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Found 319 results

  1. Hi all this is a basic thing I need a help , my computer can't install Autodesk AutoCAD Map 2009. I tried several times with another Master Instalation of autoCAD 2009 but the result is nothing. it is explain that CAD 2009 is already installed but when I check Control Panel to remove this, it doesn't exist ! I check C:/Program Files, it doesn't exist too I check Services in Administrative tool, it is same I think that somethink missing in the Registry, so I tried to install CCleaner, cleaning unused or invalid registry because I hope it could be clean the registry of CAD 2009, but it doesn't work maybe someone can help me or somethink wrong in my way cheers Anak Kampung Child from Isolated Village
  2. Name: Milestone Plm Solutions Pvt Ltd Type: CAD | CAM | CAE Training Description: CAD Training Institute Milestone is Authorised Training Partner for SIEMENS Software Products such as NX, SolidEdge, Ideas, Teamcenter Address: Milestone Plm Solutions Pvt Ltd 1st Floor, Shamsher Palace, Opp.SBI Bank, Near Bus depot, Navghar, City: Vasai(west) PinCode: 401202 Phone: 0250-6292555 9022555840 Fax: EMail: macrocadd@gmail.com WebSite: http://www.milestonetech.net Other: 3DMAX,UNIGRAPHICS, DRAUGHTSMAN COURSE,REVIT,AUTOCAD
  3. I have multiple class A (A for Annoying) issues with AutoDesk and Vault 1. I have a "phase out" problem (again) is where I'm checking in a drawing on the prompt, and while im typing a comment on the bottom, the prompt phases out as if I'm not clicking on it anymore and interrupts my typing. This is something has Been not only bugging me but a great deal of other designers im the group. Does anyone know of a quick fix or a Cause to why this is happening. 2. Autocad crashes while trying to edit a Xref in place (this is worked around by separately editing the XREF, but i rather edit in place to see the other xrefs for a reference in which to work from...... 3. Random error while checking in ,has anyone seen this before? If anyone has solutions to the above problems it not only helps me but to others that may have the same experiences.....
  4. Hi All, I have having issues with 3D Orbit in AutoCAD 2012. I have attached a drawing that exhibits the symptoms. The attached drawing contains blocks and simple entities to define a set of handrails. The original drawing contained all of the platform steelwork and was very slow and jerky when using 3D Orbit. I systematically removed items from the drawing until i was left with these entities. When I use 3D orbit in this drawing (zoomed to show full extents) there is a lag between the mouse input and the orbit, however when I explode the blocks, the 3D Orbit works as expected with no perceivable lag between mouse and movement. This is also the case in the original drawing. The performance of the 3D Orbit also recovers when the layer that these entities are on is frozen. I was originally suspecting drivers, hardware acceleration and object enablers, but this issue occurs on multiple machines with and without acceleration or OE's. Thanks in advance for any input on this issue, Colin Holloway Handrails.dwg
  5. Ok so I have a drawing of a lot of buildings (not connected) at a 1:1 scale and I am trying to find the total area of all the drawings. Is there a way to export the sqft of each building to an excel sheet (or autocad table) and then add all of them to find the total sqft of buildings in the drawing? And have it automated.
  6. Right now I'm using at the same time AutoCAD 2009 and 2012 (trying the newest version). Thing is that I think that I scrwed up both version from changing so much between them. My problem is that when I click the Layer Propertie Manager nothing happens, in both versions, the layer window should appear but it doesn't. Please somebody help me.
  7. I'm trying to connect the value given by a calculated User parameter to a text. I've been looking for information everywhere, none found. Is it possible to show that value in a multiline text?
  8. I'm working on a staircase with a decorative panel design. I'd like to export the model to 3ds Max Design, convert the solid model to a mesh and then bend the mesh to follow a horizontal radius of curvature. Once that's done I'd like to be able to convert it back into a solid and import it back into AutoCAD. Has anyone had any success with this type of workflow?
  9. Good Day Have a Drawing that has symbol blocks in it. Blocks are not inserted into drawing - so no instances. How does one view the list of blocks in the current drawing. Any assistance welcome "This is probably a basic routine" Thanks in Advance
  10. Morning CAD monkeys, you all have my permission to take 5 and have a coffee. Whilst you're doing so, has anyone come up with a workaround for my problem; my client uses a document management system that only supports autocad dwg files. The contract states I must use their title block, set up with attributes. We put the drawing on their template, it uploads (usually enough time for coffee and a biscuit), the system populates the attributes then you can download the 'issued' revision. How do I work around this if I want to use Inventor? There is also a bit of a problem with the ctb file and layers but I can work around this by setting up inventor dwg template to suit. Any and all help appreciated. cheers Doove
  11. Hi all! I recently took a 3 day AutoCAD course in London and found it invaluable. I have been meaning to get AutoCAD sorted for so long so as to improve my workflow. Was looking forward so much to putting my new knowledge to use for a site plan, but got round to it finally, and now that I have made the plan and done the layout properly, the result is a shoddy piece of rubbish, no where near suitable for client hands. Even the house floor and wall textures are gone. Has anyone got any idea why it would be like this? I had set the page to print at 170mm x 290mm. Here is the print in question. Many thanks! NAILGUN
  12. how to get same block in a drawing with different names????. i tried if i rename it all blocks are changing???
  13. Each software has its own advantages and i think everyone will come across some problems at work. So what will you do when your current software lacks the functions your want or are not powerful enough? To replace it with another software which has powerful such kind of functions but weak for other functions? Or combine the two software for using?
  14. Hello, everybody! For conducting Boolean operation, I use Trim but I feel troublesome since many selections have to be carried out. So I wonder are there some new way to simplify the process? Hope anyone could give me some advice. Thank you.
  15. Is there a command to extrude something at like a an angle. Im not talking about taper but something that could extrude at an angle
  16. This may be a bit complex, so please bear with me. We are a water utility and have thousands of detail drawings of service taps and hydrant connections (maybe 11,000 total). These are in the old Microstation J format. Each drawing is divided into a top half and bottom half. The bottom half of the drawing is the actual drawing portion. The top half of the drawing is text that comes out of an Old Oracle database, into Microsoft Word 2000 through mail merge then is copied and pasted into the top portion of the card. Newer drawings done like this and opened in AutoCAD have the top portion identified as an OLE object (embedded object), while the older drawings just look like a drawing in the top. I'm looking to update the system to ArcGIS and AutoCAD. The data will be moved to a Microsoft Access database (probably later SQL Server), and I want to convert all the old Microstation drawings into an AutoCAD format. ArcGIS will provide the basemap and be linked to the database, with clickable hyperlinks to open the AutoCAD drawings. I would like to be able to keep the bottom drawing half while changing the top half of each drawing to reflect updated data in the database. If this can be automatically updated, that would be awesome. So, I'm looking for a couple things: One is the best program to automatically bulk convert the drawings from Microstation J to AutoCAD (I have 2011). Also, I'm looking for a method to display the text from the database in the top portion of the card using either mail merge with AutoCAD or some automatic method of pulling the info out of the database. Can I just copy-paste this info into AutoCAD as we did with Microstation or is there a better way? Thanks, Nick McNamara GIS Coordinator South Norwalk Electric & Water Norwalk, CT
  17. I have a drawing in paper space. When I move the drawing the dimensions and texts do not move with it. Is there something I can use where the dimensions and stuff follow the drawing .
  18. I have multiple files in which i have i different drawings in autocad. Is it possible to combine all the files into one? does anyone know how to do this
  19. Finally got a new laptop core i-5, 64bit!!.. its truly amazing... got no more problems with my rendering and autocad works! cheers!
  20. I am little new to autocad. I was finishing up my autocad project I noticed that the little arrow next to the annotation scale on the bottom right corner of the page was gone. The little arrow shows a list of scales in autocad so you can properly scale your drawing. Does anyone know how to bring the arrow back or is it a glitch?
  21. Hi, after seeing few videos about how easy is creating pipes in sketchup I desided to try the same technique in plain Autocad (not MEP or PLANT). So, this is where I get confused. I am starting to draw a polyline, (which will be used as a path in extrude command for circle) but I cant to raise it in Z-axis. I need to change the ucs and then I can do it, which is an extra, and always confusing) step which I am trying to avoid. Also, I've tryed to use 3Dpolyline but it seems that I cant fillet it (elbow creation). So my question is what is correct proccess to create 3d pipes in plain Autocad? Thanks.
  22. As this is one of the sites we used for research while preparing our new CAD Standards (particularly with regards to STB/CTB plot style tables), I thought it only fair to share the results here, in case they may be of help to anyone looking to start or update their own CAD Standards. Partly because our company believe in an open culture for documentation such as this, and partly as I know personally how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to trawl the web for examples of existing CAD Standards. We have also included a Project Folder Organisation structure and a project-wide File Naming Convention. Our architectural/engineering company uses a combination of AutoCAD and Rhino for our work, so while this standard was designed primarily for AutoCAD, it was also developed with the aim of improving the compatibility between AutoCAD and Rhino. Please feel free to download the documents in PDF format, and I hope it proves useful to some people. http://complexitys.com/software/re-thinking-cad-standards-why-theres-never-a-good-time-and-never-a-better-time/
  23. Hi guys, I may be late in posting this. I looked around and finally found this forum. I have a project that requires dividing lots with autocad. The question is like this "Your client has asked that you divide the parcel into 3 or 4 lots (he would like 4 lots. You are to use the planning and subdivision regulation as well as the mapping standards for the State." I have the autocad file required for the parcel. I have very little knowledge in autocad and all i can do is draw lines from pt to pt. Can someone help me with this? I have downloaded the State's mapping standards. My big problem is how to use autocad to go about it.Project 1.dwg
  24. I realize that I am new and I hope this hasn't been covered before. I am linking a CAD layout to InDesign. The previous file worked perfectly. Now, however, the updated file moves if I try to print it. If I put the new layout on top of the old, it is fine. If I delete the old layout though, the new one moves regardless of what I try. This is kind of urgent, considering the deadline is tomorrow and I still have a ton of work to do.
  25. In design offices, main goal of Autocad is for drawing and it is supposed to be the responsibility of drafters (at least in the past). However with this rapid speed of progress in design and drawing, it is hard to separate engineers and drafters responsibilities. I think they have to work in close collaboration with each other. Now CAD could be used as a design tool for engineers as well. I want to know your opinion in this regard. Do engineers in your work place (I mean design offices) uses Autocad or totally leave it to drafters? With this email I do not want to discriminate between drafters and engineers. Or I do not want to devalue drafters work. All I want to know is that how much of engineers are accustomed with Autocad?
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