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Found 21 results

  1. I have had this issue for a long time and not been able to figure out what causes it. On a variety of drawings I have a number of Paperspace layout tabs. Each layout tab has the drawing number in the title block in paperspace in the bottom right corner. On some tabs, when I print them to PDF, the bottom half of the drawing number is cropped or blanked off, however the rest of the title block lines around and below it print fine. On other tabs it all prints OK. The properties of the text appear to be the same and the size of the text frame appears the same on "good" and "bad" tabs. On the "bad" layouts, the cut-off printing happens if I use "Microsoft print to PDF" or "Scansoft PDF Create!" plotters, but there is no cut off if I use "DWG to PDF" plotter. I assume therefore that it must be a combination of two things: 1. something in the different plotter configs that is different between them 2. something is different in the good and bad paperspace layouts, that the different plotters are treating differently Hopefully someone can assist please as it would be good to be able to have anyone plot any layout on any loaded PDF plotter! Many thanks! Plot crop test CUTS OFF - Microsoft print to PDF.pdf Plot crop test PRINTS OK - Microsoft print to PDF.pdf Plot crop test-PRINTS OK - DWG to PDF.pdf Plot crop test-CUTS OFF - DWG to PDF.pdf Plot crop test.dwg
  2. I have an A3 drafting sheet that i want to print out. For some reason i want the print out be be on an A4 paper. Is it okay to print an A3 Sheet on an A4 paper. How will it effect the drawing and the lettering? If not then what is the reason?
  3. selvamani

    Printing Customization

    Hi All, I need help in customizing printing cad files actually in my case single drawing would have multiple sheets in single model space so it will have multiple title block is there any way to print entire region inside title block one by one by means of vba scripting? (i mean is there any way to sense outer boundary of title block in vb and set it as printing area) Having thousands of cad files in which work area in model space of any two drawing is not same thanks in advance Drawing2.dwg
  4. Hi what steps need to be followed to print a drawing at a specified scale? Like 1:100 or 1:200 etc? I guess the starting point is that the original drawing is at full size scale or 1:1. How do I know that? Thanks
  5. devries99

    what is wrong with my pdf creator

    I have 20+ years experience in 2d CAD. Two days ago as I was completing two projects something very strange was going on with my plotting/creating of pdfs. So strange that I am struggling putting it into words. But here goes. I had one drawing open and created a pdf. I saved it in the folder of the project but instead of what was on my screen it was a different image. I re-plotted it again and it was okay. I've discovered now that every pdf I create is 1 image behind. I have to make the pdf twice in order to get the image to match what I'm trying to plot. Please help it's driving me nuts.
  6. Hi, Guys i have 4 views in a drawing, (view the screen shot below) i have to plot these 4 views into a pdf document, (each view into a seperate page in the PDF ) now imagine me doing this for 40+ drawings files, in which each of the drawing file also has 4 or more views (this process is really frusturating ) I know about the layout setting method,(Setting up layouts for 40x4views is hard ) I tried a work around of plotting the full view of the 4 documents into A0 PDF, and then cropping and splitting the PDF pages, (This is also hard ) any ideas, methods or software recommendations are appreciated,
  7. I have been using Autocad on my windows laptop for the past 4 years now. LAst month, i purchased the new iMac. I copied my old drawing template and plot styles etc over to my iMac. Heres the problem: When i plot / print a set of plans etc, the lineweights do not come out as clear as what they do on my old laptop. I dont really know how to clearly explain it, but the lineweights almost seem to come out too similar, however they are slightly different. I have gone over the line weights to see if they're all correct and the same as on my laptop, and they are. Im using, and always have been using my canon mx870 printer which is supported both by my laptop and the iMac. Any help would be greatly appreciated, because until then, ill have to carry on using my laptop PLEASE HELLLLLP!!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello, our office is having an issue with certain drawings when we create a plot file to be printed by an outside printing company. Other drawings which are set up to plot in the exact same way do not seem to have this problem. The issue is that everything within the viewport plots as shown in the print preview, however; some of the paperspace elements on our title block do not print. OLE objects, additional viewports for legends, and brackets that are in paperspace are not printing. I appreciate any help you can give me with this issue.
  9. Hi there, I set up my paper space to A1 size so i have plenty of room to dimention. However, if i measure what AutoCAD has set up as 'A1' then it is 3.2cm x 2.2cm, the atual size of A1 paper is 59cm x 84cm. If i were to print this page on A1 paper it still comes out the right size on A1. I know it doesnt sound too serious but i would like the paper space in the right scale so i can have my text set to the right hight and my bubble reference boxes the right size for when it is printed. (it also does this on all paper sizes, im just using A1 today) Can anyone help?
  10. I am trying to send some parts to get printed in 3D. When I use the 'Send to 3D Print Service' button I select all the solids to get printed. I get no error message but the 3D render of the part has bits missing. See attachment. Does anybody else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?
  11. Hi We use autocad lt 2012, when creating a drawing, the same component can be used more than once, is it possible to print a detail listing of all the components used in a single drawing in some sort of report format, or maybe export the listing to a program like MS excel....etc Regards, AQ
  12. I'm having problems plotting to PDF's and maintaining the line weights etc.. that I get when I print to my plotter. It seems like Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 converts based on the color of my pens.... the lighter color value i.e. yellow, the lighter the grey tone. white is darkest. It ignores my lineweight settings, so I have no control on the quality of the output. Is it possible to get it to use the .ctb files that my plotter uses when creating it's PDF? I'm using AutoCAD LT 2010.
  13. I believe I have done this successfully before so I'm not sure what the problem is. Here is the situation. AutoCAD 2013 Windows XP I have a drawing (Drawing A) that contains a PDF (using PDF attach) with text over the of it. I then have this drawing Xref'd into another drawing (Drawing B) in model space. When I print this drawing (Drawing B). The text prints but the pdf does not. Any Ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks, Ryan
  14. I have exhausted all my resources on this subject. The company I purchased AutoCAD 2012 Electrical from had no answers and referred me to Autodesk. Autodesk has told me I have to just live with it because they have no plans to fix the problem, even though they recognize the issue. So I turn to the largest user group I currently have access to. Issue: When I print a drawing, regardless of page size, that contains and image, I have to wait upwards of 10 minutes before the printer sees the drawing and begins to print. The clients I work with use quite a few drawings that contain images and I have days where all I am doing is printing jobs because I have to wait so long. I have tried to change the print drivers. The printers I use are HP Laser M5035. I connect to them through a network however I have tried to connect to them directly with the same results. The only thing I have found to speed up the proccess, which i find to be rediculous, is to print the job to PDF and then print the PDF to the printer. This PDF method is faster but I don't think this should be the answer. I have had the AutoCAD retailer's technicians as well as the Autodesk technicians log into my computer remotely to fix this issue and both recognized the same issue but after a month of trouble shooting I am still at square one. Before I upgraded to AutoCAD 2012E I had AutoCAD 2009E and printing drawings with images was not nearly as bad. If I did not have to have AutoCAD 2012E I would revert back but this is not an option. Has anyone else had this problem or heard of this problem?
  15. I use a company batch that allows you to batch run scrips and lisp. The only problem is that my i send my prints to the printer they all get out of order becasue they are sent as indivisal jobs and people look through them to find where there prints have snuck in. It has just become to annoying and i was thinking there must be a better way. I was thinking like a vertual printer that the batcher can send the prints to and then transfer them to the printer you want when they are all there. What do you guys do. i would love people to vent out there printing frustrations Cheers Turtle
  16. Mike Gale

    Printing Help with ACAD 14

    Greeting all, I am now to this forum and have been trying to do sometime with my ACAD14 for some time now and just cant seem to figure out a good way to do it... I have been using ACAD14 (registered user) since 9... I have a customer logo that is both white on black and black on white, with the opposite color in the color. I send the plot or print out to a laser engraver. My material is black with white core (give me white letters when engraved) so where it is black letters on white, I need to remove the background and leave the letters... I tried solid hatching and putting text in to the hatch, but it removed it all... There is a rubber stamp mode but it seemed to make the text fuzzy. I have also printed a BMP and it too seems fuzzy (not crisp letters) Is there any good way any of you have used??? BTW the laser is a 40w co2 laser... Thanks Mike
  17. cpascual

    Printing in AutoCAD

    I am more familiar with printing in Pro/Engineer, so I kind of need some help printing in AutoCAD. Say I want to print a three-dimensional part but I want to print it with dimsenions showing. Is there anyway to do this easily in AutoCAD? I know in Pro/E I could make a drawing for a part and depict it in a few views to show all the necessary dimensions. Can this be done in AutoCAD?
  18. On a 2D CAD drawing, I'm trying to get the very detailed background structural steel to be ghosted when I print it out so that my electrical conduits will stand out more, and I can't for the life of me remember how to do that. I've tried changing line weights to .05mm, and I've looked online everywhere for help, but no luck. FYI, the entire drawing is vectored, no inserted images, so I cannot set transparency options on anything. Any ideas?
  19. I am searching for a CTB file that makes a good variety of line hierarchy. I have recently changed companies and need to set up a new standard for my department. Does anyone have a standard file that they really like and think works well. I am also looking to see if there is a way to print a CTB file that will illustrate all 256 colors and line weights so I can compare.
  20. Hey Guys I have an interesting one that has got me stumped. My team all uses sheet sets and we are constantly plotting using the page setup overrides. We are currently wasting a lot of paper because the landscape setting in overrides dwt's page setup keeps reverting back to portrait and we only get half a drawing. We do have logon scripts that reset the printers, but i am all out of ideas. Anyone?
  21. chris_stuart_leach

    Printing to Scale

    I work for a demolition company and and trying to print off site plans, sent to us by clients (which are drawn in CAD, but sent to us as pdf's), to scale on an A1 printer. The documents being sent to us are supposedly to scale @A1. I have tried printing both in adobe and bluebeam but both programmes seem to lose accuracy and consistency between drawings. What is the easiest and cheapest way of measuring, then printing pdfs to an accurate scale.
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