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From: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #115
Originally published: July 2012

Visual Styles and ‘As Displayed’

by Michael Beall

While we're on the subject of curious ‘fill’ conditions, many of you have probably encountered the Outline result when plotting from a Layout tab with a Text Style in Model space that uses the Arial font, as shown in these figures.

Filled and Outline text

The solution: If you must have hidden lines in your viewport, then in Model space, set the Visual Style to Hidden.

How to Set the Visual Style and Plot ‘As Displayed’

  1. Visual StylesOn the View tab of the Ribbon, Visual Styles panel, click in the styles dropdown list and click Hidden.

  2. On the Layout tab, click on the edge of the viewport frame, then right-click, ‘As Displayed’.

    As Displayed
  3. Now when you plot, you will have hidden lines in your viewport and the Arial font — and other ‘filled’ TrueType fonts — will display properly.

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