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  1. We are in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012. When we try to change something in a layers we created and it is telling us the layer is read only. The other day I shut the program down and reopened it and it started working. Today the same thing happened. What has caused this one layer to be read only? More importantly how do I fix it?
  2. I think this question has answered befoe but I couldn't find. Sorry for duplication. I have a one drawing in MS with 5 layers. I have 2 viewports in one layer tab from that drawing with different scales. I want to turnoff 2 layers in one of the VP but have them turned on on the other VP. Is it possible? How?
  3. I'm using autocad 2010. I have a few objects on a layer that refuse to move off it onto another layer. If I select the objects, the little box that pops up does confirm they're on the desired layer, but a little 'on and off' with the layer on/off function disconfirms this. The only thing that distinguishes them from other things in the drawing is that they appear to be blocks rather than lines. I've been trying to do this for a couple of hours now so it's not something totally obvious like a layer being locked etc. Any help would spare further hair pulling!
  4. Couldn't find an existing thread for this ... Architect sent us a floor plan. I turned off layers we don't need, such as dimensions. Print preview doesn't show those layers. When the plan plots, though, the dimensions plot too. Has anyone seen this? Architect's drawing was originally done in Revit, if that helps.
  5. To all, I am new here. I am excited about the opportunity to learn more about ways to run my AutoCAD. I am not new to AutoCAD I just haven't used it as much in past years and haven't explored new quick commands. At one point I had a layer command that I could select a line, type in the layer I wanted (with no extra prompts required) and it would change. The best part is if the layer didn't exist it would automatically create it (without prompting me Y/N). Using LAYMCH in the command line is very close. However I have to press N for name, then enter the layer. If it is a new layer, it prompts me Y/N. I know there is a better way around this! I am all about making things easier and this is one of them. I am sure someone knows what I am looking for. Thank you in advance. Regards Josh
  6. crackils

    Locking Layers

    Hello, I have a question regarding AutoCAD 2012 and when it comes to locking layers. When working on the basement layer I would like to see that layer locked in turn not affecting my other layers, ie: my house/garage/second-floor. Any help would be much obliged!
  7. I am trying to add two layers (A-FURN-3-CGDS-VV-1 & A-FURN-3-CGDS-HH-1) to about 4,700 DWG files, and am looking to see if anyone knows a way to bulk process something like this. We use blocks for furniture symbols, and have about 4,700 of them that need these specific layers in them in order to work with a rendering software we use that is based on the layer names. I will also need to go in and select parts of the drawings to put on one layer, and other parts for the other manually, but if I could start with the DWG files having the layers in them it would save a little time.... Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly welcome. As a bonus, if anyone knows how to have the bulk process put everything in the DWG file onto one of the layers (VV) while processing, that would be amazing!
  8. Right now I'm using at the same time AutoCAD 2009 and 2012 (trying the newest version). Thing is that I think that I scrwed up both version from changing so much between them. My problem is that when I click the Layer Propertie Manager nothing happens, in both versions, the layer window should appear but it doesn't. Please somebody help me.
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to create a set of drawings to a standard and need to be able to create a border for them. I am an AutoCAD noob and have tried creating a border in a layer, but it needs to be 5cm from the edge of the page. I cannot for the life of me see how to specify that. I know this is probably a ridiculously easy task... when you know what to do. Can someone shed some light? Cheers in advance!
  10. Hi peoples, I've got a new challenge: Is there a Lisp that moves selected objects to an exisitng, specified layer? I want to be able to select objects on the screen, type in a short command, and they automatically go to a certain layer (let's call it "Layer 1"). Having looked everywhere on the net, I can't find anything similar, and I don't know enough AutoLISP to be able to write it myself... Thank you in advance! Dan
  11. Hi All Does any one have a Lisp routine to turn the diagonal line that chamfer creates to the current layer instead of the original layer of the lines? I would appreciate any help. Thanks Brian
  12. Hi All I have been searching for a way of exporting multiple polyline or spline coordinates to txt file and all I can find is ones that write out as a single continuous list of coordinates with nothing denoting which one is which. I really need it to be able to export each polyline as a group, and I would also love for it to be able to include the number of points and name of the layer eg: polyline 'number of points' 'layername' 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 1.0 0.0 2.0 2.0 0.0 polyline 'number of points' 'layername' 0.0 0.0 0.0 1.0 4.0 0.0 2.0 8.0 0.0 and so on..... Any help with this would be much appreciated
  13. I am trying to find a way so that when I open AutoCAD, the layers that I need to use as a standard appear every time so that I do not have to make these same layers every time I open a new drawing. Is there a way to do this?
  14. I am building layer states in Civil 3d 2011 to show all discipline types either within dwg or in xref in VBA. Discipline types will be selected by user ex. V-, C-, D-. I can get the ones local by looking at the first two characters in the layer name ex. V-Road-Edge, C-ALIN-CNTR. The issue comes with searching for the | character in the xref layer name. ex DGWNAME|V-NODE-UTIL, Thomson|C-TINN. Using the INSTR command does not see the character in the xref name. I need to find where in the string it resides. I am using chr(124) to match. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Spurred into life by this thread, I thought I'd update an old program of mine. I have created this program to enable a user to extract the layer information from multiple drawings in a directory to either Text/CSV file. Example of XML data output using XSL to display data in a CSS styled HTML Table: Enjoy! Lee Code can be found here
  16. I'm a college Architecture student using CAD 2011 for MAC. I have multiple copies of a block, and when I move one copy to a layer, it doesn't seem to actually move. For example, if I have 2 copies of block A, and move one copy from layer "Inside" to layer "Outside", then hide layer "Outside", the block I just moved doesn't hide, but everything else on layer "Outside" does hide. When I inspect the moved block, the properties say it's on layer "Outside". What is going on? Thanks!
  17. I have found this point today! If I want to trunoff/on some layers in different layouts, the best way is to use "vp freeze" column in layers properties manager. This way I can manipulate layers' visibility without altering them in MS or other layouts. Left to "vp freeze" column there is "new vp freeze". I don't know what is this one? Could somebody explain it and it's usability?
  18. Hi all, as most of you know after xbinding an xrefed drawing into current drawing, layers name change in this format: where: should anyone offer a way to change the name of layers to their original name? Note that sometimes layer names after omitting two first parts of them will be same as existing names. I appreciate any help or spending time for this.
  19. Hi All, Is there an way that I can get an new layer that I create to be frozen in all existing viewports on my drawing. I know you can freeze an newly created layer for all new viewports but that does not solve the fact that the new layer will show on all existing viewports. I had a look and is still without an awnser for my question. Thanks!!
  20. duckndon

    Index -1

    When I click in the layer manager, I get the following message. "Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. Index -1 does not have a value" Then, under details, it says "Application does not support just-in-time (JIT) debugging" The weird thing is that I was just in this drawing for about half of the day with no problem. Please help! Running Civil 3D 2010.
  21. apost201

    Linetypes won't save

    I created 3 layer states, continuous, hidden, and dotted, for those respective linetypes. I created a drawing using each layer when appropriate. I saved, closed, and opened the file back up and the linetypes were all replaced with continuous (or hidden, etc. it just depended on which layer it opened on). Why is this? I've had this problem before but never figured it out. Why won't AutoCAD save my linetypes?
  22. iuliandonici

    LAYER status issue

    Hi again, I would like to know why can't I use my layers, the ones that TURNED white while trying to import a layer state. Why aren't they "enabled" like the other layers?
  23. Hi y'all, i have a lisp that create hatch on the layer i always use for hatch but i would like to see the dialog box not question on the command prompt and i would like that at the end of the command its return to the layer 0 automaticaly anyone knows how? here the lisp (defun c:H () (command "layer" "M" "A-HATC" "" "" "hatch") ) Thx!
  24. Hi All, I have a block that goes to the standard "0" layer when inserted from the toolpallette onto a drawing. I go into the block editor and everything is on the "AM_6" layer, like it should be. I am not sure why the block is switching layers when inserted. Any ideas?
  25. Hi folks, I've created some blocks and referenced them to a layer with the following code (C#): myBlock.Layer = strLayerName; Now I want the block to be reference by more than one layer. How can I set the reference of this block to another layer while keeping the current layer reference? Thanks for your help! Cheers, Max.
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