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From: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #108
Originally published: December 2011

Optimized Viewing of Your Drawing Info

by Michael Beall

I saw this setup on customer's computers twice in the last month, and thought I'd take a look at how to set my system up like this… and it's pretty cool!

In the larger figure, the Layer Properties Manager and the Properties palette are docked; one above the other. Here's how they did it.

Docked Palettes

How to Dock Multiple Windows

  1. Open the Layer Properties Manager and the Properties palette. You can do this with any palette, including your Tool Palettes.

  2. Allow DockingRight-click on the title bar of the palettes you are using, and make sure Allow Docking is checked.

  3. Dock one of the windows to either the left or right side.

  4. Drag the second window into the lower half of the docked window until the boundary changes to a rectangle that's smaller than the docked window, then release your cursor.

Drag one over the other

Note: When you turn off docked palettes, they will return to their docked position when you turn them back on!

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