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From: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #114
Originally published: June 2012

Layer States Preview in A2013

by Michael Beall

Layer listOver the years I have written about Layer States — a popular feature among my facility planning customers — so as I was wandering through AutoCAD 2013, I found a pretty slick feature that I know you will appreciate if you use Layer States. Since it's been about five years since I specifically covered this topic, we'll make a couple of quick layer states, then we'll look at the new feature in A2013!

How to Create and Preview a Layer State in A2013

  1. Open the drawing db_samp.DWG found in the ..\Database Connectivity folder under AutoCAD's ..\Sample folder. Alternatively, you can open a drawing you are familiar with that has a few layers you can turn Off or Freeze.

  2. On the Layers panel, click the dropdown list where you probably see ‘Unsaved Layer State’, then click New Layer State.

  3. Enter ORIGINAL as the New Layer State Name, then click OK.

  4. Expand the Layers panel to display additional tools, then click Layer Walk. If you're not familiar with this favorite of mine, take a look at Michael's Corner, May 2004.

    Layer Walk
  5. Select all the layers that start with E-*.

  6. Right-click in that list of layers, then click New Layer State.

  7. Enter WALLS for the name of the layer state, then click OK.

  8. At the bottom of the LayerWalk dialog box, check the box to Restore on Exit, then click Close. This will revert the drawing back to the way it was before you opened Layer Walk.

  9. Now, to fully appreciate this new feature in A2013, click the dropdown list for the Layer States, then just position your cursor on the one labeled WALLS… and you see a preview of that layer state! Hover over the layer state labeled ORIGINAL, and that one is displayed!

    Layer State Preview
  10. To enable that layer state condition, click the name in the list.

I train folks on Layer States in every AutoCAD training I present, so I can't wait until they see this updated Preview feature in A2013!

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