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  1. Hello, i have following problem: I have floorplans from a building with a total of 80 appartments. Now i want to plot PDFs in A3 format, each page with 1 appartment. That would be 80 pages/PDF-files. The way i did it up to now was i have put all A3 pages in a single layout and used the Window-function in the Plot dialog to print each page individually, manually numbering the file-names, and combining files in Acrobat as needed. But doing this for 80 pages is too much - especially because i will likely have to plot it more often in the future. As far as i can see, i could make 80 layouts and use the Publish function, make a sheet-list and plot that way. I keep wondering - is there not a more efficient solution to this problem than creating 80 layouts? There must be a more intelligent solution to this. Whats the preferred way of doing this? Best regards, Andy P.S. i use AutoCAD2007 and Acrobat for plotting.
  2. Hi all ... Not new to v/lisp, but new to this great forum. I'm looking to automate title block revision, pdf generation and transmittals via lisp (which will probably be later converted to VB). My question is: Is it possible to create pdf's via script that will assign filenames [which I will extract from the drawings] ? from what I have managed to ascertain this is achievable. 1) by a 3rd party pdf application (which I'm not against, but I would just prefer an all-in-one custom solution to save on portability/deployment issues) 2) by editing a registry entry (not keen on this, hopefully avoidable) to be passed to the pdf driver. If someone suggests using publisher, I have limitations using it - particularly in regard to assigning the file name exactly as I want it, and without a dialog. Have had no luck using the DWG to PDF.pc3 supplied by AutoDesk either.
  3. My department often prints full sets from dwf. When we make our dwfs, the sheet title font looks correct in each and every file. When we print them to our Oce PlotWave 300, the Oce randomly picks and chooses which sheet it will recognize the font, and which it wont, but is consistant in the various number of copies of said sets. Like if it doesnt recognize the font in sheets "C-3, C-3.1, C-6, C-8.1, C-11" in a 30 sheet set and recognizes the font in the rest of the set, and I need 10 sets, those same sheets all print out the same way in all sets. I don't understand what the issue could be other then a driver issue or something with the Oce, as the font appears in dwf's, pdf's, plt's, or even directly from CAD. Also I do not have this issue printing to a smaller printer in our office that prints 11x17 max. Any direction or troubleshooting assisstance would be awesome! Thanks!
  4. I've selected a .ctb (that i've used in the past on AutoCad2010) in the page set up, but when I try to plot the colors are still colors instead of black and the lineweights are printed as assigned.... I'm still fairly new at autoCAD and feel completely stumped. the "plot with plot styles" is checked... What am I missing??? I'm sure it's simple. Thanks!!
  5. When I create a drawing in model space and then take off several views onthe new layout command, when I go to plot the layout in PDF all the viewsappear with a really thick line weight I have tried selecting every part of the layout and changing the weight to 0mmas it was before but it doesn't make any difference:o... Any suggestions? Cheers
  6. Hey guys, I'm having issues with plotting. I have my page setup as 17 x 22 (Landscape) and am designating the plot area to plot extents. I am trying to plot to 22 x 34 (size "D" portrait). The current paper loaded is 22" in a HP Designjet T770. When I do a plot preview, the drawing looks correct. However, when it plots it trims off the top part of the drawing. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this. The drawing is orientated correctly when it comes out of the plotter so I know it's not a portrait/landscape issue. I just tried plotting a 30 x 42 titleblock to the same size paper "D" portrait, and get the same problem. This happens if I use extents and window. Any ideas?
  7. I have created a customised paper size in page setup (3000X900mm); the viewport is a clipped polygon which was chosen as I wished to create a small legend in the bottom corner. Although the drawing has only 1 viewport, when I attempt to plot, the console reads "plotting viewport 2" and nothing actually plots. The plotter is working fine for other drawings. Any ideas what might be wrong?
  8. Hi all! I recently took a 3 day AutoCAD course in London and found it invaluable. I have been meaning to get AutoCAD sorted for so long so as to improve my workflow. Was looking forward so much to putting my new knowledge to use for a site plan, but got round to it finally, and now that I have made the plan and done the layout properly, the result is a shoddy piece of rubbish, no where near suitable for client hands. Even the house floor and wall textures are gone. Has anyone got any idea why it would be like this? I had set the page to print at 170mm x 290mm. Here is the print in question. Many thanks! NAILGUN
  9. Hi guys, We've got a file that's only plotting some layers and not others. All layers are on, thawed, and set to plot, so I don't have a clue why they aren't showing up. There's a plan that's x-reffed into model space and then showing through a viewport in paper space, and a title block x-reffed into paper space. Some layers in the plan and all layers in the title block are not plotting. Any thoughts? We're using AutoCAD Architecture 2008.
  10. Guys, A very good day to All and greetings! I would just like to know how do you compute for scale factor with regards to the plotting output of a drawing file. I have a drawing which is at scale 1:100mts on an A1 (841mm x 594) size paper, now i need to submit the same drawings on an A3 (420mm x 297mm) size paper and the plotting output should also be scalable. What would the new scale be that i need to replect on the drawings, so that the person that will be reading the drawings will know the actual scale of the details in the A3 size paper?. Thanks in Advance (TIA)! aRCad
  11. We have Adobe Acrobat Pro which has a plugin to allow batch plotting of PDFs from multi-sheet drawings. Works awesome in Autocad 2009 and before. It DOES NOT work with Autocad 2011! (Waaaahhhh!!) Does any one know how to make it work or a suitable workaround? We have drawings with 70 sheets and it's nice to print the entire document to a single PDF in one step. Takes less than one minute in Acad09. Nice! Does PUBLISH do this? I saw another thread where Publish creates other issues. Help! Help! Help! Thx!
  12. Hi, I wan to include the plot date and time as well as the file name when printing drawings. How will I do that? Thanks, msangabriel:)
  13. Hey guys, I have a problem I created some drawings and made them XREF everything works fine until i try plotting them, the objects that are on the main drawing plot just fine but the XREF for some reason comes out faded not as vivid as i would like them to be. I already updated the drivers for my plotted it's an HP Design Jet 1050c it's an old one but the problem only exits when plotting drawings with an XREF can some one please help me out:cry:? THANK YOU!!
  14. Thanks in advance for any help with this issue. I was asked to convert a .DWG to a .PDF. The .DWG came from a manufacturer and displayed 3 pages worth of content that was seperated into 3 Engineering Drawings. The layout included all 3 pages. I want to Plot this document to a 3 Page PDF. Do I need to create 3 seperate layouts? How do I specify what part of the model goes into a particular layout? Is this a common problem? What is considered best practice for solving the problem.
  15. Mike Gale

    Printing Help with ACAD 14

    Greeting all, I am now to this forum and have been trying to do sometime with my ACAD14 for some time now and just cant seem to figure out a good way to do it... I have been using ACAD14 (registered user) since 9... I have a customer logo that is both white on black and black on white, with the opposite color in the color. I send the plot or print out to a laser engraver. My material is black with white core (give me white letters when engraved) so where it is black letters on white, I need to remove the background and leave the letters... I tried solid hatching and putting text in to the hatch, but it removed it all... There is a rubber stamp mode but it seemed to make the text fuzzy. I have also printed a BMP and it too seems fuzzy (not crisp letters) Is there any good way any of you have used??? BTW the laser is a 40w co2 laser... Thanks Mike
  16. Hi All, I'm new here and to AutoCAD. I'm having issues with a continuous arc segment that I created and then mirrored as part of a flourish on a headboard I'm designing. When I go to plot the layout, the mirrored line comes out super thick, even though I select the whole drawing to plot at .05mm thickness... Any suggestions? Thanks! Kristen
  17. I just bought an HP 11x17 printer for my desk... I'm having several issues with plotting from paperspace - whats on my screen is not pritning out to scale 1- If I dimension my title block in CAD it measures to 16 3/16" wide but when I print it out it equals 16 7/16 2- I put my viewport scale to be 1/4"=1'-0" and when I go to plot I do NOT choose the "fit to print" but rather the default which is 1"=1'. I have tried both printing in extents and window and they are both offscale. I prefer the paperspace to plot from extents (I've looked for things in my paper space that would be outside my title block besides my corner notches which are in the 'defpoints' layer that would throw it off and theres nothing. Please help me with this headache! I've been working on CAD for 5 years and have never had this problem. Why isn't it printing to scale? Am I making my title block the wrong size? It is xref'd in from a different dwg but it drawn to 1'=1' in that drawing - Id be happy to send whomever the dwgs too... Also I have found this: If I print with borderless print settings I have less title block being cut off... BUT I changed that in the control panel>printers properties for that specific printer but it does not carry through when I go to plot from CAD... so I set up a temporary file (went into print pref from inside CAD) and it was fine (as in it fit the whole title block but still off scale juuust a little) but I don't want to have to go to print pref every single time I print... and besides that, its still off scale a little Help!
  18. Hey Guys I have an interesting one that has got me stumped. My team all uses sheet sets and we are constantly plotting using the page setup overrides. We are currently wasting a lot of paper because the landscape setting in overrides dwt's page setup keeps reverting back to portrait and we only get half a drawing. We do have logon scripts that reset the printers, but i am all out of ideas. Anyone?
  19. I just upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit with Civil 3D 2011 64 bit. Here are my problems 1. It shoots the file directly to the plotter 2. When I try to view the plt (I use viewcompanion) it says that it is not in the right code. 3. Ocasionaly the plt file will be 0kb. Anybody run into this problem? Josh
  20. andrewjbarnett

    Plotting in Greyscale

    I'm working on a drawing with staging of works on it. I have 3 drawings for the 3 stages, and each stage shows the work done as part of the previous stage. However we would like the work from previous stages shown, but printed as grey rather than black. I know how to set certain colours to print grey while the rest are black, however is it possible to modify the plot table so that particular layers rather than colours can be changed to greyscale?
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