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  1. We are currently using Autocad 2014 and a couple stations using Autocad 2015. For some odd reason lately our drawings are being corrupted somehow. It is quite confusing. Say we create a drawing at 8AM and save and print it. Later that day we want to open it to make a revision and when we double click to open the drawing, it doesnt want to open. Almost like the file doesnt exist. I run recovery and it says no errors detected but still doesnt open it. Tried using insert(says invalid), xref(says invalid), etc.. nothing. THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS, is I have to logon to our Conference room computer that still has trusty ole AutoCAD 2002 installed and I am able to open it from there. However, the fun doesnt stop there. If I open and save the drawing from that station I am still unable to open from 2014/2015. I have to CTRL+A and copy everything into a "NEW" drawing then save that drawing over the existing one. Only then am I able to open this drawing. Am I missing something? Is there anyone else out there experiencing this? Please chime in. Thanks
  2. Help, I keep getting this stupid error no function definition even though I have clearly defun it in my lisp. (defun ISOCP3TEXT () (command "-style" "isocp3" "isocp.shx" "3" "1" "0" "no" "no") ) (defun ISO3 () (ISOCP3TEXT) (setvar "clayer" "0") (setq pt1 (getpoint "")) (initdia) (command ".mtext" pt1) ) (defun c:meh () (ISO3) If you are wondering, I am using meh which may seem redundant but in my main source code, I actually need to call up iso3 due to a dialog box settings thing. For some reason, when I try to run meh, I keep getting ; error: no function definition: ISO3 when clearly I do have a defined function ISO3. Help please.
  3. Hello People. Yesterday i downloaded AutoCAD CIVIL 3D 2015 in my Dell with windows 8. I was currently working with civil 3d 2013 and I appeared errors shareability with windows 8. A result of that I decided to download and install civil 3d 2015 by the shareability of windows 8. But when you start the application the pointer in the work area repeats me and gets stuck. as the picture shows. will be for some setting you need to disable or enable?. my dell have i7 4th generation. 8Gb RAM and 2gb Video Card. please help me!.. thanks..sorry for my english
  4. I am having issues with my main .stb file type; when I open the file I receive an error stating,"Invalid style name." The file opens but I can only modify existing styles, I cannot add new styles. Outside if mimicking a full new copy of the plot style, I'm stuck on this one. If I can't fix this, anyone know a way to change stb plot styles across multiple drawings? I'm on C3D 2015. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.
  5. My company just switched over to AutoCAD 2014 and for some reason the PUBLISH command is not working, or following through with the printing once we complete the required steps to plot. We are able to select the drawings to be plotted (8"x11" sheets), then successfully bring in our page setup that we created with one of the drawings to be plotted (which we use the same template with the same limits on ALL of our 'drawing templates' we design with. After we hit the PUBLISH button at the bottom it goes into the background and just stays there with no errors or anything After a little while we end up just having to cancel and plot individually. We used TrueView to BatchPlot which is identical to the batchplot(publishing) in ACAD 2014 WITH NO ISSUES! Can someone help me as to why I would possibly be having this hiccup?
  6. Here is the code, and i tried commenting it so it is easy to follow, in a nutshell all this is doing is creating a circle, hatching it with the color red, and making a line from the center upwards and making it red.. Now it runs all of this perfectly smoothly.. but when i copy and paste the exact code block that generates the line going up and just change some variables so that the line goes down.. it gives me the error in my title.. what gives?? ((= choice 2) (setq gas_redo 0) (setq gas_another 0) (while (/= gas_redo 1) (prompt "\nYou have chosen Gas") (setq pg_cpo1 (getpoint "\nPick well location")) (setq pg_cpo2 (polar pg_cpo1 (dtr 90.0) edge)) (command "circle" "2p" pg_cpo1 pg_cpo2) ;draw circle (setq pg_hw (polar pg_cpo1 (dtr 90.0) (/ edge 2))) (command "-hatch" pg_hw "P" "S" "CO" "T" "255,0,0" "" ""); hatch the circle with COLOR_RED (setq pg_NL1 (polar pg_cpo1 (dtr 90.0) edge)) ;set points for north line (setq pg_NL2 (polar pg_NL1 (dtr 90.0) (/ edge 2))) ; " " (command "line" pg_NL1 pg_NL2 "") ; drew line north of circle (command "change" pg_NL2 "" "P" "CO" "T" "255,0,0" ""); changed the line color to red (setq pg_SL1 (polar pg_cpo1 (dtr 270.0) edge)) ;IT DOESN"T LIKE THIS CODE BLOCK (setq pg_SL2 (polar pg_SL2 (dtr 270.0) (/ edge 2))) (command "line" pg_SL1 pg_SL2 "") (command "change" pg_SL2 "" "P" "CO" "T" "255,0,0" "") (setq gas_another(getint "\nCreate another? (1)YES or (2)NO")) (if (= gas_another 2) (setq gas_redo 1) (prompt"\nDrawing another Gas Well..")) ) )
  7. Hi, currently i found on the web , this lisp to draw Road profile or any other profiles by the lisp that contains two commands : 1- " NGL " : To draw natural ground elevation in terms of station and elevation from an excel sheet with a Datum . 2- "PGL" : tO DRAW DESIGN ELEVATION from excel sheet too , with same datum. the lisp states an error message "error no function definition , (ACET-STR-FORMAT ) after loading " NGL" and entering datum , BUT it work with " PGL" without any error ... ??!! i use AutoCAD2012 ? , what do you think that the problem is ? lisp and excel are attached . https://www.mediafire.com/?dqbumocn3gm3132 https://www.mediafire.com/?dqbumocn3gm3132 PROFILE #NGL# - #PGL#.lsp
  8. I have a old menu that loads a MNL file with Lisp routines that I need. When it loads I get a "Error: malformed list on input" message but in the past I think I seem to remember the items I needed still worked. Today I am having issues and not sure where to start. One problem when I pick an item off the toolbar and place it...the customize menu pops up...I think there is an extra "Enter" somewhere? Thanks, Steve
  9. Help? Last night I closed a drawing with no problems. So this morning I "try" to open that same drawing like I have done several days before, but this time I get an error message AutoCAD Error Aborting "!savers.cpp@154;efilererror" Help I have a presentation and need that drawing. Somebody help please:(
  10. I am trying to export my AutoCAD MEP 2013 license from one computer to another but once I start the License Transfer Utility I get this message: Your online activation request has returned an error (800c0005) which is not allowing your request to be processed using our automated systems. Immediately after clicking sign in on the first screen. I saw somewhere else to try setting IE as my default browser but that did not work either. I have a DELL Latitude laptop running Windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Attached should be a print out of my error page.
  11. Hi, I make a simple VB.NET assembly, define a lisp function named OpenYourSteel. Then I use an AutoLisp function C:YS to call (OpenYourSteel). The reason why is I can modify lisp command C:YS easily. I load them all to AutoCAD 2012, it works ok. But problem comes: 1st: I open AutoCAD and do nothing on the first drawing 2nd: I open the second drawing, run NETLOAD my dll then run YS or (OpenYourSteel), it works ok 3rd: I return to the first drawing and run NETLOAD, then run YS: AutoCAD reports error: no function definition (OPENYOURSTEEL) !!! I run NETLOAD again and again, the same error happen ! 4th: I close my first drawing, re open it, run NETLOAD: it works normally again !!! This error happen only to lisp function define in VB.NET. Commands defined in VB.NET are all ok. But I am trying to keep my VB.NET routine as a lisp, unless there is noway to fix this bug. Can anybody help ? Thank you all in advance.
  12. Hi to all, So, this is my lisp. It does the following: 1) Adds revision clouds to multiple entities 2) Adds Layer (or create if required and add properties) 3) Adds hatch 4) Inserts a block for leader and text (already formated) I have very limited knowledge of the lisp. As you can see I have copied few different codes and combined it to make it work for my application. It works but I know this is not systematic at all. I dont know if my error handeling is correct. One thing that I wish to add is if the revision cloud is too big or too small, it should allow to do that without closing and undoing everything. In other sense, I need undo and reset arc length option in this. Can someone help me on this please? (defun c:RVC6 (/ *error* oce mflag ans) ;************************************Error handling********************************************* (defun *error* (msg) (setvar "cmdecho" OCE) (setq *error* nil) (princ "\nRevision cloud program is done.") (princ) ) ;************************************Program begins********************************************* (setq OCE (getvar "cmdecho") OOS (getvar "osmode") ) (setvar "cmdecho" 0) (setq mflag nil) (while (not mflag) (prompt "\n*** Enter option C, H, L, or E ***") (initget 0 "Cloud Hatch Leader Exit") (setq Ans (getkword "\nconvert to revision Cloud/Hatch/Leader/<Exit>: ")) (if (= Ans nil) (setq Ans "Exit") ) ;end if (cond ( (= Ans "Cloud") (convcloud) ) ( (= Ans "Hatch") (Addhatch) ) ( (= Ans "Leader") (Addleader) ) ( (= Ans "Exit") (setvar "cmdecho" OCE) (setvar "osmode" OOS) (quit) ) ) ;end cond );end while );end defun ;************************************Program ends********************************************** ;*******************************Start of "convcloud" program*********************************** (defun convcloud (/ al ss) (initget (+ 2 4)) (setq al (getreal "Specify Arc length <0.5>:")) (if (= al nil) ;If user do not input a value here (setq al 0.5) ;Consider "Enter" as 0.5 ) ; end if (if (setq ss (ssget '((0 . "LINE,*POLYLINE,CIRCLE,ELLIPSE,SPLINE,ARC")))) (progn (repeat (setq i (sslength ss)) (command "_.revcloud" "a" al al "" (ssname ss (setq i (1- i))) "") (if (not (tblsearch "LAYER" "CONSTRUCTION")) (command "-layer" "N" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "1" "CONSTRUCTION" "LT" "continuous" "CONSTRUCTION" "") ) ; end if (command ".-layer" "S" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "red" "" "") (Command "Chprop" "l" "" "la" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "BYLAYER" "Lt" "BYLAYER" "LW" "BYLAYER" "") );end repeat (princ "\nRevision cloud(s) created on CONSTRUCTION layer.") );end progn (princ "\nNo objects selected.") ) );end defun ;*******************************End of "convcloud" program************************************* ;*****************************Start of "Addhatch" Program ************************************* (defun Addhatch (/ htype selset thisobj setlen entname) (initget 1 "D R") (setq htype (getkword "\nSpecify hatch type? Demo(D)/Rebuild(R):")) (if (= htype "D") (setq htype "ANSI31") ) ;end if (if (= htype "R") (setq htype "DOTS") ) ;end if (princ "\nSelect object(s) to hatch:") (setq selset (ssget)) (if selset (progn (setq thisobj 0) (setq setlen (sslength selset)) (while (< thisobj setlen ) (setq entname(ssname selset thisobj)) (Command "-bhatch" "Advanced" "Style" "Outer" "" "") (command "-bhatch" "p" htype "3" "" "s" entname "" "") (if (not (tblsearch "LAYER" "CONSTRUCTION")) (command "-layer" "N" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "1" "CONSTRUCTION" "LT" "continuous" "CONSTRUCTION" "") ) ; end if (command ".-layer" "S" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "red" "" "") (Command "Chprop" "l" "" "la" "CONSTRUCTION" "C" "BYLAYER" "Lt" "BYLAYER" "LW" "BYLAYER" "") (setq thisobj(+ thisobj 1)) ) ; end while (alert "\n ***WARNING*** Hatching could not skip the inner objects. To solve this, Double click hatch and `Add: select objects' and select inner object & click OK") ) ; end progn ) ;end if selset (princ "\nNo objects selected.") );end defun ;*******************************End of "Addhatch" program************************************* ;*****************************Start of "Addleader" Program *********************************** (defun Addleader (/ pt1) (while (setq pt1 (getpoint "\nInserting task description note, Specify Arrow End Point or hit Enter to close:")) (Command "_INSERT" "CP TEXT" pt1 "" "" "") (command "explode" "l") );end while );end defun
  13. Hey there! I'm pretty new to scrpits and all programing operations of AutoCAD. I've got this super complex script that I'm trying to run and need some help debugging from one of you fine Gurus. Here it is: -rename block Bald Cypress Red Oak That's it. My problem comes from the space after the word Bald. What I believe is happening is that AutoCAD thinks that the space is an enter. What do you guys think? Is there a way around this? Simple is always good. I spent half the night last night looking for a different way to do this. A Lisp would work, I'm sure, but I don't know how to write one. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to set up a button in my ribbon for a simple process I very regularly perform in AutoCAD 2010 LT. basically I want to: 1. Select everything in the model view (through an already active viewport) 2. Erase it all 3. Purge everything 4. Paste in whatever is in the clipboard memory (previously copied from a different drawing) and locate it at 0,0 coords. 5. Zoom Extents 6. Zoom out to 97% The macro below works perfectly fine as long as there were originally objects in model space to start with, but if I try this with a new file that has no model space objects (I only want one button) it stops at the 'select all' stage and refuses to continue. The error is the standard "Selecting objects...*error*" code and stops there. ^C^C_ai_selall;erase;all;^C^C_purge;a;*;n;^C^C_pasteclip;0.0;^C^C_z;e;^C^C_z;s;0.97x; Is there a way I can get this to work for both intances, when there are objects in model space AND when there are not? Michael
  15. sinbad92

    AutoCAD tool palettes

    Anyway so here's the problem: I am struggling to edit the standard set of blocks that comes with AutoCAD such as receptacles junction boxes etc. I want to edit the standard blocks and then save my changes for future use. Right now the blocks come in at different sizes then I would like. I try to edit them in the block editor however the changes I make only apply to the drawing I am currently working on. The changes do not apply across the board on all drawings in all files. Please help me, any and all help would be hugely appreciated! Thank you!
  16. Hi, I've been workin on Autocad since last year and I was using hatch patterns just perfectly, then I tried to download and install new hatch patterns, as I needed more variety. I don't know what happened, but I can't use anything now. If I try to fill in with a Hatch Autocad will tell me that it can't find a file, there arre no standard patterns available, and there is error in reading the pattern file. What should I do? I very lost. Any help would be great
  17. I have multiple class A (A for Annoying) issues with AutoDesk and Vault 1. I have a "phase out" problem (again) is where I'm checking in a drawing on the prompt, and while im typing a comment on the bottom, the prompt phases out as if I'm not clicking on it anymore and interrupts my typing. This is something has Been not only bugging me but a great deal of other designers im the group. Does anyone know of a quick fix or a Cause to why this is happening. 2. Autocad crashes while trying to edit a Xref in place (this is worked around by separately editing the XREF, but i rather edit in place to see the other xrefs for a reference in which to work from...... 3. Random error while checking in ,has anyone seen this before? If anyone has solutions to the above problems it not only helps me but to others that may have the same experiences.....
  18. Hi everyone! I'm designing a computer case for fun and at a VERY beginner level and have not run in to too many problems so far, however, now I'm having some kind of rendering problem! I designed 4 identical fan grills using lines and the pattern function. I already created a grill out of one of them, but when I try to do another one, the program just says "Executing Create Grill Feature" and the cursor turns into the Windows loading cursor. If I click on the program, it says it's not responding. Is it freezing? My computer is plenty fast enough to render even advanced 3D models so I'm not sure what the issue is. I can attach the file upon request. Thanks is advance for any input!
  19. Hello everyone! I've installed AutoCAD 2011 and used for about two months normally without any problem (stand-alone license). After that it started to appear a small black window at start (as seen on pic.) and when it appears the program stops responding. The screen doesn't appear everytime I start the program, only 9 times out of 10. Please help me if you have any info about this bug!!! I've tried reinstalling, same result! Will retyping license help me? And how can I do it!
  20. vweavers

    Incompatible version error

    This is the third time this has happened in the past couple of months: I go to open a drawing I did with the same ACAD2011 Mechanical, and it comes up with a message saying the drawing was done with an incompatible version, mechanical commands have been disabled, the drawing can not be saved in this version of the software. If I remember right, the last two times it happened, I renamed the backup file, and deleted the bad one. However, this time, the backup file is giving me the same message. What is going on? Is it corrupted files? Any way to avoid- they're on a network server? Never happened with old version of ACAD 6 months ago. Is there any other way to 'fix' or load the files so I can save them?
  21. I have started to attempt to learn DCL and am currently using VLIDE as code editor. But when I write a DCL code and click "Format edit window" it returns an error: If I execute the code it runs just fine ("Preview DCL in editor" works, too), but I can't get it to organize my text. Doesn't it work at all or am I the only one having difficulties? I have been searching this since yesterday and have found not a single person mentioning it, which means either one of two things: no one has ever had this problem before or it is so simple to solve that no one ever needed to ask in internet forums. Hope I'm not asking a stupid question here This is an example of code I am trying to format (copied from a DCL tutorial by Jeff Sanders): EXAMPLE : dialog { label = "EXAMPLE.lsp"; : column { : boxed_column { label = "column 1"; : boxed_column { label = "column2"; } : boxed_column { label = "column 3"; } } ok_cancel; } } Thank you all in advance! Felipe
  22. Hi, I work at my local council as a trainee engineer, we recently recieved a drawing back from a consultant. Being the trainee i have to 'fix' it. The issue is when i try to insert our own blocks ie (title block) it comes up with invalid and wont perform the command. Same thing if i try to copy and paste anything into the drawing. The only way ive found around this issue (if i must get something into the drawing) is to draft it up in another drawing then xref it in. I am guessing there must be a glitch with this file? I am currently using 2009 version of autocad, the drawing was saved in 2011, but it has been saved in compatibility mode for 2009. I have tried a number of things, the block im inserting isn't creating a loop so thats not the issue. I've opened the drawing and saved it back to an earlier file type, that hasn't helped. Tried resetting my pgp file as i thought it might be my acad as our computers at work are below or just at minimum standards and they are constantly crashing. Would anyone be able to help me? or suggest something to try? Cheers
  23. OK.. here is the story. This is a modified version of a LISP that I wrote that works perfectly. I added a few more variables to it (there are a ton), and now all the sudden, I'm getting a 'stringp nil' error when it runs, and I cant seem to figure out why! I dont have a ton of experience writing LISPs, so my code is probably very redundant and sloppy, so please excuse the mess Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help out! (defun c:gmE1 () (setq osnapsettings (getvar "osmode")) (setq lyr (getvar "clayer")) (setvar "osmode" 0) (setvar "fieldeval" 13) (command "-layer" "s" "F-ANNO-REV" "") (setq zp1 "37.3,29.6") (setq zp2 "41.6,13.9") (setq rp1 "37.4661,14.3748") (setq rp2 "37.4661,14.5992") (setq rp3 "37.4661,14.8236") (setq rp4 "37.4661,15.048") (setq rp5 "37.4661,15.2724") (setq rp6 "37.4661,15.4968") (setq rp7 "37.4661,15.7212") (setq rp8 "37.4661,15.9456") (setq rp9 "37.4661,16.17") (setq rp10 "37.4661,16.3944") (setq rp11 "37.4661,16.6188") (setq rp12 "37.4661,16.8432") (setq rp13 "37.4661,17.0676") (setq rp14 "37.4661,17.292") (setq rp15 "37.4661,17.5164") (setq rp16 "37.4661,17.7408") (setq rp17 "37.4661,17.9652") (setq rp18 "37.4661,18.1896") (setq rp19 "37.4661,18.414") (setq rp20 "37.4661,18.6384") (setq rpt1 "37.4661,29.215") (setq rpt2 "37.4661,28.9906") (setq rpt3 "37.4661,28.7662") (setq rpt4 "37.4661,28.5418") (setq rpt5 "37.4661,28.3174") (setq rpt6 "37.4661,28.093") (setq rpt7 "37.4661,27.8686") (setq rpt8 "37.4661,27.6442") (setq rpt9 "37.4661,27.4198") (setq rpt10 "37.4661,27.1954") (setq rpt11 "37.4661,26.971") (setq rpt12 "37.4661,26.7466") (setq zw1 "38,25") (setq zw2 "42,17.2") (setq zw3 "38,23") (setq zw4 "41.16,16.56") (command "zoom" "e") (command "rectangle" zp1 zp2) (command "zoom" "w" zp1 zp2) (setq r1 (getint "\nEnter First Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: ")) (setq r2 (getint "\nEnter Second Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: ")) (if (= r2 0)(setq r3 0)(setq r3 (getint "\nEnter Third Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r3 0)(setq r4 0)(setq r4 (getint "\nEnter Fourth Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r4 0)(setq r5 0)(setq r5 (getint "\nEnter Fifth Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r5 0)(setq r6 0)(setq r6 (getint "\nEnter 6th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r6 0)(setq r7 0)(setq r7 (getint "\nEnter 7th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r7 0)(setq r8 0)(setq r8 (getint "\nEnter 8th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r8 0)(setq r9 0)(setq r9 (getint "\nEnter 9th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r9 0)(setq r10 0)(setq r10 (getint "\nEnter 10th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r10 0)(setq r11 0)(setq r11 (getint "\nEnter 11th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r11 0)(setq r12 0)(setq r12 (getint "\nEnter 12th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r12 0)(setq r13 0)(setq r13 (getint "\nEnter 13th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r13 0)(setq r14 0)(setq r14 (getint "\nEnter 14th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r14 0)(setq r15 0)(setq r15 (getint "\nEnter 15th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r15 0)(setq r16 0)(setq r16 (getint "\nEnter 16th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r16 0)(setq r17 0)(setq r17 (getint "\nEnter 17th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r17 0)(setq r18 0)(setq r18 (getint "\nEnter 18th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r18 0)(setq r19 0)(setq r19 (getint "\nEnter 19th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (if (= r19 0)(setq r20 0)(setq r20 (getint "\nEnter 20th Rev Line Number use ZERO for NONE: "))) (setq rt1 r1 rt2 r2 rt3 r3 rt4 r4 rt5 r5 rt6 r6 rt7 r7 rt8 r8 rt9 r9 rt10 r10 rt11 r11 rt12 r12) (if (> r13 0)(setq rt1 r13)) (if (> r14 0)(setq rt2 r14)) (if (> r15 0)(setq rt3 r15)) (if (> r16 0)(setq rt4 r16)) (if (> r17 0)(setq rt5 r17)) (if (> r18 0)(setq rt6 r18)) (if (> r19 0)(setq rt7 r19)) (if (> r20 0)(setq rt8 r20)) (COMMAND "-PURGE" "B" "" "N") (command "zoom" "e") (Command "erase" "w" zp2 zp1 "") (command "zoom" zp1 zp2) (setq z (itoa 0)) (setq rr1 (itoa r1) rr2 (itoa r2) rr3 (itoa r3) rr4 (itoa r4) rr5 (itoa r5) rr6 (itoa r6) rr7 (itoa r7) rr8 (itoa r8) rr9 (itoa r9) rr10 (itoa r10) rr11 (itoa r11) rr12 (itoa r12) rr13 (itoa r13) rr14 (itoa r14) rr15 (itoa r15) rr16 (itoa r16) rr17 (itoa r17) rr18 (itoa r18) rr19 (itoa r19) rr20 (itoa r20) ) (setq a (strcat "%<\\AcSm SheetSet.REV ")) (setq d (strcat " DATE \\f \"%tc1\">%")) (setq e (strcat " DESCRIPTION \\f \"%tc1\">%")) (setq i (strcat " APPR \\f \"%tc1\">%")) (setq j (strcat " ENG \\f \"%tc1\">%")) (setq k (strcat " PROJ \\f \"%tc1\">%")) (if (< r1 10 )(setq ru1 (strcat z rr1))(setq ru1 (strcat rr1))) (if (< r2 10 )(setq ru2 (strcat z rr2))(setq ru2 (strcat rr2))) (if (< r3 10 )(setq ru3 (strcat z rr3))(setq ru3 (strcat rr3))) (if (< r4 10 )(setq ru4 (strcat z rr4))(setq ru4 (strcat rr4))) (if (< r5 10 )(setq ru5 (strcat z rr5))(setq ru5 (strcat rr5))) (if (< r6 10 )(setq ru6 (strcat z rr6))(setq ru6 (strcat rr6))) (if (< r7 10 )(setq ru7 (strcat z rr7))(setq ru7 (strcat rr7))) (if (< r8 10 )(setq ru8 (strcat z rr8))(setq ru8 (strcat rr8))) (if (< r9 10 )(setq ru9 (strcat z rr9))(setq ru9 (strcat rr9))) (if (< r10 10 )(setq ru10 (strcat z rr10))(setq ru10 (strcat rr10))) (if (< r11 10 )(setq ru11 (strcat z rr11))(setq ru11 (strcat rr11))) (if (< r12 10 )(setq rv12 (strcat z rr12))(setq ru12 (strcat rr12))) (if (< r13 10 )(setq ru13 (strcat z rr13))(setq ru13 (strcat rr13))) (if (< r14 10 )(setq ru14 (strcat z rr14))(setq ru14 (strcat rr14))) (if (< r15 10 )(setq ru15 (strcat z rr15))(setq ru15 (strcat rr15))) (if (< r16 10 )(setq ru16 (strcat z rr16))(setq ru16 (strcat rr16))) (if (< r17 10 )(setq ru17 (strcat z rr17))(setq ru17 (strcat rr17))) (if (< r18 10 )(setq ru18 (strcat z rr18))(setq ru18 (strcat rr18))) (if (< r19 10 )(setq ru19 (strcat z rr19))(setq ru19 (strcat rr19))) (if (< r20 10 )(setq ru20 (strcat z rr20))(setq ru20 (strcat rr20))) (setq date1 (strcat a ru1 d) desc1 (strcat a ru1 e) appr1 (strcat a ru1 i) eng1 (strcat a ru1 j) proj1 (strcat a ru1 k) date2 (strcat a ru2 d) desc2 (strcat a ru2 e) appr2 (strcat a ru2 i) eng2 (strcat a ru2 j) proj2 (strcat a ru2 k) date3 (strcat a ru3 d) desc3 (strcat a ru3 e) appr3 (strcat a ru3 i) eng3 (strcat a ru3 j) proj3 (strcat a ru3 k) date4 (strcat a ru4 d) desc4 (strcat a ru4 e) appr4 (strcat a ru4 i) eng4 (strcat a ru4 j) proj4 (strcat a ru4 k) date5 (strcat a ru5 d) desc5 (strcat a ru5 e) appr5 (strcat a ru5 i) eng5 (strcat a ru5 j) proj5 (strcat a ru5 k) date6 (strcat a ru6 d) desc6 (strcat a ru6 e) appr6 (strcat a ru6 i) eng6 (strcat a ru6 j) proj6 (strcat a ru6 k) date7 (strcat a ru7 d) desc7 (strcat a ru7 e) appr7 (strcat a ru7 i) eng7 (strcat a ru7 j) proj7 (strcat a ru7 k) date8 (strcat a ru8 d) desc8 (strcat a ru8 e) appr8 (strcat a ru8 i) eng8 (strcat a ru8 j) proj8 (strcat a ru8 k) date9 (strcat a ru9 d) desc9 (strcat a ru9 e) appr9 (strcat a ru9 i) eng9 (strcat a ru9 j) proj9 (strcat a ru9 k) date10 (strcat a ru10 d) desc10 (strcat a ru10 e) appr10 (strcat a ru10 i) eng10 (strcat a ru10 j) proj10 (strcat a ru10 k) date11 (strcat a ru11 d) desc11 (strcat a ru11 e) appr11 (strcat a ru11 i) eng11 (strcat a ru11 j) proj11 (strcat a ru11 k) date12 (strcat a ru12 d) desc12 (strcat a ru12 e) appr12 (strcat a ru12 i) eng12 (strcat a ru12 j) proj12 (strcat a ru12 k) date13 (strcat a ru13 d) desc13 (strcat a ru13 e) appr13 (strcat a ru13 i) eng13 (strcat a ru13 j) proj13 (strcat a ru13 k) date14 (strcat a ru14 d) desc14 (strcat a ru14 e) appr14 (strcat a ru14 i) eng14 (strcat a ru14 j) proj14 (strcat a ru14 k) date15 (strcat a ru15 d) desc15 (strcat a ru15 e) appr15 (strcat a ru15 i) eng15 (strcat a ru15 j) proj15 (strcat a ru15 k) date16 (strcat a ru16 d) desc16 (strcat a ru16 e) appr16 (strcat a ru16 i) eng16 (strcat a ru16 j) proj16 (strcat a ru16 k) date17 (strcat a ru17 d) desc17 (strcat a ru17 e) appr17 (strcat a ru17 i) eng17 (strcat a ru17 j) proj17 (strcat a ru17 k) date18 (strcat a ru18 d) desc18 (strcat a ru18 e) appr18 (strcat a ru18 i) eng18 (strcat a ru18 j) proj18 (strcat a ru18 k) date19 (strcat a ru19 d) desc19 (strcat a ru19 e) appr19 (strcat a ru19 i) eng19 (strcat a ru19 j) proj19 (strcat a ru19 k) date20 (strcat a ru20 d) desc20 (strcat a ru20 e) appr20 (strcat a ru20 i) eng20 (strcat a ru20 j) proj20 (strcat a ru20 k) ) (if (> r1 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp1 "" "" "" r1 date1 eng1 appr1))() (if (> r2 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp2 "" "" "" r2 date2 eng2 appr2))() (if (> r3 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp3 "" "" "" r3 date3 eng3 appr3))() (if (> r4 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp4 "" "" "" r4 date4 eng4 appr4))() (if (> r5 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp5 "" "" "" r5 date5 eng5 appr5))() (if (> r6 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp6 "" "" "" r6 date6 eng6 appr6))() (if (> r7 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp7 "" "" "" r7 date7 eng7 appr7))() (if (> r8 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp8 "" "" "" r8 date8 eng8 appr8))() (if (> r9 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp9 "" "" "" r9 date9 eng9 appr9))() (if (> r10 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp10 "" "" "" r10 date10 eng10 appr10))() (if (> r11 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp11 "" "" "" r11 date11 eng11 appr11))() (if (> r12 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp12 "" "" "" r12 date12 eng12 appr12))() (if (> r13 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp13 "" "" "" r13 date13 eng13 appr13))() (if (> r14 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp14 "" "" "" r14 date14 eng14 appr14))() (if (> r15 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp15 "" "" "" r15 date15 eng15 appr15))() (if (> r16 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp16 "" "" "" r16 date16 eng16 appr16))() (if (> r17 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp17 "" "" "" r17 date17 eng17 appr17))() (if (> r18 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp18 "" "" "" r18 date18 eng18 appr18))() (if (> r19 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp19 "" "" "" r19 date19 eng19 appr19))() (if (> r20 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-BOT" rp20 "" "" "" r20 date20 eng20 appr20))() (if (> r1 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt1 "" "" "" rt1 date1 eng1 appr1 desc1))() (if (> r2 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt2 "" "" "" rt2 date2 eng2 appr2 desc2))() (if (> r3 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt3 "" "" "" rt3 date3 eng3 appr3 desc3))() (if (> r4 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt4 "" "" "" rt4 date4 eng4 appr4 desc4))() (if (> r5 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt5 "" "" "" rt5 date5 eng5 appr5 desc5))() (if (> r6 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt6 "" "" "" rt6 date6 eng6 appr6 desc6))() (if (> r7 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt7 "" "" "" rt7 date7 eng7 appr7 desc7))() (if (> r8 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt8 "" "" "" rt8 date8 eng8 appr8 desc8))() (if (> r9 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt9 "" "" "" rt9 date9 eng9 appr9 desc9))() (if (> r10 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt10 "" "" "" rt10 date10 eng10 appr10 desc10))() (if (> r11 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt11 "" "" "" rt11 date11 eng11 appr11 desc11))() (if (> r12 0)(COMMAND "-insert" "REV1T40GME1-TOP" rpt12 "" "" "" rt12 date12 eng12 appr12 desc12))() (setvar "osmode" osnapsettings) (setvar "clayer" lyr) (COMMAND "ZOOM" "E") (PRINC) )
  24. Trying to run any visual lisp code in AutoCAD 2007, but end up in getting an error. ; error: ActiveX Server returned an error: Error loading type library/DLL Is it a virus which is causing problem ? Becuase on other PC with same AutoCAD 2007 I don't get above error.
  25. I'm tring to plot 26 or so sheets into a single pdf or multiple pdfs and I get this error every time with no file being created. [/url]Job: - Canceled Job ID: 1 Sheet set name: Date and time started: 5/3/2011 11:48:29 AM Date and time completed: 5/3/2011 11:48:33 AM UserID: RGDC99 Profile ID: AutoCAD MEP (US Imperial) Total sheets: 2 Sheets plotted: 1 Number of errors: 1 Number of warnings: 0 Sheet: P-AIR-# FAB-AIR-1 - Plotted with Error(s) File: Z:\_xxxxx\_xxxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxx\CAD\P-AIR-# FAB.dwg Category name: Page setup: pdf Device name: DWG To PDF.pc3 - plotted to file Plot file path: Z:\_xxxxxx\_xxxxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxxx\PDF's\OUTBOUND\xxx\P-AIR-# FAB.pdf Paper size: ANSI full bleed A (11.00 x 8.50 Inches) ERROR: Internal Error: Null Pointer Sheet: P-AIR-# FAB-AIR-1 - Error(s) Did Not Plot File: Z:\_xxxxx\_xxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxxxx\CAD\P-AIR-# FAB.dwg Category name: Page setup: pdf Device name: DWG To PDF.pc3 - plotted to file Plot file path: Z:\_xxxxxx\_xxxxx\2011 Projects\xxxxxx\PDF's\OUTBOUND\xxxx\P-AIR-# FAB.pdf Paper size: ANSI full bleed A (11.00 x 8.50 Inches) What is the problem?
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