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Found 303 results

  1. In this tutorial you will learn how to create contour lines from Google Earth on AutoCAD:
  2. I have some dynamic blocks in an old file. I am trying to use the same blocks in another file with some modifications. But when i try to edit it in block, it still remains the same. Can anybody guide how this is possible or what command I should instead of Bedit?
  3. digital_ownage

    plot to pdf

    Hello, I've drawn two autocad drawings. Everything is in meters and has the right distance (1meter in autocad is 1meter in real life.) The drawing is 2d. Now I need to make a PDF from this drawing. I need to do this by deleting all the layouts and after that right click at the layout and click at plot. I just dont see how I need to take the right scale. Whenever I use as plot area Window and press fit to paper it looks good, but if I enter a scale, the only outcome is 1:1 which is kinda weird because my drawing is about 10 meters long and I need to plot it to A3... How the heck can I make a good plot by chosing a scale that actually works and I can draw in my drawing? Thanks in advance, Chris.
  4. Hello guys, I am currently making an autocad 2d drawing for a university assignment. I just realized I was making my drawing 100times too big. Too bad I dont want to start all over again because there is kinda big pressure on it. Unfortunately I've only had 3 lessons autocad so I'm pretty much a big failer loser with this program. Hope you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance helping me out. digital_ownage.
  5. aminkovskaya

    Need help asap

    I don't understand how to do it. Help?
  6. I know this showed up in the RSS Feeds forum, but it may be of some interest to someone who may not see that. AutoCAD for Mac 2015 and AutoCAD for Mac LT 2015 were announced and released yesterday (14 Oct 2014). You can find a brief summary of the new features and additional links here.
  8. Hello All, I'm a beginner to both AutoCAD and Rhino and am just experimenting at the moment. However, I'm slightly more confident on AutoCAD than Rhino and was wondering if it's possible to complete a design in AutoCAD than transfer it to Rhino without losing any of the evidence of the "construction process" ? Thank you in advance for your help and advice. Kind Regards,
  9. Hi all! I'm trying to export my .dwg to .pdf and for some reason one of my layers won't show up after exporting. I've tried to use different colors for the layer, as this has happened before during class projects, but it still won't show up. Is this common? Am I missing something or is this just a glitch? Best regards, Babi
  10. Can I import real time data that I am measuring on a real system using Labview into a stress simulation on a model of the system? Basically I have realtime force data in labview gathered from a strain gauge on a simple cantilever beam and I want to apply that force to a simulated model of that beam. The force is a simple concentrated load acting at a known position. So the crux of this is exporting that data from labview into the stress analysis in either AutoCAD or SolidWorks. I feel like this should be fairly simple to do, but I am new to both SolidWorks/AutoCAD and Labview. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Hello all, Just started working for a company that does all it's drawings in Arris. Going to start migrating to autocad 2015. Wanted to know best way of transferring drawings between the two programs. I am very new to autocad. Thanks for the help.
  12. Dear all, i have a problem, i want summing the actual dimension. example:dimension shows 22 27/32" but decimal shows 22.83333. not show original 22.84375 its various. how to i find this error.or how rectify this error. and i sum this 5 intermediate is 22 27/32", its comes error 1/32" or 1/16". how to find fractional shows like this 22.8333. any lisp for actual fractional dimension calculation, or any lisp for highlight error fractional dimension in autocad................... kindly help..
  13. Damon :)

    Student - Drawings

    I am a student studying with AutoCAD 2013, anyone got any drawings for me to draw/practice with?
  14. DJRandall


    My friend is wanting to know the answers to these questions? 1a What is the advantage of creating a Block for use in an AutoCAD drawing? 1b Why is it recommended to draw Blocks on Layer 0? 2a What is the difference between a Block and a WBlock? 2b What is the advantage of being able tocreate and use WBlocks in AutoCADdrawings? 3a Why would there be a need to convert aninserted Block back into itsconstituent parts? 3b Describe the process of removing anunwanted Block from an AutoCADdrawing 4a What is the advantage of adding Attributes to a Block? 4b Why is important to “define” the Attributes to added to a Block before the Block is created? 5a What is the advantage of attaching anexternal drawing (XRef) for use in the current drawing? 5b What is the principle difference betweenattaching an XRef to an AutoCAD drawing and inserting a Block into an AutoCADdrawing? 5c Why is it important to ensure that an XRefdrawing is located in the same folder as the drawing that references it?
  15. Hi, I am currently doing my NVQ Level 2 course and would like to have more practice at the exams. I did my first mock yesterday and it was pretty nervewracking. I'd love to build up my confidence and really nail down the techniques so that come exam time, I don't feel as intimidated xD Does anyone know where I could get ahold of past papers and worksheets?
  16. How do i Axis Slice a Half Ring from top to bottom (pls see image attached) , starting from the top yellow line of the half ring on the left to the bottom ending yellow line of the half ring on the right . ? it will be a curved half ring , like a ramp ...
  17. Not sure if I'm posting in the right subforum as it might not be a direct autocad question, but I was advised by some members here on another post that if I wanted to get the value of bevels from structural steel models, to refer to the Steel Construction Manual by AISC. I got my hands on an online copy of the 13th edition and have gone through it, and got the gist of how this manual can help me, but since I'm on my own here, I wouldn't know where to look to get the value I'm looking for. I hope I'm not asking for too much, but I'm learning this as I go. I don't have the clearest pdf version of it, and I know it might be difficult to read my screenshot while I search for a clearer version, but I'm hoping to use it as a reference for one of you guys who might have the same book and could point out the proper page number and letter variable in the drawings where I should be looking for this value. Could you give me an example of which page/letter I should be looking at to get this bevel value from the steel models in the book? I'm modeling on autocad using architectural units. What measuring units would this value in the Manual Steel of Construction book be in, and would it be the same value just typing it in as the radius value when using the fillet command on autocad or would I have to do some math of my own before entering the radius into autocad? Values I'm trying to get: Screenshot of page:
  18. Greetings, Question is: Is there a way to run more than 2 instances of AutoCAD 2014 on a single Terminal Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer)? And, yes, I know about EULA. I'm talking about workarounds (hacks). I've done it with AutoCAD 2012, but it seems like the method I used not working anymore. I've tried CITRIX XenApp, it does not solve the problem with instances. It's nothing about stealing (pirating). It's for the educational purposes of students in college and the simplicity of administration. They have all their licenses. But, as you know, AutoCAD has only Stand-alone and Network Licenses allowing only 2 instances of AutoCAD on a single Terminal Server. I will be very happy for any answers, advises, points, where I can get information or even about other forums, where I can repost this problem. I'm sorry for my English.
  19. Hi All, I am a beginner in Autocad development and i have a task of storing a template in oracle(Not any high end Oracle Spatial and all). I Simply have a drawing template which consists of Rectangles Circles and Lines interconnected with one another.I have to store this drawing template into Oracle and Place the same in drawing(not as a block but as individual components) when user calls the routine. Looking forward for your valuable ideas. Thank You.
  20. I am currently building a new 64bit Windows 7 image for deployment across our engineering college, I have downloaded and installed the offline help files for AutoCAD mechanical 2015. The Add/Remove programs wizard is showing the help files as installed, the options dialog for the help files is pointing to the correct location and that location is in the Trusted Folders list. However, when I click on the Help option, or press F1, the Help window opens but is completely blank. I can navigate to the folder and launch the 'index.html' file in a web browser and navigate the files just fine that way, but they will not work in the Help dialog. Has anyone got any ideas that I could try??
  21. So I want to be able to set things inside functions when the command is called up in the command line. I tried using a command reactor. It works fine when it is outside of the function that I wanted for it to be activated but when I put it inside the function, it doesnt seem to be getting the values of the variables before the command is called up. so I have a simple function used for texting. (defun c:trec() (reactoron) (command "rectang") ) This is not the actual function I want to use in autocad but using this as my test. So this is my reactor which lives in reactoron. (defun reactoron() (vl-load-com) (vlr-command-reactor nil '((:vlr-commandWillStart . startCommand))) (vlr-command-reactor nil '((:vlr-commandEnded . endCommand))) (vlr-command-reactor nil '((:vlr-commandCancelled . cancelCommand))) (defun startCommand (calling-reactor startcommandInfo / thecommandstart) (setq OldLayer (getvar "CLAYER")) (setq thecommandstart (nth 0 startcommandInfo)) (cond ((= thecommandstart "TREC") (setvar "CLAYER" "4")) ) (princ) ) (defun endCommand (calling-reactor endcommandInfo / thecommandend) (setq thecommandend (nth 0 endcommandInfo)) (cond ((= thecommandend "TREC") (setvar "CLAYER" OldLayer)) ) (vlr-remove-all) (princ) ) (defun cancelCommand (calling-reactor cancelcommandInfo / thecommandcancel) (setq thecommandcancel (nth 0 cancelcommandInfo)) (cond ((= thecommandcancel "TREC") (setvar "CLAYER" OldLayer)) ) (vlr-remove-all) (princ) ) ) I should thank afralisp for the code sample which this code here is based from. So someone help me find a way to be able to activate this command reactor inside my function TREC?
  22. Lee Chu Chu

    ESC User Input

    Is there anyway to check to see if the user has inputted into the command line and using a lisp, to tell that as soon as the user has pressed esc to not only cancel the command but to also set quantities?
  23. slivingston493

    Can I recreate this product?

    I am a firefighter new to the AutoCad world but have extensive knowledge in the GIS world. I am trying to create map pages similar to the one attached. I have never used AutoCad but use ArcGIS alot. I have downloaded AutoDesk and have no idea where to start. Any suggestions? Is it possible or difficult? http://www.cpvfd.org/pdf/cpvfd_maps/1.pdf
  24. I do not know why but the strech and move selection windows are missing. Also when i move oe strech the objects do not move until i slect the second point.
  25. Hello, I am trying to get a LISP reactor to work whist a function is running. So my scenario is, is that I have I have a function that draws certain things in AutoCAD. While this function is running, I want to have my reactor activated, so it sets things and when the function is cancelled, the reactor will revert everything back to the way it was before I used the function in the command line. Right now, I have the function that draws stuff and a command Reactor. Can someone point me to the right direction on how to get the reactor to activate inside the function?