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  1. Hello, I'm looking for some help in the task of making my plans less boring. I'd like to use some non - uniform hatches to obtain something similar to the attached image. https://images.adsttc.com/media/images/595d/1743/b22e/38d8/8b00/0036/slideshow/SAN_-_siteplan_-_rooftop.jpg?1499273017 The building probably has a gradient hatch, while the lawn, and the concrete plaza, what hatch did they use for it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I have this very helpful LSP that will add the current annotative scale and delete all other scales for any type of annotative object. Is it possible to modify this LSP so that all objects in the workspace can be selected and this same function can be run instad of doing each object one at a time? CH-ASC.LSP
  3. Hi, When I add an xref, let's say floor plans, to my drawing the xref brings in the xrefs in that drawing to my new drawing. I do not want this; nobody wants this. I want to just bring in the floor plans, not the drawings that I attached to the plans. So how do I just bring in just the actual drawing? I hope that makes sense. Hard to explain because there are drawings within drawings. It is driving me insane.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm facing a problem ... I have a lot of blocks in the air that need to be connected two by two with a certain polyline. I have a LISP code I've found on the net, I've modified the code, but the blocks do not fall vertically on polyline ... and I can not figure it out by doing the lisp code. I attached the dwg file and the lisp code for example ... I remain deeply grateful for helping:D Example code.dwg MY_snapToObj.lsp
  5. Hi All, I have an issue about dimension scaling and any tips on how to make them even in paper space so it looks clean and symmetrical for architects to read. There are some drawings i use in MVIEW that are so large that the dimension texts are small. And some that are small that are easily readable. How do i distribute all the dimension font to be even in Paperspace? Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I have to draw an adjustable frame (automatic) with a lisp code. The idea is simple (so I think)....I have a fixed point x, y (0, 900) where I need to insert the frame, but the frame must follow my last vertical line of color 8 I've attached a DWG file detailing my requests. I remain deeply grateful for any suggestion of code or income support.... My request.dwg
  7. Hello, is there a way to combine the move command with the M2P or FROM command modifiers using LISP? I would want these to be two separate commands. Ideally I would like to program F1 to do _m2p during an active line command and F2 to do from during an active line command... but I'll settle for a lisp that combines each with the move command since I'll be doing that most frequently. Thank you in advance! P.S. here is code that will draw a line starting at M2P.. sort of a start.
  8. Hi need help with a lisp routine to clean up architects drawings with the following. Unlock,Unfreeze & turn on all layers Burst Change all layers to bylayer Change all hatch’s to colour 254 and send to back Change all line weights to 0.18 Change all to Colour 8 Overkill Purge
  9. When I enter a command quickly, it will sometimes duplicate my input into the command line. Example: after selecting, if I press "m" for move, and quickly follow it with spacebar to confirm, I will be prompted to enter a base point. Sometimes, it will input an "m" in the command line in the place where I'm supposed to enter the point. I then have to backspace it before I can pick a point. This is happening with other commands too. If I type "line" then follow the last letter quickly with a spacebar (or enter), it will ask me for the line startpoint, with the prompt immediately followed by "e" (which is the most recently input character). It seems to happen more often if I have something already selected, and I have only seen it happen when a command is requesting a point. It isn't reliable, meaning it doesn't happen every time for any command. I thought it was a problem with the keyboard because it recently had liquid spilled on it, but I tried plugging another one in and it also acted exactly the same. It's a new problem that I've never seen before today. I can't get it to happen in any other programs, so I don't think it's my input. It also happens when I open a new drawing. It doesn't happen, however, on any other computers here, only mine. I thought it might be a LISP interaction, but it continued even after disabling all custom routines. Despite being a minor issue, it's slowing me down dramatically. For reference, I've attached an image of what's happening. I didn't enter the "c" in the command line, except previously when entering "sc". Has anybody ever had this happen before, and do you know of a possible cause/solution?
  10. Hi friends, this is my first post here . I am relatively new to Autocad MEP . I recently got a job as Mechanical Engineer in an HVAC design and installation firm in a junior level, and I need to practice before joining. I tried learning the software by my own through youtube and several of my doubts have cleared through google. But some things cannot be solved by google search and hence I have arrived here. I have taken the autocad 2d plan of my own house from my Dad , and started practicing drawing and sizing the ducts . I have attached the dwg file here : Final file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/84lqro3b701m6lk/mukatra.dwg?dl=0 Used for Xref ground floor plan- https://www.dropbox.com/s/x8e241aat9pukye/Mukkatra%20mep%20ground.dwg?dl=0 Used for Xref first floor plan- https://www.dropbox.com/s/rqfe5xoyxwhe8r2/Mukkatra%20mep%20first.dwg?dl=0 These are my doubts: 1) I wish to know my duct modelling method is correct or not . I roughly estimated the flowrate required for each room , divided it by the number of diffusers that I wish to place , got the flow rate for each diffuser and assigned it to each diffuser after placing them in a room.I followed this step for all rooms . Then I started the duct drawing . I chose 2 line duct method and started from the major trunk , selected all diffusers of the same floor , got total flow rate and and duct size was obtained (medium pressure lane - velocity around 5m/s). Is this the right method ? 2) I roughly placed the diffusers just to practice drafting. In the professional way, how to place them at particular distance from walls? I know the array function only . May be this question is dump ,but trust me I am new to Autocad thts why. 3) I have assigned different layers for each floor , ie blue for ground floor ducts and red for 1st floor ducts. This was done hoping that I can hide them when needed to take print out . Sorry for my stupid idea , plz tell me which is the real method to take prints in 2d for each floor separately . 4) While taking the 2d view after hiding all other floors , some of my ducts and connectors are partially visible . Its like if some portion got erased with an eraser partially. How to fix this ? 5) This one might be the stupidest of all. Does layer color come in printout ? If I choose light green , Its barely visible ? like that? or all comes in black ? 6) In the schedule table , which I plan to create consisting of duct length and duct size , I wish to give them a series-name or tag . And I need these tags to appear in the drawing on each ducts or very near it. I have no idea how to create tags for ducts. I can only see tags for air terminals and some other stuffs. I need tags for all the things in my drawing. My wish is to make the drawing easy to understand. A simple numbering over the ducts or equipment will be enough . I will sort and group them in scheduling table. 7) Some say , autocad 2d is used for hvac drafting in most companies . Why dont they use Autocad MEP ? The standard library of autocad mep doesnt match with SMACNA standards? Or is it the difficulty to create custom equipment in the library ? Or is it the fact that even if we make in 3d , the printout will be always in 2d ? All the features in autocad 2d can be done in 3d anyway right? Is it possible to change the diameter of an air terminal like diffuser in our list of diffusers ? I know they have different diameters or l x b , but I wish to knw the method for modifying it. When I googled , I saw a big tough method to import a library list or something like this and copy the default list etc etc . I just need to create a new diffuser with a custom diameter with the existing design, possible ? 9) Usually , is schedule table printed along with the plan ? or is it just exported to excel and taken print ? Can the method of scheduling used to create bill of materials in excel ? Is this feature available in autocad 2d? This is a great advantage over autocad 2d? 10) The formula used in duct sizer is the same as the one in autocad mep right? duct sizer uses the simple formula - q= vA and darcy weibash equation right? the same with autocad right? 11) After I drafted , I didnt right click on my duct and choose - 'calculate duct sizes'. Since I had already sized the duct accordingly when drafting by the method described in point -1 . In the analysis tab - view by friction option was there. I was curious and tried it . But the all ducts were green in color despite I saw the duct friction loss higher than 0.7pa/m . Green was supposed to be Out of these questions , I wish to know about the right method to take print (mentioned in doubt 3) for duct plan in each floor separately and doubt 6 is very urgent and consumed my entire day. Please understand that I have been learning this for a week now by my own and many of my questions might be silly for you. The tutorials available in youtube is very less compared to some other software such as solidworks , catia , ansys or abaqus etc . So , each doubt takes a lot of time searching !! Please help guyz , Ill be really grateful . When I become expert in autocad , i will also be helping the new people , but I should master it first
  11. Hi All, I have a point cloud taken with a Drone and ported to an RCP file via Recap. Whilst I can import and crop the point cloud in AutoCAD easily enough, I simply can't make a section plan through it. I'd really like to be able to do this so I can make site plans. Online videos seem to show you picking a plan or point and getting a "plane" whilst I just get a line. I can pick it but unless I set to boundary it's just a line. If I pick this so called section I don't get the additional option in the section place panel either so !?!?!?! If I upload the RCP would anybody who's well versed in this feature see if they can do it or if the RCP is defective in some way?
  12. I have a small project on AutoCAD 2016. I was instructed to draw 3D model of Sydney Opera House. Can you suggest me some tips and tricks how to complete it? Espessially it is hard to model the shells. Thanks
  14. rihiz

    Scaling problem

    Hello! I was learning autocad, and I tried to create a PDF file. Everything drawn was in annotation scale of 1:1 and my units were selected as milimeters. When I opened viewport and selected 1:1 scaling , it zoomed in really much, and it looks like the scaling of 1:1000 in the viewport is the correct one, to have them 1:1 as in drawing and on paper. Why is this happening ? Why isnt 1:1 working as it should?
  15. Hi, I am an Electrical Engineer and I am drawing lighting plan on autocad. Can anybody do like this wiring lisp ?
  16. Dear CADers, I have a problem with plotting my drawing. The diagonal lines and the text appears very blurry. The file attached below. I have tried reading the forums, and tried a few things but I am not proficient in AutoCAD and am afraid of messing it up. Thank you in advance! 0925 Kathy big.dwg
  17. I don't know if this is possible but have to ask. If I had an Excel spreadsheet sheet that had a list of part numbers, could I Import that into AutoCAD so that it would load premade 3d blocks where I want it to. For example I have a warehouse drawing with specific parts stored in specific locations. I have block drawings already made for each part. I have an Excel sheet with a list of part numbers. Is there a way I can import the Excel sheet and have it populate my warehouse drawing with the part drawing blocks in their perspective locations? Thanks!
  18. Hello, Which is best of AutoCAD products for 2D and 3D Piping Layouts Best Regards.
  19. I need a script that will convert multiple DWG files to ONE single PDF file,I found one that does convert the dgw file but to single pdfs , im also having some issues with DWG files that are "read only" wont convert them but all my files i need to convert to pdf are READ ONLY.
  20. Hello, Is there anyway to calculate the Area of a Superhatch in AutoCAD? Thank you, Regards, Sidhu
  21. I lost OLE option on mouse right click How can i got back these options
  22. I used to use Nanocad and just recently started using Autocad again. I sent a .dwg file to an engineer which is a drawing I had started in Nanocad and then imported and finished in Autocad 18 and he says he can't upload it. He says he gets a fatal error. Even though I saved the file as an AutocadLT 2013 format from the file save menu. I really would like to know if there is any Autocad or AutocadLT user with Architectural experience I could send a sample drawing to or can try the attached file so I can determine if the problem is really with my files or with the program or method the engineer is using to try to upload my drawing when I email it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, PCS electrical FINAL ACADlite2013.dwg
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