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From: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #116
Originally published: August 2012

Regenauto & Snapang

by Michael Beall

Regen alertYou're flying through your day and you open that last drawing from your contractor… and you get this AutoCAD Alert about a Regen. Really?


Many years ago, before the days of umpty-ump gigs of RAM and screaming graphics cards, large drawings would literally take 60 seconds or much more to regenerate. The REGENAUTO variable was introduced to let us know it was going to need some time to regen. The variable is still around, so if you open a drawing and see this alert, set the REGENAUTO variable to ON, and get on with it.


Have you ever seen ‘skewed’ crosshairs even though the UCS was set to <World>? Everything is drawn and edited according to the UCS condition, but crosshairs are wonky.

The culprit: SNAPANG. To ‘straighten’ the orientation of the crosshairs so they are parallel to the UCS, set the SNAPANG variable to 0. Curiously, this variable is not in Options and can only be modified from the Command line.

Before and after

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