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Found 18 results

  1. I am creating an excel worksheet from autolisp to populate with all of my fuse information from autocad electrical 2011. Everything works fine except that I cannot figure out how to change the width of the columns in the excel spreadsheet from autolisp. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. This is what I have on the spreadsheet: (setq xl (vlax-create-object "excel.application")) (setq wb-collection (vlax-get xl "workbooks")) (setq workbook (vlax-invoke-method wb-collection "add")) (setq sheets (vlax-get workbook "sheets")) (setq sheet1 (vlax-get-property sheets "item" 1)) (setq mywb(vlax-get-property xl "ActiveWorkbook")) (setq *excel-cells* (vlax-get sheet1 "cells")) (vlax-put xl "visible" 1) ;;****************insert header info into spreadsheet********************** (setq fuse_cell (strcat "A" (itoa in))) (setq cat_cell (strcat "B" (itoa in))) (setq mfg_cell (strcat "C" (itoa in))) (setq rating1_cell (strcat "D" (itoa in))) (setq class_cell (strcat "E" (itoa in))) (setq a (vlax-get-property xl 'Range fuse_cell)) (setq b (vlax-get-property xl 'Range cat_cell)) (setq c (vlax-get-property xl 'Range mfg_Cell)) (setq d (vlax-get-property xl 'Range rating1_cell)) (setq e (vlax-get-property xl 'Range class_cell)) (vlax-put-property a 'Value2 "FUSE") (vlax-put-property b 'Value2 "PART NUMBER") (vlax-put-property c 'Value2 "MANUFACTURER") (vlax-put-property d 'Value2 "RATING") (vlax-put-property E 'Value2 "CLASS") (setq in 2); sets row in spreadsheet ;*****************************populate excel sheet**************************************** (repeat (length fuse_name) (setq fuse_cell (strcat "A" (itoa in))) (setq cat_cell (strcat "B" (itoa in))) (setq mfg_cell (strcat "C" (itoa in))) (setq rating1_cell (strcat "D" (itoa in))) (setq class_cell (strcat "E" (itoa in))) (setq a (vlax-get-property xl 'Range fuse_cell)) (setq b (vlax-get-property xl 'Range cat_cell)) (setq c (vlax-get-property xl 'Range mfg_Cell)) (setq d (vlax-get-property xl 'Range rating1_cell)) (setq e (vlax-get-property xl 'Range class_cell)) (vlax-put-property a 'Value2 (nth in_lst fuse_name)) (vlax-put-property b 'Value2 (nth in_lst fuse_Cat)) (vlax-put-property c 'Value2 (nth in_lst fuse_mfg)) (vlax-put-property d 'Value2 (nth in_lst fuse_rating1)) (vlax-put-property e 'Value2 (nth in_lst fuse_class)) (setq in_lst (1+ in_lst))(princ) (setq in (1+ in))(princ) )
  2. In AutoCAD 2011, using 3d wireframe Visual Style, by default, clicking in any (non-visible surface of a) 3d solid results in that solid being selected, even if the click is made directly on a line of an object "behind" the 3d solid. AutoCAD 2010 did not do this by default. By default, AC2010, in 3d wireframe visual style, behaved such that a click on any "hidden" (though visible, obviously, due to wireframe mode) line resulted in that ("hidden") object being selected, and not the "nearer" object - in other words, AC2010 allowed clicks "through" solid objects (whose surfaces were not visible due to wireframe visual style). Does anyone know the option to make 2011 revert to how 2010 behaved? Specifically, in wireframe mode, I'd like to be able to click on any object's wireframe line and have that specific object be selected, irrespective of any other objects whose (invisible) surfaces I might be clicking "through". Also, FYI, AC2011 feels about three times slower than AC2010 in terms of 3d orbit performance.
  3. Dear acad 2011 users Does anyone know how to pre-select object to hatch? So the hatch proces will be like: pre-select desired closed polylines, etc. press "h" - Enter make modification to hatch properties if nessesary Enter - over and out. It slows down working process waiting for acad to come up with its suggestions where to hatch (where the pointer are). And worse - it's very rare that theese suggestions fit to my requests. Please help!!!
  4. I'm running Autocad 2011 on MAC (dont ask why, its just needs to be done..) and now I'm struggling getting all my old keyboard shortcuts from PC setup up again. Does anyone know how to include the SHIFT key when editing/customizing the command aliases?? ie, i want SHIFT+V to = MOVE So in the Command Alias text file, Im guessing it should look something like this? SHIFT+V, *MOVE But that doesnt work. I really really want to stick with this format, and not need to include other control keys, ie CTRL+SHIFT. Any info or help would be great! Cheers, Matt
  5. Hi there. I've never really used annotative text in past versions of AutoCAD because I've always found it to be flawed, and also never really needed 2 different scales, but now I've moved on to 2011, it is much simpler to use, except for this 1 issue... Is it possible to move each scaled text to different parts of the drawing? As an example, I have a room which text at 1:50 fits in fine, But 1:100 gets in the way of some of the equipment in there, so I would like to keep the 1:50 text in the room, and move the 1:100 to just outside. I can't work out if this is possible or not, or if I would just have to use non annotative text at 2 different scales. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi, I'm just transitioning from PC (AutoCAD 2007) to MAC (AutoCAD 2011) and now fumbling my way through setting up all my customizations again. For the life of me, I can not work out how to customize Short Cut keys! On PC in the CUI box you drag and drop the relevant command up above to the CUI window ontop the little shortcut keys icon then, set your new Access Keys in the box on the right, then bingo! EASY. But on MAC, does this even exist??? I am completely self taught on CAD, only work in 2D, and only use a fraction of its full capabilities. Admittedly, I never have had to write LISP's, or do any text based coding/customization. The simple shortcuts I am trying to achieve are: MOVE - Shift + V ROTATE - Shift + R TRIM - Shift + T FILLET - Shift + F STRETCH - Shift + G Match Properties - Shift + 4 Layer Isolate - Shift + 3 Close - Crtl + W ANY help or a working example of how to achieve this would be HUGELY appreciated! Thank you, Matt
  7. Hi there. I'm a long time reader, but only just signed up because I couldn't find my particular problem anywere else. Just to warn you, it may get a little complicated... When I type the word TYPE:, then use the tab button, then Enter, AutoCAD automatically writes TYPF:, then every time I tab along, it continually puts the letter A: after. This more annoying than a real problem, as the job I'm working on currently requires me to go through this hassle with over 100 drawings! If anyone knows what this little glitch is, or how to stop it, I will be very grateful Thanks
  8. Mr_Ridley

    Custom Tool Palettes

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and have a new question for you guys. Forgive me if this has already been asked. We have some old timers at the company who have extensive tool palettes with all kinds of custom goodies that they want to distribute to everyone else in the company, or atleast make them available on the network drive. I have already found out how to export and import profiles to make my station's setup look like theirs. I have also exported custom tool palettes but the blocks that are the meat of the palettes aren't there. I get the error "Source drawing "C:\BLOCKS\P&ID\AB001.DWG" for block "AB001" not found." How do I get the source drawings for the button to be active? Any help given about this will be greatly appreciated. I am sure its just a matter of copy and pasting the source files from "a to b" but I need the locations and other details. Thanks much, Ridley ....
  9. follow this link to download it http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=16976209&linkID=9242019 Enjoy
  10. How do I do gears in Inventor 2011? I've found the spur-gear option under the design "tab". But then I get some problems... I've tried to turn my current "wheels" (see picture) into gears, but that don´t seem to be the way to do it. I also tried using component instead of feature, and then I get them to rotate however the gears collide. I don´t know how to solve this or how to do this properly.. Any help is appreciated. //André
  11. i have solidprofessor solidworks premium video tutorial 2007-2011 package with latest 2011 updates(2007,2008,2009,2010 update video also include). all together there are about 11GB and 98+hours videos. contact me at rsampath99@yahoo.com
  12. A core i7 rated at 2.93 ghz max stays solis at 1.73 ghz while rendering dont come at me with bull that drawins are simple, rendering is an intensive process even renders with final gather and max quality wont make the cpu go over 1.73 ghz dont come at me with heat issues because i can place my laptop in my freezer and it will not go over 1.73 ghz while rendering i know the computer is a beast at rendering because at times when i hit cancel on the render window, it renders like 8 boxes in 2 seconds before it executes the cancel command So whats wrong
  13. How do i run Vanilla AutoCAD from AutoCAD MEP 2011? The "Right click on the AutoCAD MEP shortcut icon on your desktop and look for the 'Open File Location" does not work Thanks
  14. I just bought an HP 11x17 printer for my desk... I'm having several issues with plotting from paperspace - whats on my screen is not pritning out to scale 1- If I dimension my title block in CAD it measures to 16 3/16" wide but when I print it out it equals 16 7/16 2- I put my viewport scale to be 1/4"=1'-0" and when I go to plot I do NOT choose the "fit to print" but rather the default which is 1"=1'. I have tried both printing in extents and window and they are both offscale. I prefer the paperspace to plot from extents (I've looked for things in my paper space that would be outside my title block besides my corner notches which are in the 'defpoints' layer that would throw it off and theres nothing. Please help me with this headache! I've been working on CAD for 5 years and have never had this problem. Why isn't it printing to scale? Am I making my title block the wrong size? It is xref'd in from a different dwg but it drawn to 1'=1' in that drawing - Id be happy to send whomever the dwgs too... Also I have found this: If I print with borderless print settings I have less title block being cut off... BUT I changed that in the control panel>printers properties for that specific printer but it does not carry through when I go to plot from CAD... so I set up a temporary file (went into print pref from inside CAD) and it was fine (as in it fit the whole title block but still off scale juuust a little) but I don't want to have to go to print pref every single time I print... and besides that, its still off scale a little Help!
  15. At school I use Autodesk inventor 2011 pro and we creat all of are school projects on it. Our teacher told us to download the student software from Autodesk so I did, I downloaded the 2010 pro Educational version and I cant open the files from school in the Educational version and I can't open the files I made in the Educational version on the 2011 school software... could some one please help me.... I need to know how to open them up in both of the programs.
  16. I am getting ready to perform a CLEAN install of Windows 7 (to replace VISTA) Are all the Civil3D 2011 "Database" (Surfaces, Alignments, Style Settings,etc...) sotred within each .dwg file, or is there a master database faile ? I am NOT using AutoCAD Vault Any tips on the reinstall to be able to get all my settings, plot style EVERYTHING, back to where they were ?
  17. NorCalJess

    MEP Startup

    Hey all, I'm new here so forgive me for not knowing proper protocol, etc. Does anyone know if there is a step-by-step instruction document of how to setup a new MEP Revit job, using an architect's model? There used to be a few resources with older versions of Revit but now 2011 looks completely different and it's like I'm starting over. Can we still copy/monitor or is that called something else now? Thanks!! Jess
  18. Products in question: AutoCAD 2011 Standard & Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard Trying to: Print to PDF, a CAD plan that I have used "transparency" effects in. Problem: AutoCAD hangs around 80% way through plot and fails to create the PDF. Un-checking the "Print Transparency" option resolves the problem but I obviously don't get the transparency !! System Spec: Intel i5-750 @ 4.0ghz 4GB Ram Windows 7 ANy suggestions welcomed as I'd like to use these features.
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