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Found 64 results

  1. I have just taken over a project using SolidWorks 2013 Workgroup PDM. I found out that almost every file will be soon renamed/renumbered. I have looked online (and youtube) with no success. Is is similar to the regular Solidworks rename? Do you rename them while they are still in the vault? Anyone have any experience in Workgroup PDM (NOT EPDM!) Any help, links, advice, input is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  2. Im interning for a medium sized company and I was tasked with creating a new file structure and naming system for our engineering files. I was wondering what are the best ways to name CAD files so that they are easy to find and make sense. Thanks you all your help guys. I really need it. Also we use both auto cad and solidworks to make mostly large metal parts if that makes any difference
  3. dusko

    Edit Decal - problem

    hello! i am working on sw tutorial skateboard (part 'hanger'): http://www.cudacountry.net/assets/applets/sw15_hanger_skateboard.pdf on the last page i have to edit decal. here is my render (same error is visible on part in sw) so i would like to know what is the problem and how can i fix it? thank you for help!
  4. 10hi-f9s

    Cover from technical drawing

    Hello I hope you can help me. I am trying to draw a cover from a technical drawing. I have tried several approaches but I have yet to be succesful. Do you have any ideas how to draw this? I think some information may be lacking?
  5. Hi everyone, I need help with a problem, i speak a little english so i'll try explain me, I need fillet (round) this edges: I tried with manual Fillet/Constant radius and Variable Radius and the result its not satisfactory because the vertex its not perfect, the vertex have imperfections like this: This is with Variable radius: As you seen, the vertex have a sinking surface, and i need the all surfaces/Edges join in a one vertex, I dont care if the radius of the edges is variable. If you need the model i can provide it. Thanks for your help.
  6. I want to read Properties Information from the Configuration Specific Tab inside of a Part into my Title Block and populate the drawing name / drawing number from there. If $PRPSHEET:"PartNo" reads from the Custom Tab inside the Part File and if $PRP:"PartNo" reads from the Drawings Properties Tab How do you read from the Configuration Specific Tab? Thanks!!
  7. Is it possible to make this more compact? (DEFUN C:TEST () (if (/= (tblsearch "STYLE" "ROMANS")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "ROMANS" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE0")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE0" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE1")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE1" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE2")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE2" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE3")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE3" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE4")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE4" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE5")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE5" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE6")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE6" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE7")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE7" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (if (= (tblsearch "STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE8")) (COMMAND "-STYLE" "SLDTEXTSTYLE8" "ROMANS" "" "" "" "N" "N" "N") (PRINC)) Guidance if so please?
  8. jiggly_jelloo

    3r Party PDM software for Solidworks

    We are a small company with a single user and are looking for a PDM sloution to use with solidworks. EPDM is out of our budget and overkill for just one user. The feature that we are most looking for is something that will easily allow for checkout from a server to a local drive. Currently I work from a network drive and it is causing some performance issues, so I need to find a way that I can transfer my files from the network to my local drive with relative ease. I work on assemblies that can be 2000+ parts so it has to be robust enough to handle that. Thanks for any recommendations, Colleen
  9. brioche

    Inventor LT vs AutoCAD

    Hello wise forum members, At my very small company, we currently use AutoCAD LT 2008 (it’s ok to laugh). I would like to upgrade to a 3D product so I can produce 3D renderings as well as the occasional unfolded cone. I’m trying to decide whether to purchase Inventor LT Suite or AutoCAD (full version- not LT). Here’s the conundrum: Inventor LT Suite offers 3D and also can unfold a cone (I’m quite sure). AutoCAD offers 3D, but cannot unfold a cone (based on my limited experience with a trial version). So, Inventor LT Suite appears to be more powerful than AutoCAD, YET it is quite a bit less expensive. What am I missing here? I have visited the Autodesk site many times and my answers seem to be shrouded in mystery. Also, and I hesitate to complicate matters, but the folks of this forum seem to be very knowledgeable…what about Solidworks? Should I be considering this program instead? Thank you for your time- I appreciate any insight you can offer.
  10. 1r0nman

    Solidwork Drawing Help

    Hello I am looking for someone who is able to turn my Solidwork design in to a drawing so I can send them to the manufacture to be made. Please can some one help!!! Thanks 1r0nman:):)
  11. Can I import real time data that I am measuring on a real system using Labview into a stress simulation on a model of the system? Basically I have realtime force data in labview gathered from a strain gauge on a simple cantilever beam and I want to apply that force to a simulated model of that beam. The force is a simple concentrated load acting at a known position. So the crux of this is exporting that data from labview into the stress analysis in either AutoCAD or SolidWorks. I feel like this should be fairly simple to do, but I am new to both SolidWorks/AutoCAD and Labview. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Can I import real time data that I am measuring on a real system using Labview into a stress simulation on a SolidWorks model of the system? (Basically I have force data in labview from a strain gauge on a simple cantilever beam and I want to apply that changing force to my beam model in Solidworks) The force is a simple concentrated load acting at a known position. I feel like this should be fairly simple to do, but I am new to both SolidWorks and Labview. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. aster123

    SolidWorks Free Video Tutorials

    SolidWorks Video Tutorials (Parts, Assembly, Drawing) for FREE.
  14. diegsn

    Help with flex part

    Hello, I would like to bend a flexible piece like that. I have used the Flex tool but the result is very imprecise. What tool or method you can suggest to me? Thanks Ensamblaje flex L (intento).zip
  15. Congratulations Guys !! , We've finally done what we promised you and uploaded the whole videos of the tutorial of creating Audi R8 with Solidworks through which you can MASTER Solidworks Surfacing and complex shape modeling THIS tutorial is only can be found on our blog and you will never get disappointed by the lack of surfacing tutorials , In this tutorial you won't feel frustrated anymore for the hardness of using Solidworks Surfaces , Step by Step you can gain the experience to do anything with this tutorial , This tutorial is 14 hours with a good resolution , it's 53 videos of continuous complex modeling !! ,It's the only online tutorial for complete solidworks surfacing , so you must watch it !! HERE'S THE Youtube Playist LINK : http://goo.gl/HaajfX ATTENTION !!!!!! : to understand the tutorial you MUST download the images from my imgur : http://goo.gl/tJZpf5 (No ads) and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and begin this tutorial with your college mates subscribe here to get more videos : http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=LostEliteGuy
  16. I am doing a plastic part in solidworks 2012. I am confused about where to start and how to start with it. I want anyone who has got some experience to give some hint about how can i make a move. I have attached photos of inputs I have.
  17. ScottUrban

    Error "Cannot Knit Sheets Together"

    Hi I have this error that is stumping me from completing an assignment.. When it comes to solidworks I'm not to much of a newbie but when it comes to creating molds for plastic injection parts I am.. I have created a plastic part ( The Barrel of a plastic BIC Rollerball pen) and am required to create the mold for it. I have created a Scale, and a Draft(But i must admit there are some yellow parts still on the model, which When trying to fix the problem I quickly redid a prototype of the part adding drafts where needed but still recieved the same error so i continued with my older part because it was more specific). I create parting lines, create parting surfaces, then create planar surfaces and knited them all together.. but then when I use the Tooling Split command and select my core, cavity and parting surface, i click the green tick and i get the error "Cannot Knit sheets together" and its driving me mad because I have no idea what ive done wrong and why it is not working.
  18. hayyagahoy

    SolidWorks API - Copy part name text

    Hello, I am fairly new to SolidWorks and even newer to scripting. Our design department recently came to me wondering if there was a way to create a macro that when they selected a part in the feature tree on the left hand side, and pushed the macro hotkey, if the name could be copied to the clipboard to be pasted in other programs. We have various documents that they need the name of, and right now they are right clicking on the part name and selecting properties, and getting to the name that way to copy it. It would be a lot easier for them if they could just do a quick key similar to ctrl+c to copy it. It would be even better if they could select multiple parts at a time, and have it copy each part name on a different line so when you pasted it, it would look similar to: part1 part2 part3 If anyone has anyone could help me out it would be very much appreciated. Even if all you can give me is pointers or suggestions. Thanks very much!!
  19. BikeGuy

    trouble with Angle Mate

    Hello; I'm interested to learn more about developing assemblies and how they connect. I am enclosing a study model which I am working to create an angle mate so that there is no interference conflict. I have two difficulties. One is that none of the angles that I input seem to reflect accurately when I complete the mate and test the Range of Motion. Second when I try to edit the mate, the values go back to the previous ones after I input them and so I end up deleting the mate and trying again. I've used different constraint surfaces, and many angle types. So far, no dice. The enclosed zip file is a collection of parts in the assembly from SW2011 Thank you in advance for any help. hinged-tube.zip
  20. BikeGuy

    Looking for help with Loft cut

    Hello; I have an unusual difficulty to ask help with. I've got a tube which is connected to another tube at an angle and I have to show the tube cut to fit. The ellipse is the shape that I need to extrude straight and then along the shown curve. I tried at first creating a loft (thinking I could build them together and break afterwards. However the loft didn't work. So I tried creating it as a surface, but the lofted surface wouldn't work either. Does anyone know why lofting is acting strangely? btw -this is SW2011 curved-downtube.SLDPRT
  21. My workplace is 50/50 SW/ACAD and we are looking at how to make our output from both look as similar as possible. Does anyone know if you can somehow replace the standard section lines in solidworks? Something that looks like this instead of one of the two options within solidworks would be great: http://imgur.com/RhYRtiF I could right click then "Hide section line" and then manually put a block in its place but it would be good if the Letter in the block was linked to the view that was created by the hidden section line?? Wouldnt even mind if the reference text (yellow in the image) was an attribute and not linked.
  22. digger2307

    curving a taper? magneto bucket.

    Hi all, here is my dilemma, Ive been working on the magneto bucket from first class and its been a good little piece for practicing surfaces and other features. now the problem Ive come to is that towards the bottom of the helmet the ends start to flute (I do believe thats the right term). Now I have used the flex tool to taper out the bottom half but I'm not getting the desired effect, and was wondering is there a way to flute the solid model or curve taper the bottom. See ref images above. thanks
  23. ILoveMadoka

    Comprehensive SW Equation Info?

    Is there a website or other where I can see all the variables and correct syntax for creating Equations? Is there a good book on the subject? Looking for some advanced and comprehensive information if it is avaiable... Thx!
  24. ILoveMadoka

    Solidworks 2011 to Excel?

    I have a directory with about 70 SW drawings in it. I have been give the task of pulling a report that will give me the following: $PRPSHEET:"Description" $PRPSHEET:"Revision" $PRPSHEET:"PartNo" For each drawing and have it all in an excel spreadsheet. We do not have PDM or Windchill or any other such program. Is this possible and if so could I get some onstruction of how to do this please? Thanks so much!!
  25. I am trying to model a Ram's head, and cannot get the horns to work. I've used many combinations of the sketch tools and features; helixes, lofts, 3d sketches, new planes, extrusions...the list goes on. I am attempting to make either a square or a round extrusion, just twisted, following a helix. I guess you could call them twisted pyramids or cones, respectively. I don't mind which one, I say feel free to go with the one that is easier to explain. Loft worked with a 3d sketch endpoint, and made a cone, once I put the helix in as the path to follow it stopped working. Helix works but cannot taper. It just looks like a spring. Can anyone please help me? Here are some resource pics. I would be thankful for either of those types of horns: http://user9530.websitewizard.com/images/Tables/TB0108_gold_rams_head_table_copy.jpg http://img0002.popscreencdn.com/127248471_dodge-truck-ramcharger-ram-rams-head-mopar-hood-ornament.jpg Thank you.
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