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  1. Hello, I am attempting to put together a LISP that creates a table of cumulative geometric properties of selected objects. I would like to be able to quantify Erosion and Sedimentation Control BMPs by layer for a cost estimation. Controls such as compost filter sock and orange construction fence are polylines, erosion control blanket is hatched, and inlet protection is a block. The controls are all on their own respective layers. The idea is that I would be able to select one occurrence of each of these controls (polyline, hatch, block), have the LISP apply the "select similar" comman
  2. Hi erverybody, when manipulating "MTEXT" objects, I can not get some information about this kind of object, while they are shown in "PROPERTIES" commands window. Should any one know where they are? One of the hidden properties of "MTEXT" is shown in PROPERTIES dialog, under "Text" region, with the lable "Columns". I appreciate greatly any help or clue guiding me to the solution.
  3. Hello anyone; In a folder more than 50 dwgs. are there which done by someone else now I need to work on that Project, I need a lisp which will run through the drawings and create a report with txt file (etc. like objects properties or list) 1.) Xref dwg details with it's position (X,Y) coordinates 2.) dwg base point details 3.) Title Attribute block base point details 4.) Xref layer setting So that with the report I can correct the errors, to use some of the scripts programs or lisps to work through the drawings...... thanks Siva
  4. Hi, I am running a version of autocad architecture with a plugin that adds some custom properties to AEC objects such as doors that can be viewed under the design tab of the property palette. I want to make a macro that changes these properties but I don't know how to access them via lisp. When I use the inspect window in the visual lisp viewer the custom properties don't come up and when I use the vla-dump-object function, the custom properties are not listed also. Does anyone have any idea if/how these properties are accessible? Also, can custom property fields be added via autolisp?
  5. Hi all, I have a layer consisting of 30k block references. I want to export the properties of all these block references into Excel sheet or txt. Does anyone know a LISP routine to do this? The sample drawing is attached with this thread Thank you in advance. Best wishes, Jes G Sample.dwg
  6. I need to add pipe properties to a 2D Polyline in AutoCAD or Civil 3D but I am not sure how to go about it. I have uploaded a sample file, the information I need to associate with the polyline is in the red box. If someone has any idea about adding these features to a 2D polyline please do let me know. Thank you Please find the sample file below
  7. I have 2 lines, 1 is vertical and the other is at a 45 degree angle to it. I have a stretch action on the line at 45 deg. What I'm trying to achieve is when the 45 deg line is stretched, I want the vertical line to also stretch but not with the same distance multiplier; The 2 lines must have the same X coordinates. I'm nearly there, I have a distance multiplier of 0.7071 on a stretch action for the vertical line. I got 0.7071 from (1 / sqrtr(2)) .. The problem with this is autocad rounds to 4 decimal places, so when i stretch over a great distance the lines are not perfectly on the sa
  8. I have thousands of sketches in autocad and need to calculate the weight for each sketch. The sketches are all in 2D format. The sketches are of shafts with different diameters and lengths. Each shaft has a major diameter and then a varying number of steps each with its own diameter and length. The dimensions of most of the sketches are associated to objects in the sketch; however, there are some sketches with non-associative dimensions. Is it possible to write an AutoLisp program to go through all of these sketches and pull the diameter & length of each shaft (including each diameter
  9. Ryan Lindsey

    Export Drawing Layer Properties

    I'm looking for a simple way to export layer settings from one drawing to another. I know that you can export styles by right-clicking them in the styles editor but when I get down to layers it will only let me do them one-by-one. Is there an easier way? Is there a way to export ALL styles as one .styxml file? Or, as an alternative, is there a way to change the default ANSI layer properties? Any response is greatly appreciated!
  10. I have been working on a lisp program that will change one or multiple attributes on one or more blocks. I would however like to be able to add the current attribute values to the .dcl program, however I cannot manage to get attribute values for more than one block at a time. For example if you had two identical blocks with two separate attribute values (values not tags) and you pick both at the same time, when you open your properties window it will list the identical values (if any) and list the different values as "varies". Is there any way I can get this exact thing in autolisp? I am using
  11. When I select some entities and send them to a layer that is off, frozen or both, I get an alert box that says "One or more objects has been moved to a frozen or turned off layer." That only happens when I send them off using the properties dialog box, when I send them off using the layers pulldown in the ribbon menu, I don't get this alert box. I prefer the second method only when I have a dwg with xrefs, because it won't list the huge list of xrefs, but I prefer the properties box because it does a lot more, but that alert box is annoying, can it be turned off? I'm using 2011 and am wonde
  12. Hi I am using AutoCAD 2014 'Architecture workspace' and I use the Properties palette a lot to change the attributes of linework to display linetypes/global thickness/scale etc. However, when I click on the model item (eg. polyline) the Properties palette doesn't change to inform me what the properties are of that item. Instead, it stays the same as the default properties type. Also, things like Global Width/Length/Area etc do not show in the Properties box - is there a way of loading or changing this as I believe I might have the wrong Palette loaded etc ?? Is there a way to load a new pa
  13. Hi all, I would appreciate any help I could get on this matter. I'm running CAD2011, a pretty good flavor of an i5, 8GB, Win7x64, 1GB graphics, etc... a nice-enough laptop for sure that CAD should be run seamlessly. HOWEVER! When I select a dimension, it takes at least 5 seconds for the properties box to correctly display and populate, then another few seconds once I click inside the box to be able to scroll/operate a drop down, type, etc. I have seen this posted with no resolution before... can anyone offer any advice on this matter? I saw one poster mention reloading support
  14. dford62

    AutoCAD P&ID properties

    Hello, Is it possible to set up a project so that when a new instrument is placed the user is automatically prompted for details of the properties which complete the Instrument List Report? Thanks for any help.
  15. I tried to bring in properties toolbar in Autocad 2014 by right click on the ribbon---AutoCad--Properties but i could n't find this options, I need the tool just like example on the picture below (By Layer---- Linetype---By Color---) I used these a lot in Autocad 2010 and have them handy on the ribbons. Please give me some suggestions.
  16. Can someone please tell me how to change a construction line to a "dotted" line? When I draw the construction line using command "XLINE", it is continuous. I had a look at a post but still do not understand it ; reference to http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?11309-Change-a-continuous-line-to-a-dotted-line I know I can change the "LineType" but I can only see continuous line and no dotted lines. Am I missing something? Am I suppose to load something? Please refer to attachment. Thank you in advance.
  17. In one diagram I found that line of same layer can be dotted or full. I just want to ask how to make that and how to select them separately?
  18. I don't know how, but when I booted up my Quick Properties Palette was nothing like the usual. I've tried going into Workspace and re-setting all kinds of things but can't get it back to what I want! Mine that I don't like: - everything's all in one row (not separated by TEXT, GEOMETRY, ETC.) - it won't dock (despite selecting the "dock" option in the properties) - it keeps auto-hiding even though I tell it not to The one I used to have that I want back: - gray background - each category had its own heading - autodocks and doesn't auto-hide Any ideas? Yes, I've t
  19. Hey all, I am working to set up a lisp where the user can edit the titleblock, update revblocks. We have templates that use the "custom" tab on the drawing properties box that tie into the titleblocks we use. I'm looking to just make it so the user can use this lisp instead of opening the dwgprops box everytime. Here's what the dwgprops box looks like: This is what I got so far: (defun c:TB () (if (setq Opt (getint "\nDo you want to: 1- Update Titleblock 2- Update RevBlock 3- Update Drawing Titles: " ) );;user input for variable "opt" (progn
  20. I have several files that have lost their geometric data that is usually there when they are primitives. This also removes the grips that allow me to resize the objects on the fly. Is there any possible way "apply" new data to these objects without recreating them? Is there a command, an express tool or a lisp routine that can accomplish this? TIA!
  21. Hello everyone!! I am a rookie in autolisp. I need help in figuring this out.. I wish to find Mtext "J" of a particular style (say ROMANS) in the drawing and retrieve its position (x,y coordinates). I am trying to replace all the occurrences of the text with a block (say "star") at their respective locations. I found lisp programs to find text, but i cant seem to figure out how to use its attributes to proceed further. eagerly awaiting responses...
  22. Dear all, my google-fu has failed me. I have a dozen of drawings each with a layer named LOGIC. I have modified layer properties (default color, line style, etc.) on one of them and I want to replicate these properties to the others. Question is: how?
  23. I used architecture on my pc. I installed Autocad on another pc with the same Serial code. I can see on the top that my version suddenly is a Educational version. I'm telling you this because i don't know if this is the reason of my problem. The problem: i can't see the properties of an object when i use autocad architecture in the educational version. For example: I make a wall and i place a window in the wall. Now i want to change the width of my window, using the properties bar. SO i click on my window (right mousebutton) and click on PROPERTIES. It opens the properties bar BUT i
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