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  1. Hi. I am new to this forum but not necessarily new to cad. I have been working with dynamic blocks lately and I am fascinated with the tool and its capabilities. However, something that I have not been able to figure out and not sure if its this is doable ----> ???Can you make a dynamic block table driven, say from an excel table??? -For example, lets say you have a dynamic block with parameters/actions set up that allow you to set the width, length, height, distance from edge, # of object arrays, etc. Rather than grabbing each grip and specifying the desired dimension, can you make it so the dynamic block is table driven? such as, where you might have a list of desired dimensions (say in excel) and you want to quickly input them into a table in autocad, so that the dynamic block will adjust to those dimensions???
  2. Hi. I have some blocks (different exit signs) in a drawing. I want to make a table or excel sheet that sums up the number of equal blocks in the drawing. How can i make this? I want to connect this tabel to excel 2010. I use AutoCad LT 2012, can some noe help me?
  3. I'm using autocad 2010. I have a few objects on a layer that refuse to move off it onto another layer. If I select the objects, the little box that pops up does confirm they're on the desired layer, but a little 'on and off' with the layer on/off function disconfirms this. The only thing that distinguishes them from other things in the drawing is that they appear to be blocks rather than lines. I've been trying to do this for a couple of hours now so it's not something totally obvious like a layer being locked etc. Any help would spare further hair pulling!
  4. Hello By a mistake i have drawn my drawing in millimeters. Thus when i print it in 1:1 it is to small . And when i click on my block and go to properties, I can't change the block unit it is grey market. is it possible to change that in centimeters ? Greets
  5. is there a command to redefine/update mulitple wblock?
  6. The 2D drawings I am working with were exported from 3D REVIT files to 2D AutoCAD files. There are several XREFed drawings that are both mechanical and architectural from the original REVIT files that for whatever reason, the block's line weights came over with line weights of 70 in those blocks. When I plot, the objects are a blur with the line weight so high. I tried using the command "setbylayer" but that didn't work since nested blocks still had lineweights of 70. Is there a VBA or LISP routine to run through all the blocks (including nested) that can change the line weights to a given number? Thank you for any advise/recommendations.
  7. Hi, I am currently doing a series of drawings with multiple viewports across the same level. To fit them all on an A1 drawing, I have to orientate the viewports in different fashion. This means that the symbols (blocks) look different depending on the viewport rotation. Is there any way to make it so blocks are displayed with a Rotation of X (say, in this case, '0') on each viewport? Thank you in advance. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Chris
  8. Hi geys, First post here. Could use use Help! This has probably be asked before, but.... How do you create a dynamic wood screw block with lookup functinality so that you can select, say, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm screws ect. ect., and both the length and threads change acordingly? Got as far as a lookup for the length with a stretch action but cant get the threads to array acordingly! Any pointers will be great. Many thanks.
  9. Hi, For our bespoke AutoCAD plugin we can not use mirrored blocks or those with extrusions. I know I can find mirrored blocks by quick selecting scales of less than 0, is there a similar way to select blocks with a negative extrusion? Evem better would be a process (LisP?) to select all the blocks that are mirrored or have negative extrusions Thanks
  10. I have bee awat from AutoCad for a while. Using 2002. I inserted an an Angle block from PE Symbols into my Drawing, but it is only 2 dimensional. I have forgotten how to change the block to a solid, and then to extrude it to a given length. Any help would be appreciated. Tosagua
  11. Hello newbie here, So my project is to design a sewer from elevation points we surveyed out in the field. So far I have created a polyline which represents the surface we surveyed. Our instructor gave us a template with a profile grid on the bottom half. I have place this polyline inside the grid but I am having trouble scaling this to the correct vertical and horizontal scales. I have made the polyline into a block. I know I can adjust the X and Y scaling of the block under properties--> geometry but I am confused about how to set these values correctly. I need a vertical scale of 1"=2' and a horizontal scale of 1"=20', I am just confused about what I should enter into the X and Y scale factors to give me the correct scaling. Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hello all! I am new to this forum, so please forgive me if I ask stupid questions or simply don't make sense My work requires me to create programs for our CNC router. It is done in AutoCAD 2008. To help making programs faster I've created series of dynamic blocks. I am attaching a file with one of those blocks. The file is actually illustrating what I need to do number of times a day. I would like to make the process even faster and more fool-proof. The "old way" in file shows what my current way of creating programs. The "new way" is my attempt to make it faster. My problem is automatically dividing a line in dynamic block into a variable number of segments that are always equal. Naturally I use divide command after I stretch and explode my dynamic block. It would be much faster if the block would be able to do it all by itself. My attempt of solving this was to use Visibility Parameter. However, if you look closely at it, you'll notice that if I want to do it for all the possible combinations it will be extremely complicated and easy to mess up. If only there was a way to have two visibility parameters. Then I'd make one for horizontal holes and another for vertical. Unfortunately I can't. Does anyone have an idea how to accomplish this? LISP, maybe? Unfortunately, I don't know LISP, although I'd love to learn. I'm a pretty fast learner (I've pretty much taught myself how to make dynamic blocks using only AutoCAD help file). So if you guys know a good guide to start learning LISP, let me know. Thanks in advance for all the help. Cheers! Auto hole spacing.dwg
  13. Hi All Sorry this is a re-post. I couldn't work out how to move a post to the correct area. I need to read the Insbase value of an unopened drawing using ObjectDBX. I have already written code that can extract attributes and re-path xref's so the method of opening the drawing database is known. What I need to know is the property name of the Base or Insbase in Modelspace of a drawing. I have opened the drawing database as variable dbxdoc and using (vlax-dump-object (vla-get-ModelSpace dbxdoc)) I get: ; IAcadModelSpace: A special Block object containing all model space entities ; Property values: ; Application (RO) = Exception occurred ; BlockScaling = 0 ; Comments = "" ; Count (RO) = 96 ; Document (RO) = # ; Explodable = -1 ; Handle (RO) = "2" ; HasExtensionDictionary (RO) = -1 ; IsDynamicBlock (RO) = 0 ; IsLayout (RO) = -1 ; IsXRef (RO) = 0 ; Layout (RO) = # ; Name = "*MODEL_SPACE" ; ObjectID (RO) = 55 ; ObjectID32 (RO) = 55 ; ObjectName (RO) = "AcDbBlockTableRecord" ; Origin = (0.0 0.0 0.0) ; OwnerID (RO) = 56 ; OwnerID32 (RO) = 56 ; Path = AutoCAD.Application: Not applicable ; Units = 0 ; XRefDatabase (RO) = AutoCAD.Application: No database The property Origin is NOT the base for this drawing as the insbase is: Command: insbase Enter new value for INSBASE : The value for insbase must be accessable in the database somewhere but it is eluding me at this time. Thanks in advance for any responses, Colin
  14. Rubbersnow


    is there BURST command or something similar for AutoCAD 2004 ? I need to explode blocks without losing text content
  15. Howdy all, First post here. I'm having trouble getting a set of parameters to work together in this block i have created. File attached for reference Block 1 (EXTENT_OF_WORKS) and Block 2 (EXTENT_STRETCHED) are attached to file. As is on both blocks i need a central insertion point/base point. Block 1 has two rotate commands. The inner rotate command is to align the block so that it is perpendicular on a straight line of a route. The outer is to align perpendicularly in the case where the centre point of the block falls on an arc segment of a route. Block 1 has also got a flip command.. to flip. As is block 1 works well. but i also need a stretch command that can extend both ends of the block, away from the centre, at the same time. See block 2. I have tried to complete this block in multiple ways to no avail. Any input or advice appreciated. EXTENTOFWORKSREV1.dwg
  16. Hi every body, when a dynamic block (exported via WBLOCK command as a drawing) is opened, AutoCAD shows a dialog announcing and asking: (The answer is Yes or No) Is it possible to bypass the dialog when opening the drawing from an AutoLISP code? I appreciate any help.
  17. Greetings all, i work with AUtoCAD MEP and use "devices" regularly. We normally convert the consultants electrical blocks to devices and do what we do but on this project half of the the consultants blocks are mirrored. The problem occurs when the conversion to MEP device happens. The devices are created 180 degrees out of rotation from the original block. This means the roughly 1200 devices of 20 different types need to be manually rotated. Ugh! I saw this thread below which is the closest i have found to a solution. http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?54913-Rotate-multiple-blocks-around-their-individual-origin-point I dont know LISP other than a minor tweak here and there. What im hoping someone has is a LISP routine the cloely does the following. Select blocks with negative "x" scale get rotation value "RO" get scale value "SC" While there are blocks with a negative "x" scale invert scale rotate 180 degrees relative to original rotation value"RO" Thanks for you time all!
  18. Hi there, I´m developing a little interface for AUTCOCAD at the moment. I use Visual Studio 2010 and ObjectARX 2012 with C#. The interface should be able to edit specific blockReferences and their attributes. I´ve got two special kinds of blocks which I want to edit. Now I´ve implemented a command to move the position of one kind of the block references`attributes. For one of my two blocks this command works very well. For the other ones I cannot set a new position of the attribute references. And I don´t know why! I´ve compared several properties of the attributes but they are the same for both kind of blocks. The "lockposition" for example is "false" for both. Which property of the attribute references, block references or block should I set to change the position of the attribute references. Curiously to change the height or width of the text attributes makes no problems for both kind of blocks. So what could it be?? Or is there a simple way to set all properties of one block also to another one?? Thanks for help!!! greets robert
  19. Hey guys, I have been looking everywhere for simple script to edit the attributes in my title block but im not having much luck. What I want to do is edit the revision information in a title block for a number of drawings. I have looked into doing this with a lisp and I have a lisp that works but I have to run this for each individual drawing. The reason I am looking do do this with a script is so I can select multiple drawings using ScriptPro and run the script that way. Does anyone have an example of a script I can use to do this? Thanks!!
  20. I was very intrigued by a customer/clients DWG. It had all these, 'equipment envelopes'. They were blocks that were locked from editing/exploding. There were many of them. I could REFEDIT and save/discard changes, but that changed all the blocks. I noticed that the block had two 'parts', in the REFEDIT it appeard to have two files, a block within a block. I finally realized wblock (save block as) would allow me to actually 'get into' the block. So, that problem is solved (thanks in part to this website and its tutorials/forums). I'm still very curious, however. How did they do that?
  21. The reason that I am posting subject-mentioned question, is that I see there is a lot of questions regarding "block" command on a daily base in this forum. I know what is block and I am aware of its importance and how it makes life much easier and pleasant in CAD wold. But I don't know for what reason, I was unable to make it a drawing habit for myself to use it as a routine. I am unfamiliar with this command and seldom use it. I thought by raising this question and hearing your experiences, it might encourage me to make a hanit to use this usefull command. Looking forward to hearing your valuable daily block-related experiences.
  22. I use autocad 2000 at my job to create drawings for CAM. The machining paths are numbered between 521-850 (this is the block name) each time with numbers being used throughout this range, not nessecarily in order. What I want to do is get only these numbered blocks to insert all at once with one command at 0,0. Question one: Can I get a list of just the block names with autolisp? Question 2: Can I filter the block names with some sort of cond? or will I have to go about that another way?
  23. I need to use detail callouts on a regular basis. They all have to look the same, even though some appear in paper space and some in model space. I've gone to a user block. The attribute style has a width factor of 1.25. I overrode it in the block and changed it to 1.00. When I draw a multileader with this style, the block has text with width of 1.25. AutoCAD has overridden my override. On a similar note, when I change the multileader definition from the default _DetCallout to the user-defined DetCallout (note the underline), the existing multileaders don't update, and I can't figure out how to make them update. Is it a bug, a quirk, or something else? Does it really matter what you call it if they never fix it?
  24. I have a routine that replaces one block with another block based on the block name. I need help making it run only if a specific string of text is found in one of the attributes within the found block. Can someone help? Thanks. (defun c:name () (setvar "attreq" 0) (setq ssblocks (ssget "x" '((0 . "INSERT")))) (if ssblocks (progn (setq lstblockmap (txtfile2lst "C:\\path\\filename.txt" ) ) (setq lstblocks (sel2lst ssblocks)) (foreach enblock lstblocks (setq strblockname (car (getval (setq stroldname (strcase (getval 2 enblock))) lstblockmap ) ) ) (if strblockname (progn (prompt (strcat "****** " strblockname " found.******")) (progn ;;;;;Do more code ) ) (progn (prompt "No block definition, Skipping...") ) ) ) ) ) )
  25. hello, i need some help on how to check a selection set if it contain "wipeout" entity? if it does (draworder "back") and proceed to the next string of command. if not then just proceed likewise with some alert msg. please have a look at my simple routine ;this routine will let the user select multiple object ;& PASTEBLOCK the selection - 112011 ;- (defun c:pblk (/ bp opt selx) ;- (princ "Select basepoint: ") (setq bp (getpoint)) (setq opt "_b") ;- (setq selx (ssget)) ;- [color="blue"];check the selection set "selx" if there is any "WIPEOUT" entity selected ;if "wipeout" is/ are PRESENT (command:"_.draworder" "wipeout" opt) ;(alert "wipeout found -> sent to back") ;proceed to next ;if wipeout is/ are NOT found ;(alert "wipeout NOT found") ;proceed to next[/color] ;- (command "_.copybase" bp selx "") (command "_.pasteblock" bp) (command "_.erase" "previous" "") (princ) );end defun ;;; (the BLUE is where i hope i can put in the necessary codes) im using autocad 2009 thanks in advance
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