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  1. <Update:> The issue I encountered was a drawing converted from VISIO to Autocad. If I convert the fonts to ARIAL beforehand, I can use STRIPMTEXT if not I have to use one of the methods below. I have several drawings filled with MText objects. If I select them all and attempt to change via the Properties dialog a new height is then displayed but the text height does not change. If I double click on one of the objects the Text Formatting bar appears and a different text height is shown there. I thought that Lee's STRIPMTEXT would
  2. Hi erverybody, when manipulating "MTEXT" objects, I can not get some information about this kind of object, while they are shown in "PROPERTIES" commands window. Should any one know where they are? One of the hidden properties of "MTEXT" is shown in PROPERTIES dialog, under "Text" region, with the lable "Columns". I appreciate greatly any help or clue guiding me to the solution.
  3. Hi all, how is it possible to get and put alignment of a MTEXT object via AutoLISP? I appreciate any help.
  4. I found valuable lisp for auto creation block. I want to improve this lisp to following requirement * block selected object individually, not in one block thanks AUTO-BLOCK.LSP
  5. I want to add text to an existing MTEXT, but the utility I have used doesn't support what I am trying to do. I can select it fine, but it doesn't come out right. This is the old format: This is the new format (this is what is desired): This is the old text in properties: This is the new text in properties (this is what is desired): I tried to use this code to call a MRWA.lsp (but the format doesn't work right): (setq mylisp "MRWA.lsp") ; Set the lisp routine name (setq
  6. Hi there! I am exploring lisp and dcl at the same time. I have this DCL as shown below. Whenever the command is done and doing the same command again, values reset (pic2). I want the values to remain whenever I used the dcl again after I press "Ok" to edit particular inputs instead of typing the whole data again. How could I possibly do that? Here is the dcl code I used. CHECKING : dialog { label = "CHECKING"; : row { :boxed_row { label = "PARAMETERS"; : edit_box { key = "a"; label = "Wind Pressure (kPa)"; edit_width = 8;}
  7. Hi, Please see attached the Fuzzy Text Problem.dwg Fuzzy Text Problem.dwg The bottom of the two text (MTEXT) has a Z value of 0. When exploded to TEXT it has a value of -0.00000454. It appears FUZZY in AutoCAD for this reason. 2d wireframe is set DVIEW is ok also. FLATTEN or my routine below for putting objects to Z won't work either. (defun C:FX_Flatten_To_Z () (command "_.UCS" "") (command "_.move" "_all" "" '(0 0 1e99) "" "_.move" "_p" "" '(0 0 -1e99) "") (princ) ) Any insight to this problem would be great, thanks.
  8. Howdy howdy, Any time I would like to create an EXACT height over the x2.5 that can be selected in the MTEXT Editor dropdown, it gives me the minor annoyance of having to do the process twice. The first time I input my line spacing (With 'exact' selected), apply, and close the dialogue box, the text gets all scrunched up. It will stay like this until I go BACK into the line space dialogue box and input the amount I want again. Attached are pictures of the described process. Thoughts? [attachment=48613:name] [attachment=48614:name] [attachment=48615:name] [attachment=48616:name]
  9. I've only been learning LISPing for a few weeks so C&C's are most welcome. LINK TO VIDEO: One of my most used LISPs is the LeaderToMleader.LSP. Found here. It was last updated many moons ago, so I decided to try learn and modify it to suit. Many thanks to the original author Lyle Hardin. I just need some guidance on how to get UCS working with it. EDIT. Using the TRANS fn. It works okay. Took a bit of tweaking but I got it. Please test. Here's a list of things I've changed at the top of the code: Main ones are: Multiple Selection - User can now se
  10. Hi all, I would like to know how I can replace a MTEXT (not TEXT) of an attribute by selecting a TEXT/MTEXT. Thank you so much !
  11. I have searched all over for the answer to this but with no success. When I am in my VP and double-click the MTEXT it stays horizontal. Then when I type any letter or spacebar it rotates to East. My VP is rotated with North pointing NW. I have tried MTEXTFIXED I have tried MTEXTFIXED . When I try to change to OldEditor it says that it cannot acknowledge the font, which is Hand. Hand is our special type of font that we use. How on earth do I get the text to stay horizontal while editing? I can't remember her name Lynn or something, said that its frustrating standing on your head to edit text.
  12. Hello. I want to change line space factor for all the mtext objects in a hole bunch of drawings by script. I found this lisp and it works fine but only by manually selecting the mtext objects. (setq vla_mtext (vlax-ename->vla-object (setq mymtext (car (entsel))))) (vla-put-LineSpacingFactor vla_mtext 0.5) Can this lisp be changed so it changes all mtext objects found in the drawing, or is there another way? Thanks
  13. We are getting some serious issues with plotting in Autocad. In one of our drawings, someone dimensioned the diameter of a circle. Here is where things get weird: It showed up in Paper space. It showed up when it was plotted to our Ricoh printer. When it was plotted to our HP Designjet the MText was gone. No dimension line, no text, nothing. The weirder thing is this behavior is inconsistent. I've plotted it on two separate computers and it shows up just fine. But sometimes it won't show up at all. Has any one else experienced this issue or a similar issue? Or does anyone know any reas
  14. I'm about to receive a bunch of borehole data for a bigger project with x,y coordinates in state plane for each hole and I believe it will be sent as an Excel file. I'd like to add a center-justified text consisting of the borehole name at the x,y coordinate where it should go so I can quickly check out the location of a hole and then look up its other properties by name in the Excel sheet. So far, I'm thinking about concatenating the cells and adding spaces in a separate column in excel so that for each hole I have something like: text j mc 0 x-coordinate,y-coordinate BH120 in a sin
  15. I've attached a sample of some text we got in a CAD drawing from one of our clients. For whatever reason, all the standard text is showing up as vivaldi text for me. A coworker said he was able to open up the drawing and everything was showing up fine?? If you look in the contents under properties there's a slash pxqc prefix that I've never seen before. It's like Vivaldi was set up an override to the standard text style. So even if I change the text style to something else, the Vivaldi text persists. So the only way I see to change it back to something different is to open eve
  16. HFBandit

    MTEXT "squashing" on move

    Hi I'm running LT 2017 and have encountered an issue when moving MTEXT. As I move the text, the transparent "placeholder" text is squashing vertically. This makes it hard to know where the end position of the text will actually be. Hopefully the attached image will clarify what I mean.
  17. Hi! I have a text box containing mText with fields. I have drawn up the multiline box I want to have the text in, problem is that when the fields change the text gets longer and therefor makes the box bigger leading to my text no longer staying within the size its supposed to. Is there a way to fit mtext? Force it to stay within the set border and if more rows than fit are added, shrink the text? Thank you!
  18. Currently, I have an Excel table. Numbers of column contains 0 or 1. I have to copy column by column into notepad and then copy the notepad contain to CAD. After that, I have serval individual column of Mtext. Then I further explode them into text. A numbers of individual text are pasted on CAD and this is what I want. However, if I do copy multiple column into notepad, the result is a whole Mtext which is containing all columns. I explode the Mtext and I will obtain multiple line of text. I am searching for a lisp to convert/separate Mtext to individual text. For more advance, I wa
  19. I have a question about MTEXT... specifically the tab and indents at the top of the MTEXT input window, how can I set the "tolerance" of the ruler? currently the ruler shows 1/8" increments and will not allow me to set new Tabs between the tick marks. I want to be able to click new tabs at 1/16" increments. Is there a setting for the tolerance or a good way to set tabs with out manually having to type them in the paragraph window? Thanks in advance!!
  20. I am trying to QLATTACH some errant leaders to their respective text. In my QLEADER (S)ettings I have: Annotation Type: Mtext Options: prompt for width Reuse: None Leader Line & Arrow Leader Line: straight Points: 2 Arrowhead: closed filled First segment constraint: any angle Second segment constraint: horizontal Multiline Text Attachment Text on left side: middle of bottom line Text on right side: middle of top line Underline bottom line: unchecked However, when I QLATTACH the leader to text, it wants to add a point to the leader and either underline t
  21. Hi all, I have about 140 layouts and I've just been asked to add a piece of information (some mtext) to every other layout, any ideas? Any help is appreciated, Dave
  22. Currently using Autocad 2012 vanilla. Would like to add round brackets/parentheses around multiple lines "mtext". It is very common to show line annotations this way in Australia. Right now I use two mtext with different text height. The parentheses' text height is obviously larger to suit the number of lines. I've tried OLE microsoft equation via "insert objects" in autocad but it: does not like my "Autocad only valid font" cannot be rotated. I can probably program this in AutoLISP but it will take me some time. Is there an existing solution? PS: Yes, I am aware of th
  23. Help, I keep getting this stupid error no function definition even though I have clearly defun it in my lisp. (defun ISOCP3TEXT () (command "-style" "isocp3" "isocp.shx" "3" "1" "0" "no" "no") ) (defun ISO3 () (ISOCP3TEXT) (setvar "clayer" "0") (setq pt1 (getpoint "")) (initdia) (command ".mtext" pt1) ) (defun c:meh () (ISO3) If you are wondering, I am using meh which may seem redundant but in my main source code, I actually need to call up iso3 due to a dialog box settings thing. For some reason, when I try to run meh, I keep getting ; error: no function definitio
  24. I have a Detail Bubble dynamic block with MTEXT. Every time I use the Reference Manager, the MTEXT does not show up at the original location. I couldn't upload the pic to show what I mean.
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