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From: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #112
Originally published: April 2012

Add an Arc to a Polyline

by Michael Beall

AutoCAD 2011 introduced the 'multi-function' grip; a concept that was applied to the standard square grip, as well as the dot-grip for hatches, and the rectangular multi-function grip located at the mid-point of polylines. Now when you hover in any type of grip, you get a shortcut menu.


Let's say you have drawn a polyline around a room so you can calculate the area, but the polyline went straight through a circular column… and now you want to make the polyline follow the arc of the column.

How to Add an Arc to a Polyline

  1. Add VertexSelect the polyline to display the grips.

  2. Hover in the multi-function grip at the midpoint, then click Add Vertex.

  3. IntersectionUse Intersection snap and add a vertex at one of the polyline/circle intersections. Repeat the process for the other side of the circle so you now have a vertex on both sides of the circle.

    Quick selection of object snapsNote: To quickly access the Intersection snap, use Shift + Right-click to open the object snap shortcut menu, then click Intersection. I typically set my Osnap to Endpoint and Node, then use this method if I need any other object snap for a single shot.

  4. Click the polyline again, hover in the grip in the middle of the circle, then click Convert to Arc.

  5. NearestUse Shift + Right-click, then the Nearest option and click on the circle to complete the process!

The result is an arc segment within your polyline.


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