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From: AutoCAD Productivity Articles #121
Originally published: January 2013

Estimating a Plot Scale

by Michael Beall

WindowMost of the time we plot from Paper space, but occasionally we need a quick print from Model space. When plotting from Model space, it's very common to use the Window option… but how do you figure out the scale?

I never noticed this, but I thought it was a pretty cool trick when one of my new customers pointed it out: After picking the two points to define the Window, if you empty the box for Fit to Paper, you will see the calculation of the scale.

Plot scale

From this illustration, it looks like 1/4″ = 1′0″ [1:48] would be a standard plot scale that would be close to the calculated scale! Not something you encounter every day, but a nice fundamental trick that may come in handy.

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