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  1. Hi all, I've just been given the mother of all assignments. I have abou 490 dwg files that have a title block in model space that is an old one and I've been told to take the dwg number and place it in a X,Y position in model space. As far as I know, the title blocks for all 490 files is the exact same one, however, the drawing numbers are all different. I can't open up all 490 drawings, that would drive me insane. If anyone would point me in the right direction for doing this, that would be great, otherwise... I have a basic idea for the pseudo code and am formulating some code in my head, but if anyone has a better idea... Many thanks for any help,
  2. Is there anyway to move attributes up or down on the list of a titleblock? I like everything for Rev 1 to be together (Drawn By, Checked By, Approved By, Date, Description, and Rev Number)...However, i was in a hurry and skipped Approved By. Once i added it, after the entire titleblock was done, it moved it to the very bottom on the list. Is there a way to "Move Up" so that it's with the other Rev 1 group?
  3. Hopefully I can explain this well enough, I've been pounding my head on this for weeks. I have created an autonumbering lisp routine for block attributes that has a start value, increment, insertion order-forward or reverse, so I can autonumber blocks with a specific scheme. I work with wiring and electrical systems. My problem now is I have new blocks I've created for devices that need to be autonumbered, but they need to have a scheme like X3-1, where X3 is an alias and -1 is a wire location. I can have #1-24 on the wire location, then the next block needs to start at X4-1 and go through 24 again. How can I add a loop and range to my lisp to accomplish this or does someone have another idea? We work with hundreds of devices so it is not practical to number by hand like I have been. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Help anyone? http://www.theswamp.org/index.php?topic=44203.0 Thanks, Reuben Shilling
  5. For starters, I am using AutoCAD 2013. I am having trouble with changing the text height of attributes in a block. I know that I can normally use BATTMAN and ATTSYNC to change the text height, but those are not working in my case. I am using a point parameter and STRETCH action to enable my attributes to be moved, while the main object stays in place. When the attributes are not tied to the point parameter and I use BATTMAN in the block editor, the block will insert with any changes to attribute text height. When they are tied to the parameter and I use BATTMAN in the block editor, the block will insert with the attributes at the text height that they were created at. The only way I can change the text height is to use BATTMAN in model space. I can work with this, but it would be easier to use BATTMAN in the block editor since my attributes are aligned vertically and changing the text size ruins the spacing between them. It would be much easier to both change the text size and respace in the block editor. Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes?
  6. Could someone please help me modify this LISP code as I am a begginer when it comes to LISP. I found the below LISP on one of the forums on this site and it is great, only problem is that I can only select one attribute at a time. Is there any way to change this to select a window rather than individually? (defun mydcl (zagl info-list / fl ret dcl_id) (vl-load-com) (if (null zagl) (setq zagl "Select") ) ;_ end of if (setq fl (vl-filename-mktemp "mip" nil ".dcl")) (setq ret (open fl "w")) (mapcar '(lambda (x) (write-line x ret)) (list "mip_msg : dialog { " (strcat "label=\"" zagl "\";") " :list_box {" "alignment=top ;" "width=51 ;" (if (> (length info-list) 26) "height= 26 ;" (strcat "height= " (itoa (+ 3 (length info-list))) ";") ) ;_ end of if "is_tab_stop = false ;" "key = \"info\";}" "ok_cancel;}" ) ;_ end of list ) ;_ end of mapcar (setq ret (close ret)) (if (setq dcl_id (load_dialog fl)) (if (new_dialog "mip_msg" dcl_id) (progn (start_list "info") (mapcar 'add_list info-list) (end_list) (set_tile "info" "0") (setq ret (car info-list)) (action_tile "info" "(setq ret (nth (atoi $value) info-list))") (action_tile "cancel" "(progn(setq ret nil)(done_dialog 0))") (action_tile "accept" "(done_dialog 1)") (start_dialog) ) ;_ end of progn ) ;_ end of if ) ;_ end of if (unload_dialog dcl_id) (vl-file-delete fl) ret ) ;;;=============================================== ================================= ;;;Written By Michael Puckett. ;;;(setq all_layers (tablelist "LAYER")) (defun tablelist (s / d r) (while (setq d (tblnext s (null d))) (setq r (cons (cdr (assoc 2 d)) r)) ) ) (defun C:CHATTLAY ( / *error* lay att ed blk blkdef doc) (vl-load-com) (setq doc (vla-get-activedocument(vlax-get-acad-object))) (if (setq lay (mydcl "Select layer" (acad_strlsort (tablelist "LAYER")))) (progn (while (setq att (nentselp "\nSelect attribute :")) (if (= (cdr(assoc 0 (setq ed (entget(setq att(car att)))))) "ATTRIB") (progn (setq att (vlax-ename->vla-object att)) (setq blk (vla-objectidtoobject doc (vla-get-ownerid att))) (setq blkdef (vla-item (vla-get-blocks doc)(vla-get-name blk))) (vlax-for itm blkdef (if (and (= (vla-get-objectname itm) "AcDbAttributeDefinition") (= (strcase(vla-get-tagstring itm))(strcase(vla-get-tagstring att)))) (progn (vla-put-layer itm lay) (vla-put-layer att lay) ) ) ) (vla-update blk) ) ) ) ) ) (princ) ) (princ "\nType CHATTLAY to run")
  7. Is there a way to have the AutoCAD "Quick Properties" pop up functionality be transferred over after the dwg is converted into pdf or dwf? I want to avoid clutter in the dwg file but would like to have an ability for my field crew to either hover over or click the blocks or AutoCAD objects in the pdf file to know the block attributes or properties of objects. The desire is to have a functionality very similar to creating yellow sticky notes in Adobe Acrobat Professional where the sticky baloons or call outs can collapse or even disappear if you do not want to see them. Does anyone has any suggestions or ideas to accomlish this?
  8. I need some help with this dynamic block. The visibility states are not working properly and always show the attributes. I'll be grateful for your help. P&ID Valve Symbol.dwg
  9. Hello PPL I need to optimize my work and i have a lot of blocks to count so i decided to give lisp a try (i am a nneewwwbbiieee). How can i select "blocks made of attribute entities" or "plain attributes entities"? Real life example: 1) prompt the user to give a name and a number ( name of entity/block and a number ) 2) by using what the user prompt I wanna it to select a set of blocks or entities ( the best solution you consider ) that match: a) Tag ( name) b) value ( number) sorry for my english, am i making any sense at all??? regards
  10. Hello, i am sorta new/renewed to all this and am in need of some help. I downloaded a cad model and it had block attributes i think it is. Basically it is a crane and it can move side to side and and up and down and in and out. I try to export it to 3Ds max and i have tried to imprt and pin and a whole mess of stuff and nothing seems to work. when it opens in 3Ds its all black and every piece is seperated now and nothing works. How can i get it into 3Ds Max and still have a functioning model to animate. Please any help will do. and i need this fast, so if anyone could even just bring it into 3Ds Max for me and keep it operable, and then try and teach me how to do, it would be even more helpful. But really any sort of help would be great. Thank you again in advance. here is the site for the crane http://www.cadforum.cz/catalog_en/block.asp?blk=8321 or contact me and i can e-mail you the .dwg file. its 1,700 or so kb and the site here wont let me post it.
  11. KoTa04

    Block Organization

    Hello Everyone, I'm new to AutoCAD.. Basically learning to use it myself because my boss expects an engineer to know a drafter's job I was just beginning to learn about attribute editor and adding text with input commands. Currently working with making a section cut thing that will be capable of revolving, text input, etc. I am confused as to how saving a drawing file and a block works. Do I have to save individual drawing files with individual blocks (and you can't name the block the same as the dwg. file I noticed.) Or can I make one dwg and save several blocks? I would like to organize my blocks by folder ie. details, elevations, layout, title.. I'm far from it, but I read on the internet that attributes can be opened up in one excel file and easily changed there, and then updated in my drawings. Is this possible in LT and is it useful? Also, I'm having trouble understanding how to import my block, do I have to import the dwg file? As you can tell, I'm totally lost, if you guys have suggestions or commands or anything that would be great. I generally read threads and learn new commands and new ways of doing things and that seems to be the most helpful. Also, what is the best way to organize my blocks?? Thanks to anyone who attempts to help!
  12. Hi, Does someone know if it's possible to do a "global change" (values) to Attributes in MText? I'm using 2010. Those MText attributes are practical but a pain in the neck for my existing tools! Merci beaucoup!
  13. I was just notified I am supposed to show a small class how to make our company title blocks using attributes and what annotative scaling is and how to use it. Can anyone direct me to videos or related forums so I can set up something to show tomorrow morning. We are going to be setting up our block library and setting up our title blocks. Should this be done using templates for each paper size? Please help ASAP. Thank you in advance!!!
  14. Hi there, I´m developing a little interface for AUTCOCAD at the moment. I use Visual Studio 2010 and ObjectARX 2012 with C#. The interface should be able to edit specific blockReferences and their attributes. I´ve got two special kinds of blocks which I want to edit. Now I´ve implemented a command to move the position of one kind of the block references`attributes. For one of my two blocks this command works very well. For the other ones I cannot set a new position of the attribute references. And I don´t know why! I´ve compared several properties of the attributes but they are the same for both kind of blocks. The "lockposition" for example is "false" for both. Which property of the attribute references, block references or block should I set to change the position of the attribute references. Curiously to change the height or width of the text attributes makes no problems for both kind of blocks. So what could it be?? Or is there a simple way to set all properties of one block also to another one?? Thanks for help!!! greets robert
  15. Hey guys, I have been looking everywhere for simple script to edit the attributes in my title block but im not having much luck. What I want to do is edit the revision information in a title block for a number of drawings. I have looked into doing this with a lisp and I have a lisp that works but I have to run this for each individual drawing. The reason I am looking do do this with a script is so I can select multiple drawings using ScriptPro and run the script that way. Does anyone have an example of a script I can use to do this? Thanks!!
  16. Hello, I'm using AutoCAD LT 2010 and I'm trying to create attributes for a title block (sheet title, project #, etc.) and I can't get the attribute to show up. I do not have "invisible" checked, and I can't think of what else the problem might be. When I create a block with the attribute inside a box, the box shows up but the text does not. I'd really appreciate any help on this. Thanks!
  17. Greetings, I am trying to figure out how to program the following: 1. Invoke a command that will first ask the user to select the location of the source drawing. For example (setq TblockSourceFile (getfiled "Select Title Block Source Drawing" "p:/" "dwg" 4)) 2. Programmatically "harvest" the attributes and their values from a block named "TITLEBLOCK". 3. Ask the user to select the target drawing or ".dst" file in order to update the Custom Property Values in the sheet set. I hope that made sense. I'm not sure whether to have the target drawing open or if there is some way to update the ".dst" file directly. For example: Match value of Custom Sheet Set Property "Project Name" to value of "Project Name" attribute in "TITLEBLOCK". That is pretty much all of the functionality I'm looking for. I'm not sure if LISP can be used to manage Sheet Set Operations so I might need to use VB.NET (opinions?). I've asked this question on another forum and got told to look at the help file. I have thoroughly examined the help file but cannot seem to piece everything together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. My company has over 5,000 blocks ( parts ) each with an attribute added to them. In this case the PRICE. When we have a price change, we need to open all files / parts affected and change the attribute. is there an easier / better method of doing this ? Its very time consuming and simply isn't working as the prices are fluctuating too much due to supplier changes. Any ideas most welcome. Thanks:cry:
  19. I have just upgraded to 2012 and I am having a few issues with the title blocks I am creating. For some reason everytime I add attributes to the block they never come out in order. For example I create the title page, add the attributes using ATTDEF (job name etc) then I create the block and check my attributes using BATTORDER, I can arrange them using the up/down buttons which is fine. But as soon as I try to edit the attributes outside the block editor they are all out of order again! I have tried making the attributes in and outside of the block editor with no avail! And to make matters worse I have a jumpy mouse AAhh! Any help please!!!!
  20. Hello! Long time lurker, first time asking a question... I am trying to select all of the text objects that reside beneath a block (I need to include the block too). The block can only be identified by having the attribute tag, "ADREM." My initial plan of attack is to locate the block based on the attribute tag and extract the coordinates (I'm having an issue with this), then select all the objects using the coordinates as an anchor. Thanks for all the help you guys have provided (unknowingly) thus far on other issues as well, this site is quite the resource. Take care, Seth
  21. Strange problem here in AutoCAD 2009: Inserting a block mainly made up of attributes (some text, no geometry) picking a point on screen (free point: no snap, no coordinate entry) attdia is set to 0 when entering through default values at the command line the block on screen seems to be offset from my pick point (offset seems to be relative to 0,0 also) if I go all the way through the block, no problems except it is kind of annoying to have the block not show up in the right place while going through the atts the first time bigger problem is if I escape during the att editing and then draw any geometry that same offset referred to earlier is apparent when drawing and my grips are now detached from my geometry!!!! a regen will fix the new geometry and line it back up with the grips but it shifts any existing geometry too!!! Pretty hard to explain actually, Been looking for a solution for a couple days now, best I can tell it is some kind of coordinate problem with my blocks? UCS, ECS? Sysvar? I've run an audit on my template and the block with no errors, tried making a fresh block with same characteristics, same problem. Help please! Thank you!
  22. So new to LISP it's ridiculous, and I need help. I'm doing some designs for lighting and sound, and I have sets of blocks at various points around a floorplan. I plan on making these blocks (dynamic blocks if necessary) and giving them similar nomenclature according to what they are (speakers, monitors, motors, trusses, etc.). Now, rather than going through and measuring the distance by hand, so to speak, for every single item, I'd love to find a LISP routine where I can insert a custom (like 200, 0) insertion point to measure from, and measure each (or batch) block's distance from that point. If the results could be posted in a table, that would be even more awesome. Presumably I would use the names of the similar blocks, as in, any block with the word "motor" in its tag or name. I sense I am asking for something rather big here...
  23. CADalyst

    Value Changer

    I am new to this forum and LISP programming so please bear with my lack of knowledge. I have a couple of hundred blocks which I'm interested in changing the values of specific tags using lisp (or something else). I have lots of different blocks, and they all have two attributes. The tag for attribute 1 is "X", with a value of "100" The tag for attribute 2 is "Y", with a value of "200" Is is possible to change all the blocks in the drawing, such that the attribute 1 value is renamed from "100" to "1", and the attribute 2 value is renamed from "200" to "2". I would like, if possible, to preserve and leave unchanged the tags associated with the respective attributes, and change only the value. So basically, once the script is done, I will still have the blocks with the same attributes, just different tag values. To clarify; I'm interested in replacing attribute values rather than changing attribute tag names. I hope this makes sense and that it is possible. Many Thanks
  24. I am looking for some help.. I have a program that inserts a block and within that block there are many attributes. I would like to then have my program delete the un-used attributes. Can someone get me pointed in the right direction?
  25. I would like to convert my attributes into an XLS file on my mac. Can someone tell me how to do this or which program I can use? Thanks
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