complete the process using the datalink manager and click 'OK' nothing happens, i return to my model space window with nothing appearing. I have checked my layers are on and check the extents..... Any help is greatly appreciated
  8. Hello, I work in a company in Brazil and I am just starting to learn about Lisp. What I want is simple (I think), I need a "program" that uses the excel to know what command execute in AutoCAD. I will explain better, lets think that in a sheet of excel we have this: circle 10 circle 15 I want that AutoCAD creates two circles, one with radius 10 and the other with radius 15. Is that possible ? Sorry about my English, I am learning yet. Regards.
  9. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks 2011 to Excel?

    I have a directory with about 70 SW drawings in it. I have been give the task of pulling a report that will give me the following: $PRPSHEET:"Description" $PRPSHEET:"Revision" $PRPSHEET:"PartNo" For each drawing and have it all in an excel spreadsheet. We do not have PDM or Windchill or any other such program. Is this possible and if so could I get some onstruction of how to do this please? Thanks so much!!
  10. cmangi86

    Import Excel to DWGPROPS

    I work as an engineer for a solar company. We preform all of our calculations on an excel file, then transfer these values to Autocad to show our calculations for the plan checkers. I use the DWGPROPS command in Autocad to auto populate all the pages in my plans. I tend to do a lot of copy and pasting and to do all this. Is there a way to isolate the excel values I need and import them into my Autocad DWGPROPS?
  11. Hello everyone. These days I am in need of a Lisp to boost my productivity. What I am exactly looking for is a program capable of: 1. Create a polygon from lines - boundaries (like the BPOLY command) then 2. Create a Label to identify the polygon (like a numeric order of 1, 2 ,3..) and finally 3. Return the polygon area in a table or Excel file. I found something at LeeMac's website but the lisp I've found there doesn't do step 2 (doesn't create the polygon by boundaries). If someone could help me I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Maybe someone can help me out here. Is it possible that I can create a link between dimensions (width & length) of a rectangle in AutoCAD, and two cells in a pre-existing Excel sheet; so when I modify the size of this rectangle in AutoCAD, the cells will also get updated? I'm using AutoCAD 2002, 2006 & Excel 2003.
  13. Hi everyone, So I just upgraded to MEP 2013 last week and am in a bad situation where when I keep making my data link tables to a range on an excel table the file name's full address is not staying when I go to insert the table. (ex. D:/Documents/JB Plans/NK.xlsm is just NK.xlsm when I try to insert the table) Does anybody know of some defaulting or setting that I haven't found involving this issue? Thanks
  14. Hi there, I decided to try the advice I read and start using Data Link Tables for my Excel sheet instead of OLELinks. The appearance is far sharper, and I am also pleased there is no background color transfered. What IS the problem is when I update the table, its goes from 12" Wide by 12" Tall table @ 7/16" Text W/O borders back to 3" Wide by 10" Tall with varying text size to fit and gains back all borders except diagonals (of which none are present on the Excel file). So I need to figure out a way to default the format when I refresh so that it holds each cell at the 6"X1" dimensions with no border. With that, If there is a way to have a stencil for making the range links with Excel, that would be useful. I use the exact same 4 or 6 ranges (2 formats) in every dwg. Thanks Everyone!
  15. Hi, I know I've seen some articles on this issue in the past, but I had trouble finding solutions on Links instead of Tables. I have 2 to 6 tables per drawing, each at a maximum of 48 cells. I linked them through the special paste and expended them so each cell is 6" Wide and 1" Tall (in model space) and seen through a viewport at 2" = 1'-0" (so 1" wide by .167" tall). The text is noticeably fuzzy and I'm trying to clear it up without going back to the Tables (the reformatting of the Tables already spent an extra 2 hours on one of the 11 assignments). Any advice is appreciated.
  16. Calen Anderson

    Excel Database and AutCAD

    Good day, This is my first post after hours of searching. I have bits and pieces related to my question, but nothing substantial. I have a database with ~350 computer's physical coordinates within the building (actually not yet, but a field to fill) and all related info for that computer. Is it possible to have an object for each computer, and have that object's coordinates within the drawing updated when the database is updated? Or anything that can help with IT's management of these assets? The long-term goal is to have the maintenace people to be able to see where an asset(computer) is physically within the building. We will soon be using HP Service Manager 7 which utilizes a database with said information. I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. I have only fiddled with AutoCAD and am now jumping in head-first. I have only about 30 days to figure this out. Thanks!!! (patience with the Noob )
  17. Hello All, I am looking for a quick way to take x,y coord. from excel and import them into autocad. I have read something on the MULTIPLE POINT command but everytime I go and put the space in between the words it enters in multiple then point. I only have 10 data points but a lot of sets of points. Thanks,Luke
  18. We have Map 2011 and I created a drawing with several tables pasted from Excel. Also, we are currently restricting our file format to AutoCAD 2010. The tables pasted from Excel initially worked great and I was able to perform several edits and plots without any problems. That is, until another user opened the drawing. At that point, the table lines were still present but the text was missing. Also, I see the text when I open the drawing but I find that I can only edit the text using find/replace. Double-clicking does not open the text for editing. Is there a fix for this besides exploding the tables? Thanks. Brian.
  19. Hello! I have searched around and I can't find a direction to head in... We have a whole bunch of spreadsheets that we use for calculations and parts of those spreadsheets are linked to a ton of CAD Drawings via data links. We would like to be able to deliver the CAD drawings to the client without having to send our calculation books (just the output tables). In other words, is it possible to embed the table data and remove the excel link for the final delivery? Thank you guys for you time. Take care, Seth
  20. Hi, I have a question about if it is possible to set a block's dimensions to read a table's cell value. Say a rectangle has dimensions x wide by y tall and a table has the x and y values given in cells a1 and b1 linked from an excel spreadsheet. I would like to link it like this because i have an excel file that will update and then output to AutoCAD. Is this possible and if so how? I have figured out how to link the excel table into AutoCAD. I am using AutoCAD 2012 if that helps. Thanks, Barry
  21. Hi everyone! I'm trying to figure out if there is a way I can import data from an excel file in a predetermined range but variable workbook and sheet. For instance, in Station5.dwg I access cells B4:C15 on sheet STA-5 on workbook TerminalA.xls and then in Station6.dwg I access cells B4:C15 on sheet STA-6 on workbook TerminalA.xls, but all through just rerouting the sheet just as if I were to reroute an xref with the same scale and insertion point. I'm trying to avoid a continual copy/paste of OLEs for each .dwg because I will have an average of 5 ranges to import from each sheet, of an average of 7 sheets per workbook, of an estimated 220 workbooks to work through. (7,700 ranges estimated so far is a lot of work). Thanks for your help!
  22. Hi. I have some blocks (different exit signs) in a drawing. I want to make a table or excel sheet that sums up the number of equal blocks in the drawing. How can i make this? I want to connect this tabel to excel 2010. I use AutoCad LT 2012, can some noe help me?
  23. I have an autocad drawing with so many light fixtures with all different names.Now we have to change all those names, i already have an excel sheet containing two columns with first one containing "name in drawing" and second one containing respective "new name". Is there any way to replace the names in cad file using that excel sheet.i just dont want to do all those thousand rename manually ...please some cad-guru help me
  24. Basically, I have a 6 story building and I want to click on the room name in each room and pull up excel spreadsheets (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing or Architectural). I have found that if I create an attribute for each spreadsheet I can assign different hyplerlinks to each attribute navigating me to the different spreadsheets. My question is though, how do I get it to open to a specific cell. Each floor has hundreds if not a thousand room names and I don't really want the user to have to scroll through that whole list to get to the one room they are looking for. Any suggestions? Should I try Data links instead? I tried creating a .dvb, but I think I still have the same problem. I have attached those files, just in case that might be helpful. You have to open the .dwg, load the .lsp and and .dvb, then type dd and select the blank room name to see it in action. I do not need the table in AutoCAD, I just need a link to navigate to excel. Thanks in advance
  25. I've found a number of articles outlining the process of extracting data from AutoCAD to an Excel file, but I'm wondering if it's possible to do the reverse. For my work I have a number of databased already established in Excel and am able to create information tables rather quickly that access these databases. Currently, after creating a table in Excel I then copy, paste, scale to the right size in AutoCAD. There's gotta be a way to create a table in AutoCAD that simply accesses this information in Excel and just updates automatically. I produce a number of CAD drawings off of a template daily so this process has become quite the bottleneck. I really appreciate any help!
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