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From: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #111
Originally published: March 2012

Delete Duplicate Objects [Overkill]

by Michael Beall

Delete Duplicate ObjectsIt's not uncommon to find objects that are copied on top of each other. Sometimes you do it because you forget that the Copy command is now in Multiple mode by default, or sometimes you simply 'discover' duplicates.

The Delete Duplicate Objects command was made for just those occasions.

Note: You can also type OVERKILL to launch this command, too.

How to Use Delete Duplicate Objects

  1. To set this up, open a drawing, then copy something on top of itself.

  2. On the expanded Modify panel (Home tab), click Delete Duplicate Objects.

    PurgeNote: Yes, the Delete Duplicate Objects icon looks virtually identical to the Purge 'broom', which is why I didn't see it at first. Purge is located on the File pulldown menu or in the Application menu (red 'A')Drawing Utilities. But most folks just type PU (the alias for Purge).

  3. When prompted, you can select the area where you suspect duplications, or type ALL to select all the objects in the drawing.

  4. Press [Enter] after selecting objects, and the dialog box comes up with the default settings.

  5. I find that the defaults are just fine, so click OK and you will get a report regarding what was deleted.

    207 duplicate(s) deleted
    1202 overlapping object(s) or segment(s) deleted

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